TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Under the Thumb

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: light rain warm.

The Welch household

Almost as soon as I got to the house Brielle and Ryker left for work. So, I was on cat watch. O’Malley found a sunny spot behind the house for a nap.

I forgot that Precious had access to the house. I wish the game wouldn’t consider her a stray just because I didn’t put Ryker and Cole’s parents on a lot.

Yay they’re home! Looking at their outfits I realized I hadn’t changed the weather. Oopsie. You might also notice that I got rid of that weird white driveway thing.

Did Butterball miss his family?

Okay, they all did. Lots of attention for all the meows.

Ryker wanted to jog and also needed to for his aspiration. You wouldn’t catch me jogging in the rain… or jogging for that matter.

The next day while his people were at work again I watched Butterball cuteness… while it lasted.

Hey you two none of that! It’s a special day don’t you know?

Ah, there we go! Let’s see our boy!

Ohmygosh look at him! I just want to squish him!

I remembered quickly why I don’t buy the cat toys despite their low cost. The sims stalk the cats trying to play with them. It’s creepy.

There you go. Pay attention to each other for a change. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, I’ll watch cuteness. The fuzzies are the best part of the cat wands and the sims are obsessed with wanting to throw them away.

Should have known the fun wouldn’t last long.

After fixing the plumbing, Ryker sought out Brielle and flirted while she finished her work task.

His face! Like “ohmygosh Brielle don’t drop me!”

Too distracted by the cat to even pay attention to the rose. Fine. Go to bed you two.

I’ll just watch the cats. This is so sweet.

Another pet to teach not to wake up sims.

Ryker didn’t work so while Brielle was gone he worked on his aspiration. I think he’s on the last part!

And he played with the cats, of course.

I’ll put the full thing in the extras but you’ll need to know about this freaking moodlet she got from a chance card for what comes next.

Brielle was in a rotten mood when she got home so I thought yay this is the perfect time to try out the spa!

The steam room wasn’t bringing down her tense moodlet so I thought I’d just overpower it.

This is supposed to help with stress relief. The happy feet moodlet did overpower the tenseness.

They were both hungry so they went next door for dinner.

I was trying so hard to keep them flirty.

I replaced the tables out front that didn’t really match anything with benches.

My cue that it’s time to send them home.

I was reluctant because the flirty dinner moodlet was keeping the others in place. She still had the lingering tenseness or whatever that was dropping her flirty moodlets quickly.

I took them home and it was late. I was pretty bored and just watching them waiting for it to be time to leave when I realized what they were doing!

Yep! They eloped. I suppose the cats threw the confetti?

They were right outside the door after-all. And so, we ended with a high note to an otherwise very boring rotation in the Welch household.


That looks painful.

I saw this through the window and was like what the? Freaking stray cats!

Some of the freelance descriptions are so funny!

New baby Karlee born 03/05/02.

I don’t expect you to read it but she had this thing and I thought she’d go for it for the money since they’re just starting out and don’t have much.

I was thinking of the money not the fame. She’ll never keep that.

When I looked, this is how much money they had. It’s like it gave them exactly enough to make it this amount. I googled 3333 and got a bunch of results for it being a spiritual angel number or something. Kinda fitting considering they were “angel” investors but super weird too!

It didn’t go well. She got super stressed as you saw. I recently had a conversation with someone on Twitter that didn’t like that we can see the results of the chance cards. I agreed at the time. But, I now realize with this one and the one Maddox got that just because it seems like a good choice doesn’t mean it is one!

And also had this and I have no idea why. The worst part is that she probably would have gotten promoted if it wasn’t for these freaking moodlets.

I had Ryker ask her on a date but apparently, you can’t take a date to the spa! That makes no sense.

And, to finish us off… Ryker making a little kitty stew. It apparently runs in the family as you’ll see in the next chapter.

O3/P5/R1 Snyder household

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