TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: Bigger Happier Family

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy freezing.

Burke-Fox household

Good morning kiddos.

His skills are too low for the next one.

Man does it feel good to be back playing in a normal save after all the “strangeness.”

I got there fairly early so that Maddox could paint before work.

I don’t remember them using that spork before. Usually they eat with their hands. Maybe it’s a skill?

Maddox was off to work and Tanzi to school. Since it was freezing out there wasn’t really any gardening Bradyn could do.

I adore her “3 1/2-year-old” outfit!

She’s a busy busy bee! I know the last pic is at an odd angle but I love it.

I was going to have her play with the other dogs but they were over here!

I decided I’m sick of waiting to see if we ever get a stray small dog. It doesn’t seem to be happening. I thought a small hound breed would be good and look there was a beagle!

But what to do with the spares? Surely someone can take in a few fluffy balls of cuteness. Obviously, I shouldn’t be trusted to open the adoption window.

So we got Bear and for now Felicity got the fluffballs. Slinky was jumping for joy.

This looks ridiculous with a small dog. I don’t remember it looking so goofy when I did it in my very short dogacy.

But we have other things to concern ourselves with. Like Maddox aging to adult!

And Talula aging to elder. So much grey fur!

Dad doing a little “encouragement.”

Let’s try this again.

I didn’t realize until later that Maddox hadn’t spen any time with Daisi after work. Well, he’s off the next day he can make it up to her.

I was emptying out Tanzi’s inventory and all of the voidcritter cards she’d found so far except one were the same.

Perhaps a little attention to Bear will help. Maddox was the only one without a red relationship bar.

Try try again?

Lego why are you over here?

They called him home. He’s probably wondering why since they were busy flirting.

Maybe this is why Lego doesn’t want to be home? Bear is definitely one of those dogs that should be the only dog in the household.

While I was distracted by the dogs these two snuck off for some fun.

I just love this crazy household.

Babies please?

Hmm well I hadn’t meant you but yay!

I feel like the other dogs were ganging up on him. Why no babies?!

The dogs trying for puppies is old news. Where’s Daisi sneaking off to?

Haha daddy found her! And put her back into her cold weather clothes. Why on earth did she change?

Oh thank goodness.

When this rotation started I hadn’t patched yet so I couldn’t get on the gallery. I decided to just wait for the next rotation to add the community lot they earned. I was feeling restless and regretting it at this point.

Surprise surprise Lego’s here.

Tanzi got home from school and took over Daisi watch.

Do you remember a chapter or two ago when Thatcher repaired and upgraded their dryer? Daisi does!

Enough adventure for today.

I’m definitely going to have to adjust the number of top level voidcritter cards needed to earn a point. It seems like it takes 2-4 training sessions to get one level. That’s around 30 just to get one to 10.

Awe that’s cute she noticed her daddy’s an artist.

Yay! She’s doing so well! I’m not even trying.

Off to bed sleepyhead.

Okay everyone wants walks obviously.

Tanzi took Lego and Maddox took Talula… what is that Maddox? A two-step?

Just as they were about to leave Slinky went into labor!

I think she appreciated the extra attention. They’re very close to becoming companions actually.

Hey look at that! Looks like I gave Maddox the right aspiration after-all. He did go in and tell Maddox but I couldn’t get a good shot and they were tired so I let it be.

And hours later we finally got to meet Frisbee! I actually caught it when he was born but then when I unpaused it went high speed again and I missed the flash of light around Slinky. I always miss it!

He didn’t seem intimidated by his much-bigger relatives.

Oh the ears! Please please please let him have Slinky’s ears! His traits are playful from mom, hairy from dad, and adventurous which actually grandma Talula has so that’s pretty cool!

Daisi was the first to wake up and greet the new puppy. I think this is about the time I started having them put out the fire. Talula kept passing out. She wouldn’t do anything but obsess over it.

Breakfast with daddy before work.

Tanzi had the day off. She hid in her dads’ room thinking that nobody would hear her terrible violin playing. She was wrong.

Awe so sweet.

Bradyn spent most of the day working on his flower arranging skill. It’s such a tedeuous skill to raise even if it is profitable.

Awesome! He’s been on the brink of that promotion for sooo long!

Daisi does not seem amused with Maddox’s intrusion into her private time. Speaking of which I’m having this weird issue where if anyone, even a toddler or pet, goes into the bathroom when someone’s showering they immediately stop showering!

Talula wants her companion.

Pet love all around!

Even the littlest pets. So sweet!

They were both walking the dogs in their sock feet!

Lego! You’re never going to get attention if you aren’t at home!

Frisbee and Daisi have a pretty good relationship already.

Apparently, this was the first Tanzi had seen him. Oopsie.

I love this picture. The puppy looking at her and how she and Maddox are looking at each other. Heartwarming.

I didn’t realize until she was bringing Lego home from his short walk that Frisbee was still outside.

I just love them!

Silly Maddox had eaten a quick meal and was uncomfortable because of his refined palette so I had him attempt yoga. I thought it reduced moodlets but it’s only tense I guess. He bought that cute owl painting back there.

And I found Talula over here singing over their boisterous conversation. I left after that so I could get Roman to work in the next household. The criminal career hours are a pain.


Despite the frustration these chance cards are hilarious.

Why else would I actively be trying to get another irresponsible sim? Where is the “encourage artistic expression” option?

Lego approves. This interaction looks really goofy. It’s the exact same one from playing in trash and instead of paint flying around it’s still trash. Weird.

The game is torturing me! I looked up the breeds I didn’t know on google images and I wanted them all! I chose the two breeds that were the cutest. What the heck do I do with them? LOL!

I moved the puppies in with Felicity for now. The household funds difference between the two is staggering. And that’s with them putting some money towards the bunker!

This was after I moved the puppies out. Cracked me up!

Bear was moved back in with the adoption agent for family tree purposes. But, he was actually uploaded to the gallery at the request of beagle-loving KitDragonFlight.

I was happy Frisbee only got hairy but I decided if he didn’t I’d roll with it. We don’t want perfect sims I suppose that includes pets.

I’m pretty excited about this! It’s funny, I feel like my point-of-view on when babies should be made/children adopted has changed since playing the BitLife phone app game.

Here’s our ex-doctor painting. I wonder if I cheated her the job if she’d be a doctor again? Although, I kinda like the elder guy Jozef works with.

Pika’s like wait for me! Poor girl looks worn out!

You’re probably going to laugh. This is the first time I’ve ever named the dolls. I didn’t know it actually had some sort of effect.

Daisi’s just flying through the skills! She ages up the second day of the next rotation. I have no doubt she’ll get the Top Notch Toddler trait. If I was trying harder she’d have full skills by now.

O3/P5/R2 Lane household

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