TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Just Me and My Dog

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heavy rain cool.

The Lane household

Your child is going to be scarred for life.

There. That’s a much better use of your time.

If you’re afraid of the computer why do you go down there?

Learnin’ some moves from daddy.

Her face tho!

You’re all I need, Ruffy.

Sure. Why not? They’re already strange I don’t think putting a bubble blower in their basement’s gonna change that much.

Although, he did have to take a break for Fable.

Why is it so hilarious when adults do it but annoying as heck when it’s teens? The world may never know. Also, Roman was back there scamming money off children. Good times.

They are just hilarious I swear.

I had thought to have Roman practice his mischief on Bree. No can do. Hers is apparently too high now. I put a stop to that immediately.

Alijah’s bubble fun made his voice super squeaky and was so funny. Sorry the video looks weird it’s hard to see over the porch railing and the other side didn’t show their faces as well.

Apparently, Rowen found it captivating because she suggested they go woohoo.

Even though she was flirty she was still doing that ridiculous walk.

They’re so freaking weird. No nooboo this time.

While her parents slept, Fable woke up and entertained herself.

LOL! I couldn’t resist.

I think the question we’re all asking ourselves is just how much like her parents will she be? Alijah is low on the scale but has no negative traits.

Although, Fable seems to have become more attached to Cujo than any family members.

Which seems to suit Cujo just fine. I can see these two wreaking havoc on the neighborhood in a few years!

Roman arrived home from work angry and went straight to Fable. He walked over and picked her up, held her for a few minutes, and put her down. So weird.

More dancing with dad.

Truly she seems to prefer the company of Ruffy and Cujo. I also think that I may be right about independent toddlers learning faster alone. Her skills are all pretty high.

Oh umm… I guess Cujo can babysit.

I swear I had a bush by their house. No nooboo again. Rowen barely made it to work in time.

And then, instead of heading home, Alijah decided to paint… in the rain.

No worries. Fable’s in good hands.

Well, sort of.

It’s not like she’s home alone.

Eh, well, I mean I could bring Roman upstairs if she needs him.

Ah there we go, see? Mom’s home.

Meanwhile, Bree was out working on her aspiration. Getting Thatcher angry, belittling his anger, questioning his anger… making him despise her.

She needed another person to despise her. This is Jozef’s mom.

She became embarrassed. Bree was quick to question her shame and laugh at her embarrassment.

After that, she needed to fight someone. Well, you’re here you’ll do.

Jasper stopped to gasp at the repeatedly fighting women and was attacked by a dog for his troubles. I almost died laughing!

That was so much fun!

I’m not sure if Bree agrees.

While all that was happening, Roman was using Alijah to get his mischief up before work. Sadly, It didn’t help, he still didn’t get the promotion . Alijah seemed to love it. Weirdos all of them.

I realized that working on writing a song also counts for playing an instrument for Rowen’s work task.

Alijah: Wow my wife is sexy.

Fable: OMG They’ve noticed me! (I actually think she may have been napping.)

Cujo had been whining to her for a walk. It’s so funny how they all keep going to the toddlers.

I don’t really think she wants her family’s attention truthfully.

Although, the stuffed dog not paying attention really ticked her off.

In the morning, Fable got a bath.

And chatted with daddy while he made breakfast.

Cujo was really excited about the whole thing.

Such a cutie.

I hadn’t been letting her out there since it was raining but she really wanted to play with that dollhouse so I gave in.

Good thing he had a book almost finished.

That little girl is wondering what he’s doing.

Oh Rowen what are we going to do with you?

She had a chance card that made her tense. I’ll add it to the extras. After like 10 baths and talking to the mirror she finally calmed down.

A little bit of flirting.

And Roman totally lost it when they were kissing. Sheesh.

What’s the matter Bree?

Oh umm… sorry, I forgot your birthday and then you had to make your own cake.

But look, Alijah noticed!

I was so glad I was leaving.


Apparently, Alijah must have been at the spa when I was there with Bradyn and Maddox the previous night. So funny!

Scamming money off of children and torturing his ex-wife with chain letters and prank calls… in addition to spending most of the day hacking and making viruses. And yet it’s only Bree with the bad rep.

Why do I keep being surprised when someone maxes a skill? I swear I’m so wrapped up in the drama most of the time I don’t even think to look.

I swear I never choose the right option for these… if there is a “right” option.

That’s it for the extras. I put it all in the chapter because the whole thing was so freaking weird if I hadn’t half of it would be extras!

O3/P5/R1 Hensley household

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