TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Not Really Cat Videos

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny cool.

The Snyder household

Cole is now learning how to patrol. He was sent to an empty beach and Jasper attacked him. Was this another training exercise?

He also learned how to arrest someone. He was sent to the same place as last time! (No, she’s not pregnant she’s a teen!)

Gotta keep in shape. I have no idea why he was acting so out of breath.

He finished his tasks for the day with several hours left and became friends with the chief and several officers. One of the new townies came in and he called him back to introduce himself.

Look at that pup smile!

Cole told Haven all about his training day.

Oh gross!

Yea, I’d feel sick too.

There was a long drawn out part before this but I’m putting it into the extras.

Chu decides his deed is done. Time to run circles all over the house in his new cape. Zooom!


New building. Credit will be at the end of the chapter.

Cat videos? Not really.

I was so confused. I thought that he’d been sent home from work. No, he was sent to patrol his own neighborhood! The crazy part is that I could control Haven too!

Liam got into a fight with his father-in-law. Moments later Liam’s sister gave birth. Coincidence? I think not. Townie drama.

You had that in your pocket all day?! Gross Cole!

Cole had his work tasks done for the day so just hung out around the house until it was almost time to finish work. Haven was trying to get playful for her own work task.

Soon? Not too much longer!

Okay so it said that Pretztail was in labor. I got distracted and then remembered and wondered what the heck was going on? I couldn’t find her. She has that trait that makes them leave at night and wasn’t even home! She walked in, gave birth by Cole’s feet, and promptly walked back out! Anyway, meet Princess Peach. (From the Mario games… I had so many cool boy names too!)

The pets sure love waking up sims. And look, third trimester belly. Geeze she’s huge! Remember how small Felicity was?

I found Pika stuck under the staircase. It has happened to the pets a few times before this. (Sorry about the UI, I didn’t realize I still had it showing.)

So, I just removed the wall and put up a handrail. I actually think it looks a lot better.

Princess Peach loves the scratching post! She uses it constantly.

Cole was sent out to the same place again to learn how to interview witnesses and take evidence pictures.

He returned to find the chief and most of the staff had been replaced while he was gone! Perhaps someone higher-up learned that most of them were evil?

He returned home from work to tell Haven all about it. It’s really a shame since he was friends with several of them.

I realized that they hadn’t done the weather preferences yet. I love the other sim’s reactions to these.

With Haven’s newest promotion, she needs an insane number of followers to get promoted again. She was streaming with the drone and livestreaming on the gaming console.

While Cole made the rounds giving everyone attention.

He was just leaving for a walk with Pika when Haven went into labor!

Look! A shiny new hospital. I had a different one picked out but when I saw the staff areas and how small the labor and delivery areas were I looked for another.

I was bouncing in my seat when I saw Cole there working in reception!

Oh look, it’s the same doc from the last delivery. Looks like they decided to keep him. Of course, Haven had to stream the whole thing.

Her face had me cracking up! There was actually another wall where Cole’s standing and I knocked it out. I swear builders don’t think of screenshots.

Her facial expressions and the fact it was being recorded was killing me.

Awe look at that proud daddy! Welcome to the world Stefano Snyder.

Remember Cole bought that picture that the old doctor painted? Funny story about the name Stefano. It seemed very familiar to me. And with my recent track record I thought oh geeze there’s probably someone else with that name or very similar. I spent quite some time looking at current names and then searching all my blogs for the name. After I quit for the day my brain popped to Stefano, Dante & Tomasso… characters in a book series I read recently. Aha!

Pika’s constant complaining about being in heat gave me an idea. I’d already decided to breed Bender. So she was sent to their house.


Awkward pet luvin’.

I was thrilled that Haven can still work from home while Cole’s away!

I was absolutely furious over the replacement of staff. I had to age all the elders to adults so they won’t die while working out, then remove the erratic trait from almost all of them, and then give them the antiseptic trait so they’d stay the heck out of my space. There were only two sims that were still there from before.

I actually hadn’t expected Cole to get promotions. He wasn’t supposed to work the next two days.

I could have sworn the drone would stop streaming while she was using the bathroom! Oh well, it’s funny if anything.

I saw this from the back window. Someone got sprayed by a skunk!

I looked to see where all my pets were and found Pika chillin’ back here.

Remember in the last chapter when Ryker did something similar? Princess Peach looks worried about her mamma!

Guys! Somewhere in my ‘hood there is a raccoon! A very polite one at that.

Cole had a ton of points! I got him the Carefree trait.

This is the new station. The other one seemed to have every single thing placed with moo on and so many things weren’t useable. There were also floating things all over the place.

With this one, I couldn’t figure out why the convicts were just roaming the place until I remembered this comment. It was an easy fix.

And this is the hospital. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it with Jozef.

I get the weirdest bugs I swear! As I mentioned earlier I had some issues getting Chu and Pretztail to mate. Namely, they were stuck somehow. I had to have Haven travel off the lot with them and back.

O3/P5/R1 Griffiths household

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