TS4→ Multiverse 1.1: Growing in More Ways than One

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny burning.

Burke-Fox household

The final task before starting the new phase/rotation was adding activities to the new neighborhood.

I just kinda let the others do whatever while Maddox placed stuff since technically their day didn’t start until the next morning.

Ohmygosh all of these stairs!

Bradyn kept cooking even though there were leftovers in the fridge.

Welcome to the neighborhood? Well, we’re the only ones here but okay.

That was fun if a bit distracting. They were there almost the entire time Maddox and Tanzi were gone.

The kids are so good with the pups.

Finally Bradyn can get to the neglected garden!

I made an effort to get the first part of Maddox’s new aspiration complete but he kept stopping reading after a few seconds.

Tanzi got that extremely annoying mean phase and kept being mean to her sister whom she has a wonderful relationship with and I got ticked off. And so I was off to get yet another Coolspear gizmo to blast away that phase and put my girl back to rights.

Daisi was just wandering around exploring the new house.

I swear training voidcritter cards is way more time-consuming than I could have ever guessed.

Don’t go out there and check on her she’s fine! I had her digging in the garden! She was just a sliver away from getting her thinking skill maxed.

I kept losing/forgetting about Frisbee in this giant house.

Thankfully, the kids never forget their pups!

I love this little garden. I found Bradyn out here researching a plant or something and left him to it. He still has a few gardening skill levels to go.

Lecturing for “puddle” fun. Which would be innocent if it wasn’t pee.

So much for working on gardening skill.

When you have such an attentive audience you can’t help but feel good about your horrible musical skills.

I thought they should have some nice autonomy time together…

…or not?

I keep forgetting this pool exists.

I gave in and put in teleporters. I later removed this 2nd floor one because they stopped using the stairs altogether. Anyway, enjoy some puppy cuteness.

Why are they always wearing their hot weather clothing? The air conditioning is on!

I’m pretty sure this is the only pic I have of Daisi in her newest toddler outfit and it will be the last time because… it’s her birthday!

I finally thought to get a toy box.

Everyone trying to get Bradyn’s attention.

Because I’d put those teleporters in the house, Daisi wasn’t getting that last bit of motor skill. So, I sent here back to the community area.

She shared the love with Axel Sands. Our first Stratus Burne/Ash Shore meeting… everything else was in separate saves just for story screenshot purposes.

Back home for some puppy cuddles.

Everyone’s home it’s birthday time!

Could she possibly be any cuter???

Maybe it’s a restaurant tradition to have the birthday child order for the table?

Loooook it’s Isaac Mesner!!!

Casen and Layla as well. This is fun!

Tanzi got confused. She picked up her plate and went outside, sat on the bench, then went back to the table to eat.

This is the first time ever I’ve seen anyone get a star thought bubble around him.

They’re so cute!!

And we’ll have another tomorrow!

They walked to the little plaza next door.

Geeze Tanzi go easy on your little sis.

This place must have the best coffee ever.

Well done ruining my screenshot by barging in the door, Aaron.

Requisite laundromat pic. I didn’t take any upstairs pics. Thought I’d leave those for another chapter.

Awe what a good girl!

Back home, all the dogs wanted walks.

Slinky seemed smug she was first.

Everyone else was off to bed immediately so it was up to Maddox for all three walks. I find it hilarious that I’m scrounging for pennies with most of the other households and Daisi gets one of the most expensive rugs for her room.

Tomorrow we’ll have another pup to walk!

Daisi got the honors. I have to say Frisbee is a really cool looking mix!

Maddox you’re such a dork.

Is he wondering if he has time to eat too before they leave for the hospital? Have you ever noticed that thought bubble looks like the food from Sims 1?

I really like how, unlike vet clinics, the same sims work in the hospital even when you’re not playing them.

Someone’s feeling proud.

Sweet but impossible bud.

His arms are kinda stuck in that contraption.

Another girl. I have to admit I was convinced it would be a boy.

I struggled a lot with naming her. With a boy, I had an excuse to not use the naming theme. So, I thought I’ll just do her roll now and see what her personality is like. The first time I got one identical to Daisi and the second identical to Tanzi. I wanted her to be unique. This is the first time since starting the personality profiles that I’ve had a third child and I have to say I didn’t anticipate this problem. So, I made a new roller that gives a higher likelihood of randomness.

And so, meet Briar. I suppose the Rose is implied but it’s not actually there and yes I did research and there are people named Briar without Rose. I just wanted something that sets her apart from Tanzi and Daisi.

I suppose it was the day for struggles. I had a horrible time trying to design her bedroom.

Frisbee is a hairy dog so he’ll need even more brushing than usual.

Bradyn planted some more dragon fruit and also grafted dragonfruit onto snapdragon for the cowplant I keep forgetting he needs.

I realized that I need to start thinking about the elder pet death rolls soon. Extremely depressing thought.

The girls got home from school. Tanzi was angry.

Which seemed to concern Frisbee.

Daisi was sad. Yikes.

I think it’s best Tanzi gets out of the house for a bit.

Plus, all of the dogs were wanting walks again.

I thought Daisi would want to complain to a non-family member and since Axel who is the only child she knows thus far was out back she went to tell him.

Oh goodness Tanzi. Also, why are you just standing there?

Tanzi joined Daisi and Axel. Let us hope the girls aren’t already plotting against their poor younger sister.

I love how the kids climb on these things.

Posing on the corner, Bradyn?

Best friends!

I feel like Tanzi feels safer around other people with her outgoing sister there to keep attention off of her.

Okay that’s it. I’ve had quite enough of the sunglasses!

Why are you two just standing over here?

Well Briar, how your sisters react in the future is yet-to-be seen but at least you have two doting fathers.

And pups eager for another toddler to play with!

First masterpiece arrangement! And he got his skill high enough for his next promotion too!

Meanwhile, Tanzi was hard at work earning us the last points needed for the community center unlock.

Awe, look at our little family. And hey, the game left them all in the pic even though there are now nine!

Multiverse 1.2 Crow household

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