TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R2: All About the Cats

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy freezing.

Welch household

All three cats were sick. This is getting ridiculous. I mentioned it on Twitter and other rotational players said they have the same problem.

It was early in the morning and I wasn’t in the mood to wait to call Felicity to do 3 vet exams so they all just got wellness treats.

Brielle did her programming before work but Ryker didn’t work until later that day so he took care of the cats then worked out.

Best work uniform ever!

And while they were at work I watched the cats.

Two promos in one day!

Ryker went for a jog…

And Brielle did gaming. That career seems to branch off really late… or I’m just impatient.

More caring for the cats. It’s funny that their work uniforms seem immune to any temperature changes so they end up wearing them until I make them change.

Awe so sweet.

As is this. I think he’d been out there cleaning the kitty litter.

Butterball: He cleans our litter?! I thought it just disappeared! (Which makes me think it would be great to have the laser litter in this house!)

Brielle can you please pay attention to your poor husband?

That’s better. Sheesh.

It was short lived. They both needed to sleep. I love how the cats were sleeping on the dresser.

Some townie kids marching off to the playground.

I was surprised to find that they both work evenings now.

So they got to have a nice lazy morning.

But Ryker had the day off entirely. An entire day to pamper the cats.

Well, and finish his workout.

Maybe the bathroom floor feels cool? Although, it was freezing outside so I can’t imagine they’d like that.

Father/son playtime!

And Ryker finished whatever he’d been doing and doled out some luvin’.

I don’t think he even has the cat lover trait actually. Maybe he has a hidden one? LOL!

I’m not sure why they’re sitting on the couch. I should get them a TV. And add some stuff to the house. Like a laser kitty litter.

Awe so sweet.

It was short-lived. I did realize that both Ryker and his brother Cole’s wives have very similar professions. I’d considered moving them all into a household together but realized not only did their work hours clash horribly but they’d have a total of 7 pets!

And so, it was back to cat watch and high speeding while they were at work.

I think he needs a new cat wand.

Ah, some romance… in the trash.

They finally noticed it.

Brielle wouldn’t rest until the offensive trash was removed… even after I dragged it to another room. I want the parts they find! So, they spent the rest of their rotation chatting and flirting outside.

O3/P5/R2 McKenzie household

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