TS4→ Multiverse 1.5: Chu Knows Best

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: rainy stormy cool.

The Snyder household

Of course, when I got there one of the pets was sick.

I know it’s so gross but there was no food and Cole had a perfectly good plate of chicken nuggets in his pocket. Let us not question where they came from.

Imitating Princess Peach.

Pretztail: I’m a rebel without a cause.

Getting her the promotions here on out is going to be torture. I’ve just been randomly turning on the drone even if she’s not doing anything interesting.

She had to tell jokes to five people for work and since it was pouring outside there was nobody out there.

So, she invited over family. You’d think they’d be used to Haven’s antics having raised her.

Alijah seems to be emulating Roman with the clay blob.

And as a bonus, Stefano got to spend time with his grandfathers.

I really can’t get a handle on his personality. His traits are silly and wild but he seems to have a hidden stubborn trait.

Our rebel was very… rebellious.

Chu: You’re not supposed to do that you’ll get in trouble!

Pretztail: Just watch me!

Awe what a good dog. I realized then that I hadn’t noticed Cujo on his slab of meat bed last time I played them.

Then, Stefano went to bed and these two had some autonomous social time. Which resulted in what came next. I’m leaving the screenshots large so you can see them better…

Dorks! Total dorks. They had a perfectly good bed upstairs. Haven went back outside to complain she was dirty.

Why am I not surprised?

Both of the parents were exhausted and needed baths and here Pika was waking Stefano up!

Cole was sent to investigate a fight or something in restricted region 9. I’m guessing a fight since there was a pair of shoes strewn across the place, torn up papers, and scuff marks.

He got a lot of evidence to analyse. Might as well spread it out a little.

And since it was pouring at home he jogged on the treadmill.

The other officers hard at work. I’m extremely pleased to report that only a few were new!

Back at home I was paused and found these two like this. Adorable!

It’s not really safe outside.


Stefano realized it was raining and came back in. It looks like Chu is scolding him.

And back out he went.

Guys? Outside the window? Your son?

Oh well. He came back in on his own.

It was an exciting/exhausting day apparently.

Haven woke before the others and got a few hours of livestreaming done.

At work, Cole began piecing together the evidence so far.

He went to share his ideas with the captain.

And a few of the other officers.

Okay then Jasper. Cole chatted with him until it was time to leave.

Chu: Not you too, daughter!

Best to keep the wild child busy lest he runs outside in his diaper again.

Pika insisted on a walk. They barely got to the corner before they were running back home. Silly dog.

He’d started eating on the couch and then carried his plate upstairs to chat with Princess Peach.

A bit of attention for the pets while mom streams some more.

Who threw away the remote? I’m guessing Chu since he’s afraid of the TV.

This was so weird. Cole was supposed to read Stefano to sleep. But he just stood there. Then, he suddenly snapped onto the bed reading as if he had been all along!

So sweet.

Nothing else exciting happened. The usual autonomous jokes and flirts.


It cost §450 to fix!

They seem to be questioning their co-workers’ sanity.

This guy had muscles on top of muscles. I don’t know about the prisoners but I was afraid. As CallMeKevin would say: he’s an absolute unit. LOL!

I hate that work task. They always lose precious followers. She’d lost the star by the time I left.

Usually the lessons only pop up when the pet is doing something related to it. It says “meet new people” but she was standing in the bedroom alone.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t get Haven to work at home if I joined Cole at work. I did learn interestingly that I can control what Stefano does in while in daycare with that More Away Actions mod by Bienchen!

1.6 Mesner household

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