TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Aging Up

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny showers warm.

The Hensley household

I got there and was looking to see what everyone needed to be doing and where the pets were when I saw Bobsey and realized I’d completely forgotten about baby Calix!

I managed to get there early enough that Thatcher got his task done before leaving for work.

And little Calix got a proper bedroom.

Couscous seemed concerned when she saw Lentil being taught how to play dead.

It appears that Jozef and Aryana were around each other enough before he aged up that they are able to do the sibling secret handshake.

Aryana began teaching Couscous to fetch.

She was going to teach Lentil but he wanted a walk.

Parker was doing his own work task of writing comedy routines and then continued to do a few more for his aspiration milestone.

At least Jozef having no at-home requirements for work leaves him plenty of time for baby duty.

I love seeing the families all together like this. Although, it’s difficult to screenshot since someone’s back is always turned.

Geeze Jozef, let Parker have a turn!

I’m starting to feel like Aryana shouldn’t have the loner trait. She’s very sociable. Which has gotten me questioning how I apply traits. I’ve already started to re-think how I determine chemistry.

Awe so sweet. No time for romance for these two. Parker needed to get to bed so he could work in the morning.

Not so much for Ethan and Thatcher. Truly, Thatcher needed to be sleeping too!

Calix will never want for a caretaker in this house that’s for sure.

Apparently, the bees were so enraged they somehow made it through his suit! His face is so funny!

Lentil ran to greet his girl after school.

And she took advantage of the wide space to begin his heel training.

Jozef started writing books. He already has writing skill so why not?

I saw he was tense and realized he needed a workout. I have so many lazy sims I neglect the active ones!

That color appears to be a new favorite of mine because I’ve been using it everywhere.

Finally! And I even remembered to do his rolls before he aged up this time instead of sitting there like duh… like I did later when Aryana aged up.

Plop into the high chair. My poor newly aged up toddlers practically live in those things. The whole “no walking” at this age stage was more believeable in Ash Shore when I’d only play them that “day.”

Eeee! Such cuteness!

I suppose Aryana’s a sort-of aunt? I’ve decided I’m going to marry all the long-time engaged sims next rotation. It’s getting ridiculous waiting.

Grandpa got the honors of putting the little one to bed.

I think it’s so funny that they don’t seem to realize this half wall is even there. (Other than setting dishes on it.)

Wow these two are awfully frisky lately.

Aryana must have snuck off and napped at some point and I didn’t notice because she was wide awake. She did some fetch training with Lentil.

I found Bobsey over here warily giving leaf pile that shouldn’t be there the side-eye.

Wake up and play!

He decided to play in trash instead.

Finally, Jozef had a work day. I’ve barely ever done this career. The highest I ever got was in my Clone Challenge Whim version… I lost that save.

Well, that was thrilling.

He spent the rest of the day writing a book.

The receptionist completely ignored the rapidly increasing line of patients.

Hurray! Back home! While Jozef was gone, Parker taught (socialized with) Calix a bit in between keeping his needs up.

Aryana took Lentil for a quick walk. No worries Couscous, you’ll be next.

Time to get a start on the potty skill. Jozef looks so handsome in his work outfit.

Thatcher… does not.

Everyone except Parker was home. It’s party time!

Such a cutie.

Aryana was going out to swing. I lost my temper and moved them into Calix’s inventory. I love that they use them but it’s a constant thing!

Calix had to be put to bed already. He was also sad about meeting strangers. I feel like they shouldn’t get that moodlet unless they’re clingy.

Parker arrived home from work and it was finally time!


She’s so adorable!

And expressive!

I could not stop taking pictures!

Can you blame me?

A mom/dad comparison. I think she looks a lot more like Ethan.

The party was over. Time for a nice relaxing evening until I have to leave for the next household.

*shock* Ohmygosh I’m so happy!

They acted like it was no big thing. I suppose it’s not if you consider the fact they became promised to each other as teens the day they met.

Ah, what a good dog.

Lentil wonders if that’s still Aryana?


I know I’m not the only one who thinks the Social Butterfly aspiration is broken. It doesn’t count friends unless you are actively playing the household. It also doesn’t count friends made before you get to that stage in the aspiration. Not so with its grown-up aspiration counterpart. As soon as switching to it the friends part completes. Total bull so I cheated her past the milestones. Sorry… not sorry.

Umm… okay?

Shortly after arriving there, Bree wandered into the house.

I made her leave via mods but then got this message later.

And then found her creepily watching Thatcher and Ethan in the back yard that night! She and Thatcher despise each other. This is just so weird!

While chatting with Thatcher, Aryana decided to complain about her parents.

My sim’s obsession with and somehow being able to intuit where dirty plates are is driving me up the wall. Jozef has the soulmate aspiration so they were having an at-home “date” when she walked in to grab a dirty plate to wash!

Ohmygosh you weren’t even here! What is happening in my game?!

Only one this time around.

Jozef completed his work tasks so early! I really wish I could send him home!

When choosing the featured image I couldn’t decide between Calix or Aryana. Since he was sleeping when she aged up I didn’t have one of them both together. So I went back in game and got some.

Aryana’s family tree pics. So cool.

As I was getting ready to exit the game I saw that Bradyn and Jazzlyn were just roaming the house. What on earth is going on?

I had to go back… again. This time for Calix’s profile photo. When waiting for him to do something cute, Lentil walked over and did this. 12/10 cutest thing ever!

O3/P5/R1 McKenzie household

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