TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Heart Melting

It is the first rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny hot.

The McKenzie household

At first I had pics showing the house but I figure you’ll see all of it throughout the chapter. I went into this household expecting to be bored to tears the entire time. I will admit I used second speed a lot at first.

My sick pet issue continues. At least this time I have the vet right there to cure him!

There are actually 2 rooms in addition to the master bedroom. I didn’t end up keeping Serendipity in here after she aged up. When I was setting up I just threw all those decals on the wall there.

Frisky little puppy keeping granddad on his toes!

Jasper was doing his requisite cooking for work. I had no idea what to do with Felicity so she just messed with the lab thing. I ended up changing the color of those counters shortly after this.

I figured I might as well just have them spend some time with the pets.

After Jasper left for work, Felicity began Bubbles’ heel training.

You want in this house you gotta get past us.

I discovered an easier way to have them take the puppy out to potty. Tell them to hug her and then while they’re holding her queue “put down here” outside. No more putting the puppy down and picking her back up nonsense.

I realized the pets had no toys. I found the old ones later under Felicity and Jasper’s bed.

Yay a sink!

Jasper arrived home from work and they both immediately went upstairs to sleep.

Felicity didn’t sleep for long. The weird pic angle is so you can see Caraway.

Go pee-pee! I swear I’ve never had a puppy complain about needing to potty as much as her!

*sigh* You knew it was coming. With his coloring you can’t really see the grey.

It doesn’t look like it but Buster and Caraway were playing.

As I’ve said before, I’ll be shocked if they get pregnant with risky. Felicity has both the responsible and good manners traits.

This was so funny. I can’t remember why they were out there talking but then Buster walked over and Jasper started talking to him while still in the conversation with Felicity.

Everybody crowding in to take care of Serendipity.

And early the next morning, she was aged up! I was completely entranced by her!

She’s a daddy’s girl all the way. She rolled his skin, eye, and hair color. She also got tons of freckles and beauty marks. I laughed thinking this girl is very spotted! hehe

I learned my lesson with Jozef getting tense from no exercise. Buster approves.

Caraway: Who dis?

A puppy and a toddler? Double the cuteness!

Both together? Cuteness overload!

Some random stray beat up Caraway. I was not amused.

Daddy’s back home. I hadn’t realized that Serendipity was actually hungry when Felicity took her out because it was green until then.

Bubbles was sitting there howling!

The new center of attention for sure.

Serendipity was playing with the CC Pusheen toy I gave her when I remembered there had been a car toy gift in the mail.

Awe! Cousin’s getting along already?

It’s like cloudgazing amongst a field of dogs. It’s still annoying me that there are no small breed strays. Looks like if I want any I’ll have to take a point loss by adopting one.

Serendipity was sad that daddy left for work.

Caraway was wondering what she’s doing.

I had a hard time decorating her room. I kept finding myself going back to that teal color I realized I’m using in everyone’s houses!

Everything is cuter because she’s a puppy.

Hmm… counter island eh?

I know it looks weird but I love it. If you’re wondering I’m trying to match that green pot rack he got from work too. It looks better with more done but they ran out of money pretty quick and I had to undo a lot of it.

I took colors that were in that wallpaper and brought them to the side walls. The oppisite wall is a dark green but it appears I didn’t screenshot it!

I was distracted since a certain someone woke hungry. I don’t remember giving her those pjs. I changed them later.

It’s so nice that they have at least a little bit of the house set up now.

Not that they seemed to really care. I ended up using that expensive Get Famous flooring because it had the colors from both walls in it.

No other extras today. I used up Felicity’s many satisfaction points on potions and got the final point needed for a new lot. Just in time for the start of the second rotation!

O3/P5/R2 Griffiths household

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