TS4→ Ash Shore T3/R1: The Rain is Gone!

It is the summer rotation of the 3rd Turning in Ash Shore’s 1st Rhythm.

Young household

It’s Snoooooozer!!! Look at him in his fluffy glory!

And Lyric. Our dynamic duo.

We must make sure he is duly appreciated.

Smooth Christian. At first, it looked like Michelle wasn’t into it. But then again, these two have always been a bit off on the flirting.

Look! Almost as exciting as Snoozer… there’s no rain!!!

Food time. Umm… Christian? That’s not how you hold a knife buddy. I forgot neither of them has cooking skill.

Lyric: I’m waiting!!

Well that’s distracting. Dang Casen! Why you gotta be frowning and ruining the hottie pic?

Speaking of hot. Snoozer had a nice cool-down in the pool.

I think Christian’s afraid that Smeagie might eat his food the way he’s shoveling it in.

Then I remembered. No rain = toddler cuteness! The lot trait was added and they began to trickle in. Hi Zoey.

Casen having a chat with his step-mother Libby.

Awe look at her little swimsuit!

Hey, Dion!

Zoey again.

Awe that little face!

Yikes. That’s a dirty pup.

Lyric played pirate adventure and Adan joined in on the fun. I may have that a bit too close to the wall.

Zeke’s here now. I was surprised I didn’t give any of the toddlers shoes with their hot-weather outfits.

Everyone was in such good moods. After days of rain can you blame them.

My boys! It was like they posed for me!

Little Jayson can hardly see over that bubble gun.

Awe such a sweety. Just sitting there quietly like she’s thinking big thoughts.

Elsa playing some sea monster.

So cute.

I don’t think Kyra’s athletically inclined.

Nap time. Snoozer was on the other couch but got up before I could take a screenshot.

Speaking of Snoozer. He needs a bath.

Aimee having a slide.

I was going to make them leave but saw Lyric playing with Callum so they stayed a bit longer.

Everyone was pretty worn out.

Lyric wanted flash cards.

But she was pretty tired so it didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, Snoozer got a bath.

It was so cute he was laying there with his head on his paws thumping his tail and every once in awhile he’d stop and look up at them.

Who can resist him really?

A bit of chatting and flirting before bed.

Either watching over his girl or waiting for her to wake up. Probably the ladder.

T3/R1- Hart household

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