TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: Buncha Lunatics

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy cool.

Lane household

As I mentioned in the last chapter, I left the Burke-Fox household early so that Roman could go to work at 1am. I sent everyone else to bed and just watched Cujo.

I couldn’t figure out why his little pic was orange. I thought maybe he needed attention.

Felicity was called. The two sisters rarely see each other.

I can’t imagine why. LOL

She looked terrified of him the whole time. Too funny.

Felicity: Here doggie just eat the biscuit.

Cujo: You actually expect me to fall for that?

I suppose that’s why I didn’t know he was sick.

Grr. I’d been watching Roman’s work progress and he was set to get a promotion. But I had to restart my computer and when the game started back up it sent him home from work 2 hours early with no promotion! I went to every previous save and it still happened. The only way to prevent it was to go back to the save before he went to work. I said screw that and gave him the darned promotion.

They all look so creepy.

Should I be afraid Bree’s going to slip something into his food? That’s an overly enthusiastic response especially from her.

Looking dapper old man.

Maybe Bree was just excited for that.

The little one’s finally awake.

Flashcards with mom while dad does his work task… she looks kinda possessed at the moment.

Cheeky cat challenging Cujo’s guard duties. I imagine it saying the sidewalk is free to roam.

It even went so far as to fall asleep just outside of the grass to taunt him!

Rowen’s turn to do her work task. I wish it stayed “done” from one rotation to the next.


I would be surprised if this little one isn’t a companion soon too.

Cujo sure loves the TV. Not sure if that’s the best movie for a toddler to watch.

I swear Fable is 4 going on 40.

Quietly watching her parents while they chat. Plotting perhaps? We still don’t know what traits she’ll have.

Regardless, you can see who rules this house. Just don’t tell Roman.

Really though, do you expect she’ll be “normal.”

I suppose her parents do have their moments.

Alijah needed to get inspired for work and was plucking for inspiration. Rowen was finishing her first song. She’s been working on it for ages.

Bree was doing whatever it is that Bree does. I mostly ignore her other than having her occasionally upgrade something or troll on the forums.

Looking slick in the new work outfit. I gave it to him for his cold weather wear too.

That evil look in Rowen’s eyes. Like she’s taunting Bree. You hate having one toddler around the house?

Let’s see how you like two.

I really need to place more bushes. There were originally three. A lot of the stuff in the gathering area disappeared too.

Cujo keeps watch… or waits for her to wake up. Reminded me of Snoozer with Lyric in Ash Shore.

It wasn’t long before she was up. She was trying to figure out why he was staring at the dryer… so was I.

Mom’s up. What’s the matter Rowen, you regretting your spiteful “try for baby” from last night?

“I’m the boss.”

Chatting with dad.

Getting a bath.

Ah, sweet solitude.

She made Roman laugh and then he told her to go away. Jerk.

Listening to some kids music with Cujo.

This was the weirdest thing ever! All of a sudden Bree ran out of the house. Like that frantic run that they do when it’s a thunderstorm.

I think Cujo might have been chasing her!

Having a chat with daddy while he does his work. Closely guarded by her pup.

Seriously, he rarely leaves her side.

Until she goes to sleep.

That painting always creeps me out.

Back to Roman working on his mischief skill. Alijah is the perfect target since he doesn’t have any.

So sexy… at least to Rowen.

The look on her face. She is truly insane *cough* erratic.

Alijah’s happy.

How this little one reacts remains to be seen.

Sorry Cujo. She needs to go to work soon.

Geeze, Alijah. Could you take any longer to eat that food? The dog needs a walk!

He took him out and then moments later walked back in the door sans dog. I found him over here. Go walk the darned dog!

Post-walk TV time. Actually, he needed to watch TV for a work task.

He was chatting with little Fable while Roman made some viruses.

Poor baby’s going to be scarred for life hearing conspiracy theories and descriptions of apocalypses.

But hey he did it.

Sorry Fable! I didn’t think about you I swear! I don’t think she believes me.

Awe, what’s the matter, Cujo?

His other work task. I made him kinda loopy trying to get it to complete.

I didn’t realize how low she is in that career.

Oh great. Alijah’s only used to the mischief.

Rowen comes over to soak in the misery of both of their angry moods. And that’s my cue to leave. No extras today. This whole chapter was an extra I swear… extra crazy.

O3/P5/R2 Welch household

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