TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: So Eventful

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heatwave.

The Snyder household

A/N: The family trees are kinda wonky this time around. I forgot to make a copy before Stefano and P.P. aged up.

See? Stefano is still a baby.

And so is Princess Peach. Work time!

Cole had to figure out who it was that vandalized buildings in the restricted jungle region.

In the end, a friend ratted him out. Was afraid the kid was going to get hurt running around where he’s not supposed to be. All he had to do was wait for him to show up.

Either Chu is waiting for Stefano to age up or he’s trying to figure out what Stefano is.

What are you up to out here, Pretztail?

Cole tells Haven about his adventurous day.

Pika wishes she was brought along. There should be police dogs!

Awe, so sweet. Hmm… I did say I was going to marry any that weren’t didn’t I?

Huzzah! The only ones left are Felicity and Jasper.

When the staff at the restaurant heard it was their wedding day they offered them a free meal.

Back home it’s time for pet luvin’.

Well, and discipline too I suppose.

A little playtime with baby Stefano before bed.

Pika was not pleased that Chu took over her bed in the night.

Downstairs we had much more exciting things going on. It’s Princess Peach’s birthday!

Dad and mom for a comparison.

I think Cole went to work without me. It’s been several days and now I’m confused.

Pika wants attention.

Pretztail… needs a doctor. She lost a fight with a squirrel.

While we waited for Felicity mom took care of Stefano.

Get back here you naughty cat!

Good as new. Maybe we should just keep a supply of wellness treats for squirrel scratch fever.

Perhaps the experience was terrifying enough to stop her chasing squirrels completely? Doubtful.

Chu was running up the stairs and I saw Haven watching him…

…with the oddest look on her face!

Both cats are afraid of either the tv, the gaming system, or the drone… I’m not sure which.

Cole’s home! Haven still needs a ton more fans to get her next promotion.

So dad gets the honors of aging up the little one.

While Stefano was getting his clothes Princess Peach got a pretty dress like her namesake’s.

While I was distracted by cuteness, Cole was escaping to the common area to skate! I normally delete the stupid rinks. I made him do something productive and grill instead.

Back home, mom was teaching her little gamer the ropes.

Mmm burgers. And look! There are now things in the empty space!

Potty training. The toddler skill I hate the most.

A bit of luvin’ for the little one before bed.

Night night.

Both of you.

A little backstory. Cole had been sent out to patrol another restricted region in which he found sims and one mouthed off to him and made him angry. No clue why I have no pictures. His mood did not make things easier for the kid.

Now do you see why I didn’t want to play the career if I couldn’t interrogate? It’s the best part! Oddly, I fixed it by replacing the tables.

After that, he took a few citizen reports while waiting for the workday to end.

Pretztail wonders if this is her.

A little bit of blocks help.

And dinner with mom.

Then off to bed. I swear more happened but I didn’t screenshot it once again.

Cole was going to scold one of the cats for eating trash when I noticed the option to scold for waking up. I was confused until I saw little Stefano playing blocks in the middle of the night!


When trying to figure out the darned interrogation tables, I logged in with no mods or CC. I was waiting for the workday to start when I saw Chu floating in the air!

This is the first time I noticed that thought bubble.

The Griffiths do not look pleased with the table that the host is directing them to. I looked later and saw it was outside… in a heatwave.

It looks like she’s saying she slipped a little something into the food. I miss the Sims 3 herbs!

Bree telling Haven’s dad about her life of crime?

I need to do shoutouts more often!

The only one of note is the first. Maisie is Jasper’s little sister.

When Felicity arrived to treat Pretztail she had this lingering sadness moodlet that I couldn’t remove. I asked the mod creator about it and he had me generate a report. He said it’s some kind of NPC mood modifier. Like you know how you’ll see angry sims stomping down the sidewalk? All generated with these silly hidden modifiers. Grr. They put no thought to rotating when making these things.

Speaking of Jasper’s sister I saw her husband with Bender’s mom Hilda. This is the first time I’ve seen her and he was just standing there. No cute pic opportunity here.

I didn’t realize until I saw her thought bubble that I hadn’t unlocked the door for Princess Peach!

When Cole was out patrolling in Willow Creek and getting angry about something I noticed all these poor kids just sitting there. No playground here. Technically you’re not supposed to be here.

Speaking of which. This was just hilarious!

This is the only coworker Cole knows. Because it generates new ones every time he goes to work.

Everyone’s doing so well!

Even the pets?

O3/P5/R2 Burke-Fox household

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