TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: Nothing’s Changed

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

Flint-Hall household

Double the toddler cuteness. You’re going to laugh though. My first thought about the pets was “there are only two?”

And who can forget Enzo and Tobias.

Why are you eating out here, Dion?

Zeke ate in the kitchen while chatting with Puddin’.

You’d think that they would learn. But no. All of them slip there or the other puddle a little ways down.

Awe so sweet giving Puddin’ a brushing.

It’s funny but at the same time what the heck guys?

Finally done eating, the boys make a beeline for the gramophone.

Lucca goes over to show them some moves.

I think he got a little carried away.

You would think that after all this time I would be less gooey about these two. Nope. I fear I’m as guilty of being in love with these two as I ever was. I swear that’s a book quote. Jane Austen I believe but darned if I could find it.

It may be pouring but we do have a little overhang. There’s the desert area but it has nothing for toddlers.

So cute. Zeke’s actually going to be a child soon.

Look! It’s Smeagie!

This is not how I’d expected to see all of these sims again.

Seriously Dean, didn’t you just slip in that same puddle?

Even Khaled back there is wondering when the rain will stop.

So sweet. Looked like Tobias had more fun.

Awe Puddin’.

Vicente says a hello to Siggy.

While his sister-in-law gets hit by lightning nearby.

The lion mane makes Chatterbox brave. Naw, it was just play no fighting between these two.

Finally, I couldn’t take the rain any longer. They have nothing but a few toys at home.

As always, Enzo and Tobias are in their own little world.

Auntie Sierra stopped by to visit. I actually forgot she moved out. I’m so used to the kids sticking around in Stratus Burne.

Enough toy time. Now what to do? A chat with Chatterbox for Dion.

Hugs and flashcards for Zeke.

A run for Puddin’.

Seriously? There’s no difference between that outfit and the other! I swear I had a mod to stop them overheating in athletic wear.

While Tobias made his way home, Zeke and Dion got flashcards. Zeke’s kinda old at this point but there’s not much else to do.

I noticed how pretty the sky is and had to take a few landscape pics.

No scratchin’!

I don’t think biting the lid is going to help, Dion.

Dad gave him some pomello slices instead.

Adorable goofballs. But, it’s time to move on.


Oh heck no I don’t think so! You’re in the wrong world buddy! It’s so separate in my mind that I had a hard time understanding how he was in Ash Shore at first.

T3/R1- Young household

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