TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P5/R1: Completely Exhausting

It is the second rotation of the Full Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny burning.

McKenzie household

Two sick pets and two spare puppies. Life is never quiet in our community vet’s house that’s for sure.

Of course, there’s the family too.

I don’t think I’ve seen this illness. Cracked me up!

Both pets get a little special attention.

Despite having different traits, I find Serendipity alone in her room almost as often as her cousin Fable.

Distracted by cuteness.

But not for long. It’s a special day today!

Bubbles’ birthday!

She got her dad’s body but unfortunately got her mom’s earns and fur coloring.

Despite the different body shape, I can’t stop calling her Pika. Why’s she scolding the dog with her back turned?

Flashcards with dad.

I felt bad for Serendipity. With the puppies…

…and the other pets. She was sometimes forgotten.

Until she made herself known again.

Then, she’d be off to her room to play alone again.

While Serendipity napped Felicity worked on Bubbles’ heel training. In one of the smallest rooms in the house.

These puppies are just absolutely adorable.

She seems a bit shocked by whatever it was dad cooked.

Napping again.

And then she was woken up.

Poor baby.

Of course it was Bubbles.

Everything the puppies do is adorable.

A bit of roughhousing to distract her from a sleeping Serendipity.

I hate potty training puppies.

This one ends up being named Lil’Bit later. Such an expressive little face.

Dad’s home. It’s so weird how they completely ignore fights.

Bubbles trying to figure out what the girl is doing.

I’m tired!

Not sure if making her nap just to see daddy after work was worth it.

Breakfast time!

And walk time. Buster was going nuts wanting a walk.

There is nothing cuter than toddlers with a puppy/kitten.

Are you kidding me? I have a mod for this. Maybe it’s conflicting with something.

First pic is to show the shocked puppy tripping over herself.

I didn’t realize until it was over that there’s an option to stop this kind of fight. Why does the game have to be so confusing. Why can you stop one and not the other?

So Bubbles ran away and everyone was sad.

And I forgot Lil’Bit outside.

And had forgotten to take this one out entirely.

A few moments of sort-of peace and quiet. Caraway was guarding the food bowls. He doesn’t have any trait that should make him territorial.

It wasn’t even a full day! I guess she wasn’t so upset after-all.

“Did you see the big one colored like me is back?”

Jasper greeted her and she got new clothes. Perhaps a hat hiding her ears entirely will stop the mixups of her name?

Bubbles: I don’t know? I think it makes my butt look big

Buster: You look great grandpup!

Bubbles: Awe, thank you granddad!

She seemed pleased with all the attention.

Why did I think they were married already?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There we go! Nothing else exciting happened since they needed to sleep.

Why do my pets keep sleeping in the bathroom?

Too bad they can’t use the litter while in there. Buster had to supervise.

And then he supervised the bath.

Indeed, he seems to want to be right in the thick of whatever’s happening.

Seriously? You want a walk and mom just got up there to join playing dolls?

There was just never a moments rest in this household.

At least Serendipity didn’t mind all the extra pets.

Oops. I got your plates mixed up.

A nice run with Buster after the little one was in bed.

And that’s it for this family. And it’s the end of this rotation which means Multiverse stuff starts next.


I’m baffled as to where all of that poop came from!

So many strays.

They had pirate day.

It’s so funny how they stop and pose on the corner while walking the dogs.

Note: This is the start of Multiverse so if you haven’t already I’d recommend reading A Multiverse is Born before continuing.

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