TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Big Happy Family?

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy freezing.

The Burke-Fox household

When I got there I had Tanzi start on her homework before school and Bradyn help her. This is almost always an autonomous action in these households unless they need it for an aspiration. I almost stopped them. It occurred to me that I’m probably the only simmer who feels this way. Also, whenever I go back to normal saves I’m going to be so confused!!

Ah Slinky, you always make me smile.

She really likes playing with her toys. I’m sure the only reason she hasn’t maxed imagination is because I stop her to have her do other things.

I suppose it may be intimidating having all these pups who are bigger than her. Speaking of which, I can’t understand why I haven’t ever had a small breed stray?

Look who’s home from work. Bradyn was doing laundry. Laundry annoys the heck out of me. I feel like I must have a mod still left that’s messing with it. Do they normally start it as soon as they put something inside the washer?

Again, I just love the high chairs now that I have that mod fixing them.

I was trying to get Bradyn’s gardening skill up. Kind of hard to do with most of the plants dormant. Tanzi was off to look for voidcritter cards.

Yep, it’s already bedtime for the little.

Meanwhile, Tanzi made the rounds giving attention to all the dogs before heading to bed herself.

Ah, the fireplace. Two dogs obsessed with it and one terrified. Although, Lego’s terrified of everything. Not much time for romance this night.

In the morning, it was time to walk the dogs asking for it. Daisi gave some luvin’ too. Pets take a lot of maintaince. Of course, they’re worth every minute spent!

Daisi wanted a book. I always forget about toddlers’ whims. Maybe because you can’t see their satisfaction points until they’re a child?

I thought I figured out what was wrong with my plants mod and was meaning to test it in this household but since the plants were dormant I can’t even be sure if I fixed it or not.

Maddox had the second day of their rotation off of work so he didn’t do his work task painting the night before.

She’s so cute.

Awe! I got distracted and didn’t catch her sliding down.

When Tanzi got home from school I saw this. She’s never brought anyone home. And she hadn’t that day so I was confused.

Kaylee is the little blonde girl who’s constantly getting attacked by strays at Madelyn’s house. At first I thought she was wearing the bear costume to scare off strays.

But then, when Tanzi was making her rounds looking for voidcritter cards, I saw her repeatedly falling off of the monkey bars. Maybe it was for padding? No pics cuz there was another kid on them that didn’t match up because of heights.

Maddox was extremely close to maxing his painting skill. I forgot he gets these potions.


Unfortunately, with that emotion mod, outgoing sims lose their confidence quickly when alone so I sent Bradyn up to chat…

…soon followed by Daisi.

Hurray! So exciting!

Tanzi has 3 voidcritter cards now but is still training the first. I’ve never done this before but it does seem to take longer than I expected with everything else she needs to do in a day.

Awe so sweet.

Gah, another sick sim. She did her hydration and then a nap but it seems a lazy nap doesn’t affect it. I just sent her to sleep properly after that.

Time for a little bit of romance.

I almost freaked out. This interaction drives me nuts. Then, I remembered it’s technically winter even if I don’t count the seasons in this save. Sadly, they had to go to bed too since Maddox worked in the morning.

For the first time since she aged to child I was able to get Tanzi inspired for that freaking aspiration! Doing stuff like that first thing in the morning before they stack a bunch of other moodlets seems to be the best time.

Lego kept whining to Daisi for a walk. It’s so funny how they do that.

The sisters had a chat while Tanzi did her next aspiration task of playing with toys.

I always forget to check their badge progress.

Whenever I’m not telling her to do something, Tanzi is off to her room to play doctor.

Bathtime is adorable.

I left the filthy counter for Maddox to clean after work. Cleaning makes Bradyn so miserable.

I didn’t know toddlers could become hysterical. Dad’s stories are lethal apparently… not that toddlers can die.

She was in rare form telling lots of jokes. Probably a good thing I have emotional deaths turned off for everyone.

Bradyn was outside maintaining the bees and getting some honey.

I swear Lego’s cowering in practically every picture!

After baking his own honey cake, Bradyn aged to adult. Can you believe it? Time has just flown. I realized the other day that I’m at the same point in their timeline as I was in Ash Shore’s last time I played them.

Aging up isn’t going to change a thing of course.

I love that siblings can help out.

I noticed this and thought hmm…

Jazzlyn to the rescue! It’s not like they can stay home alone so we do need a babysitter and we’ve seen how useless nannies are.

Wow. They were at it like immediately. I hadn’t realized how cool the steam room woohoo looks but I never remember it looking that way before. I couldn’t screenshot the cool part of course. It looked like an exploding cloud.

They got some food.

And drinks… after I made them dress.

So sweet.

Since they were in public, almost every interaction with Maddox brought up Bradyn’s fame.

He was also tense from his loner trait and losing his flirty mood fast. After a little hot tub flirting they called it a night.

Not that it ended just yet. They tried for a baby again. I was frustrated it didn’t work. I figured it wouldn’t take long at all the way these guys are and had given Maddox the Big Happy Family aspiration for his second. I looked later and it seems in my freak out about everyone becoming pregnant I lowered the chances a lot. I just can’t win.


These rinks are driving me nuts. I did get a mod to make them stop standing like zombies watching skaters but now if there is one they all ignore everything else to use it. Grr.

Not that I expect you to read this, but I did put a lot of thought into what Maddox would do and the possible outcomes. I feel like if he dropped the conversation he’d be eaten away about it.

The only poor result other than some reputation loss was becoming enemies of this person who I can only assume was generated for this purpose since I have nobody else in this career.

I think he probably would have gotten promoted. Oh well.

It’s funny how often choosing what I’d normally assume are the “wrong” answers seem to go well.

After this, I have no idea what traits to give Maddox. Maybe he’ll just start buying potions.

I noticed that Daisi had this option when clicking on Slinky. Too bad it doesn’t work.

Just one. I’m pretty sure they’ve all learned just about everything.

These things just crack me up!

She gave the whole scout troop food poisoning! hahaha!

While they were gone, Jazzlyn helped Daisi finish her potty skill.

And this popped up while at the spa. I didn’t think that new feature was really worth it until now.

And lastly, for our funny, Tanzi walking through the fireplace on her way to scouts because the dogs were blocking the way.

O3/P5/R1 Lane household

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