TS4→ Multiverse 1.4: Eccentric Artists?

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy hot.

The Young household

(Sorry I didn’t update Michelle & Christian’s pics after their makeovers.)

Lyric and Snoozer!

Christian got a job in the painter career. He was given a higher level because of his skills. (connections trait)

Michelle did not. She’ll just paint for money at home. She’s irresponsible and at her age I’m not sure if she’d even finish the career with how hard it is to get promoted with that trait. I might still put her in it after Lyric ages up.

Almost every single neighbor was there to welcome them. It was pretty creepy really.

Sierra gasps that Haven has the same hair as her. There were only like 5 sims out of the crossovers I didn’t change the hair for and just my luck she was one.

Ah, Enzo and Tobias. Enzo looks a bit weird. Good but different.

Lyric made her way down for a cupcake.

It seems some things never change. These two have always kept to themselves.

Well, other than greeting angry dogs.

Even Roman was in good spirits.

They’re so weird. A little romance and then…

…I find him out here brushing that mean dog!

All of this excitement wiped Snoozer out.

Why oh why does the game keep sending Hilda as stray? I put them on a lot and they’re marked as played.

At some point when everyone was about to leave Michelle wandered off to paint.

If you’ve read Ash Shore you may be like what the heck? I’d removed the erratic trait from everyone in that save because they kept showing up at the park dressed as bums but technically he’s always had it.

He has uncontrolled emotions too although I never remember him acting moody before. He’s making up for lost time now.

It was so weird that when she stopped to talk to Michelle she changed into her hot weather outfit. I think Snoozer had woken her up.

It’s like nothing’s changed ya know? The setting of course but how many pics have I taken of them just like this?

One of them went in to tuck Lyric in.

I swear he’s more of a wreck than Rowen.

And hey how many pics just like this do I have from when Bradyn and Maddox lived here?

The little one was probably trying to sneak off to splash in the darned toilet.

This is when I remembered that Michelle is gloomy. Why did I think this family was boring?

There was food in the fridge but she woke up and went to make tacos.

Snoozer: Look at my big mouth. Lyric: I’m too hungry to look.

It took ages for Lyric to eat because she kept following her mom around with the plate.

I hold no hope she’ll get Top Notch Toddler so I mostly let her do whatever.

So cute.

I did get her thinking skill to 3 so she’ll get the other trait. Happy Toddler I think?

Back to painting and then I realized what day it is.

Christian’s birthday!

Lyric’s wondering if she gets some cake now.

After everyone went to sleep I watched Snoozer roam around.

Michelle took him for a walk in the morning but he got glitched out and walked through the neighboring houses and lawns.

Lyric was grumpy and went outside to do a rude introduction to one of the dogs. He should be afraid. After-all she somehow kicked through the steps.

This is so cute. I really wish I didn’t have to train them against it.

This dog looks so much like Snoozer.

She was splashing in the toilet. I actually think she must have been doing it a lot and I didn’t catch it because she’d needed a bath more than once. Michelle’s a slob and irresponsible. I figured she wouldn’t bother lecturing her so I had to wait for Christian to get home. He had to go lecture her several times that day.

It seems he was not pleased.

Or he was just having another mood swing. I wonder why he’s getting them so often.


He got out of the shower and put on pjs. No clue.

These two have always had a weird romantic relationship. Christian’s mood swing was finally gone but Michelle was still angry until he recited some love poetry and all was forgiven.


At some point, I realized I hadn’t bought toys for Snoozer.

I had so many glitches!

This one was so weird. She like teleported over there to play with the blocks and her body stretched and then when she stopped she snapped back to where she’s originally been!

This household doesn’t require my attention all of the time so I noticed what the others were up to more than usual.

Like Ethan bush-napping.

And Max playing with Puddin’. I just love this!

He was barking to wake her up through the walls.

Mutant dogs that can merge together to become all-powerful?

Michelle? You’re not watching her. That’s a door. I hate this interaction. They don’t even look down to where the toddler is. They kinda stare into space.

I think this is her first. First that counts at least since she can actually sell it!

1.5 Snyder household

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