TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Quadruple the Cuteness?

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: party cloudy hot.

The Burke-Fox household

I took this pic when I was doing everyone’s heights and makeovers before starting this rotation. I know she only had part of a day left as a toddler but who can resist?

I played this household in 3 different play sessions which means I have a lot of screenshots.

Wow. I got him that potions perk.

Helping daddy in the garden.

Where are the dogs? Over here!


Now for thinking… that doesn’t look very comfortable.

Flash cards were interrupted.

When is she going to grow up?

Why do you have to go to work?

This is only the second time I’ve managed this!

Umm… Talula? You have a bit of something between your teeth.

Hurray! Let’s see our girl.

She aged up with that hair. It’s perfect! I don’t think she believes Bradyn’s story.

I guess she did.

Meanwhile, Maddox is telling the Bearacula a story.

Hurry up I want a toddler to play with!

The first potion came in the mail the same day.

Holy cow!!

Eww. I hope you weren’t drinking that, Lego.

I’m battling with myself over these houses. They’re supposed to be sort-of-starters and I can’t keep expanding them. I was actually able to fit Tanzi’s new bed where the dollhouse was.

Are you sure it’s Daisi? Her color was normal.

Nice quiet evening for these two.

Brave protector.

I can’t get over how adorable she is!

And then, the adorableness doubled.

Hmm… maybe tripled?

Oh wait, they’re in the same room now. Quadrupled.

Maddox woke up and got to spend a little time with her before work.

Nice to have someone else to help with the pup care.

Daisi aged up fairly tired. Lego the guard dog.

C’mon you know she’s gonna have low responsibility!

Maddox arrived home at the same time.

With his branch promo!

She got badge credit helping Daisi with blocks.

I thought they were on the swing in front of the house. Get home you two!

So nice the family all together.

Toddler entertainment.

While her sis searches for voidcritter cards.

Lego wanted a walk but wow did he stink.

Sorry Talula, she can’t take you for a walk!

All three dogs walked and Bradyn had barely slept!

At least he doesn’t have to leave for work.

I started up the game the next day to find an icy Talula.

Felicity looked at the plants as she ran over which gave me an idea.

Don’t worry, Lego. She’s taking good care of your mommy.

I don’t think either of them are convinced. Whatever treatment she needed was for the surgery station so she just got a cone which appears to fix anything.

Felicity grabbed some veggies from the garden to take home…

When I saw this!!! I’d just been thinking the day before that he’ll have to start fishing or something if he wants a cowberry because getting a dragon fruit plant to splice is highly unlikely!

This is usually the correct answer but also Tanzi’s very shy outside of her family so I thought she wouldn’t say anything.

Something’s going on with that mod that makes the plants harder to maintain. Oh well, dragonfruit!

Oh! I didn’t even realize she was awake!

Such a cutie. The outfit in the second pic is her hot weather wear.

Maddox wasn’t working… I forget what he’d been doing.

His turn for cuteness. I’m shocked and disappointed they don’t get movement skill from this. But the cuteness overload is worth the loss!

Tanzi got home from school and took a dip as well. That white dog keeps following her around.

Love these!

I can not figure out how to fulfill this whim!

He needed to gift a flower arrangement. I didn’t realize until later that I had to use the friendly menu option.

Silly girl… actually, she’s a charmer and angelic.

Sorry walls-down pics can’t be avoided. Slinky got sprayed by a skunk.

The dryer was broken. Where’s Thatcher when you need him? Oh. Goofball.

There we go. He upgraded it to lintless while he was at it.

Tanzi was back to the void critter search.

They replaced the parts he’d used too. Ya know, I hadn’t planned to do things this way but I’m really liking it.

This is one of my favorite paintings. Maddox has started working on the painting collection task but he’s selling masterpieces. I kept this one though.

Daisi couldn’t get up the stairs to talk to him. Movement skill time!

Since she’s only doing one aspiration, Tanzi’s going to work on training voidcritters. I need to figure out how many to train for a point. One aspiration because she’s creative, lazy, and a loner. Kind of no other options.

She also has bad manners. Which Bradyn found hilarious. Nice.

But daddy me wants to play!

Ohmygosh I just love them!

She got her civic responsibility badge first. They always get the other one from socializing first so I was surprised.

I can’t leave these two alone for a minute!

Don’t worry I’ll send the girls to bed. Sheesh.

No nooboo which isn’t surprising. They only get preggo from risky woohoo not try for baby. Silly gooses!


I really need to make a chart or something to track these. Would you believe there isn’t a list anywhere (that I could find) of all the misbehaviors?

Just an awkward hug for today. I kinda stuck everything else into the chapter this time.

O3/P5/R1 Fifth Phase Update

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