TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: Worth the Frustration

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: partly cloudy cool.

The Hunter-Hensley household

Yes, that’s right folks, Thatcher and Ethan got hitched… without me. I went to their house for something and saw this. Too funny. I decided to hyphenate their names so the household is now Hunter-Hensley. Only because I think it sounds better. I’ve tried to find some kind of guide on how it’s properly done but searches only bring up why it’s a bad idea. But this is the Sims not real life.

“Watch out world here I come.” -Calix

The dogs had to see what was going on.

I actually did this part of the day several times. The first time they ate bacon and eggs. Turns out half of them are vegetarians!

This didn’t actually happen but I couldn’t bear to delete a sweet pic with Jozef and his grandpa.

Real life was really kicking my butt and I just didn’t have the patience to figure out all of the problems I was having with this career. First, I couldn’t go to work with Jozef until I cheated him to level 2. Second, I got to the hospital and couldn’t treat anyone even without mods. I mentioned it on Twitter and a few people advised to just treat whomever is there that’s diagnosed and admit others. It did work but I was just so overwhelmed I waited a day or two.

Now that I’ve got it working I’m really enjoying this career.

Back home Ethan tended his garden and collected the honey.

Ethan was still in the beekeeper outfit when Thatcher returned home in his astronaut work clothes and it was just so entertaining I left them like that.

When I remembered to do so I had Calix learning skills while Jozef was at work. I had Parker socializing with him so that it was him “teaching.”

Little chatterbox.

This household is so freaking weird.

How is that possible… nevermind. What happened next distracted me.

Can you blame me? The pics with dad in his spacesuit in the background had me laughing so hard! I put a lot of thought into whether to hyphenate their names or not. Parker’s already was. But which to choose Hensley or White? I felt that he wouldn’t want to appear to choose one father over the other so he took Jozef’s last name Crawford completely.

They were actually in the middle of the second “date” for Jozef’s aspiration and so when that part completed so did the spouse one!

Lentil got the ball out of the backyard and trotted into Calix’s room wanting to play.

So cute! I need to get my butt in gear and have Lentil father a puppy. This household is so large already though!

I have the feeling they keep passing the sickness back and forth to each other.

Poor Tanzi was the only one in the waiting area.

It soon filled up.

I don’t think Max had much faith in Jozef since he dropped the saliva sample like 4 times.

Yay! Good news all around!

Looks like I found his 2-year-old profile pic!

Pup lovin’.

Aryana was supposed to be doing her painting for the scout badge.

I know I say it about all of them but… I love this family.

So sad. Couscous is the first pet I’ve had age to elder who looked markedly different from her adult coloring.

Calix having a little chat.

I was trying to get Thatcher some satisfaction points. This cracked me up!

Lentil loves the computer.

“Loves??? It’s terrifying!” -Couscous

Finally, after doing a bunch of goofy whims, Thatcher got the Carefree trait. He’s so miserable at work and his workdays are spread out so that he can only work 2 a rotation. Although, Parker didn’t get to work at all this time.

Calix keeps either taking himself to bed or asking someone and then I realize later he’s hungry! I wanted to see if that sugar-free cake gives him the sugar moodlet. It does. So does the healthy gourmet cooking yogurt.

I love this picture.

Morning all!

Back to work! First in line was Jasper’s dad.

Next was Jozef’s own mother who didn’t seem very confident when her son let slip that he’d never used this machine before.

Maybe he was just nervous because it was his mom?

It seems all the kids wear those same pjs.

One of the tasks he’s had every single day is to greet patients. But it only counts if he introduces himself! There are only so many sims he doesn’t know. You may think Bree is overreacting in the 2nd pic but she was there all 3 days!

Back home to cuteness! Awe!

I just realized that Ethan got promoted twice in one day. When the thing popped up I said work from home but he went in and at the end of that shift he got promoted again!

Calix had been standing there telling jokes to Parker when Ethan walked in and just held him. Calix continued his conversation as if this wasn’t anything new.

I guess she likes that painting?

I thought this was so sweet. I later got a notification that Calix was starving. Sheesh! It’s so hectic in this household!

Ohmygosh please just finish that last painting!

Mr. Athletic got the honors of jogging the dogs.

And then it occurred to me I hadn’t seen Bobsey in awhile. I found her over by Jasper and Felicity’s house waiting for someone to collect her feathers.

Back home she played with the toy that Lentil left in there and entertained little Calix.

Someone looks proud of himself.

Who can blame him? He’s got a great family.


I was waiting for Aryana to finish that painting when Rowen and Cujo walked by. She was scowling and he was growling. Cracked me up!

I’ve been trying to get a good video to show the teleporters I use. I have several around the neighborhood. It takes him so long to get upstairs I put a few in the hospital too. I’m going to keep trying to get one with the pets. It’s really entertaining to watch.

O3/P4/R2 Snyder household

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