TS4→ Stratus Burne 5th Phase Update

We are entering the full moon phase of Stratus Burne’s third Orbit.


Annika and Leila’s son Kellan is now a toddler and they’re expecting again.

Liam and Tiana’s sons Johan and Rez have both aged up.

Liam’s sister Shayla finally found someone. New townie family Katrina Lamb with her daughter Rosalie and nephew Darrius. They are now expecting a baby of their own.

Aaron and Casey are still going strong despite the huge family. Adopted son Dean is still a child but will age up soon. Their daughter Jami aged to a toddler. Aaron and Bree’s twin son’s Declan and Kolton aged to teen. I also re-rolled their personalities taking Casey’s influence into account.

Jasper’s sister Maisie aged to young adult and married Jaxton who you may remember as Parker’s younger friend.

Camryn Walker-Clemons is now a teen…

…and her brother Kierian aged to young adult marrying Chana.

Chana’s brother Gaige also aged up and married Kristine. She and her nephew Cameron are both new townies.

With so many households next-to-empty with all the aging up, I made a “parents” household. The two mentioned above Chana and Gaige’s dad is the first on the left. Kadence, Tiana’s mother, aged to elder.

All that aging up left us with only 3 teens. Our first new household (other than the ones who married into current households) is the Skinner-Wright household. Bryan Wright and Dennis Skinner with their teens Maya and Gryffin.

Despite the lack of teens I’m not creating more teen households just yet because I have 4 current townie children that will age up soon. Which will actually result in a lack of children. Currently, the townie households have 3 toddlers with 2 babies on the way. Which should be plenty but for the fact I have 5 in the played households. I’d rather have the kids grow up together and have more than one possible match when the day comes in the distant future than wait to make more.

So I’m using the rolls that have either children, toddlers, or both. This is the Bain-Humphrey family. From the left daughter Janay, son Trevor, Anahi, and Colette.

This is the Metz-Stratton family. Father Conrad, mother Lila, Skyla, and Kyle.

I’d planned to make one or two more households but I’m tapped out. This last one is the Volle-Holden household left to right Raelynn, Jonah, father Pace, and mother Tanisha… I think Tanisha is absolutely lovely. Sometimes I get the best rolls!

Played Households…

I’d really hoped I could avoid this. I’m actually really upset over splitting them up.

But my workaround for saving only with MCCC auto-save doesn’t fix the crashing caused by the game trying to create a picture for them every time I went into manage households.

New Lots…

First, we have the Griffith’s new home. I decided to let Jasper and Felicity keep the old one. Why? Because Jasper just now got his job and Felicity doesn’t even work. I’d have had to give them a shack. As it is, I did end up having to give Jazzlyn and Max a small loan to afford this.

Here’s the original. It was completely empty inside and pretty small but once I extended it out the back some I was able to make a really nice space. Also, I loved that little sunroom area and was determined to make it work. I re-painted to go with the odd color theme of the “neighborhood.”

I also knocked out all the interior walls in what’s now Jasper and Felicity’s house and spent several hours coming up with a better layout. That house has been so frustrating to screenshot in so I took advantage of the spli.

We have our bunker… at least the start of it. Funded so far by Maddox and Bradyn. I need somewhere to start saving all of the collections. The reasoning is that they want to make sure there are things kept safe in case of another tragedy.

Here’s the original. I couldn’t figure out the difference between the original Redacted lot and this one but I figured 2.0 is always better right? Not that there’s much of it left. Which made me very sad. It’s a really fun and detailed lot that I’ve basically torn apart.

This is literally all that’s left. The big giant hole is where all of the perfect plants will go. Eventually, there will be connecting rooms all over. Just this little bit cost almost §21k.

And, last but not least, we have our newly earned community lot.

I changed the outside color-scheme to make it blend a little better with the restaurant which is behind it.

The only real change I made was rearranging the little buildings so I could make the yoga studio larger. There was no way I’d have been able to screenshot in it the size it was.

It was where the meditation room is now. I really love the over-all look of this place. I didn’t get to stay long to screenshot because I’d taken Ryker and didn’t realize he was about to leave for work.

It’s taken me days to do all of this. From the regular played household maintenance with a few age-based makeovers, updating profile photos and family trees. All the townie changes and new lots…

…to this insanely confusing chart that I put together to figure out what days they’ll be working so I can decide who to play when.

Remember when this was just 2 households? Ah, the good ole days. I’m not complaining. I know I do this to myself and I know why I do it but I’m exhausted!

O3/P5/R1 Welch household

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