TS4→ Multiverse 1.8: Abducted?!

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: not raining.

The Hunter-Hensley household

Ohmygosh guys look!

It’s not raining in region 2!!!!

Nothing like standing in front of all the sick people and chatting until your shift is over, eh? That receptionist never came back. I’m really enjoying this career.

I thought I’d see if either of the dogs is a swimmer. Lentil is! I love swimming dogs. Easiest way to find out is tossing a ball into the pool.

Aryana’s teen-teen look took some getting used to.

Ethan came home from work and was talking to Zion and Alijah/Haven’s dad. Then Parker came out to chat. Thatcher got home (lmao that space suit) and they all got quiet and just stood there. That would make me so uncomfortable. They must have been discussing him!

Watching Calix play with his toy.

Aryana has become a total computer hog so I just had Parker practice routines for work the next day instead of writing jokes.

If I’d realized they’d all crowd into that little corner to watch him I’d have put the mic somewhere else. I actually really like this little office.

Live action! Lentil barking as Bobsey jumps off her awesome new cat tree.

Being in this household is so much nicer. They have so many more varied activities they can do for fun that they don’t all autonomously crowd to one thing or the other at the same time.

And there are so many of them to teach Calix. Plus, I can have them teach him while I’m with Jozef at the hospital.

He was on his way to bed when I noticed he needed to pee and was hungry. Of course, it took him freaking hours to go potty and then he started eating and passed out! Poor kid.

I love these dogs!

A little fun with Couscous before school.

Yay back to the hospital! We got to treat Fable and Daisi. The poor townie guy (I purposely forget their names) was just used for the treadmill. I prefer to treat the kids but they can’t use it. A new woman started working there and all the jobs were mixed up because of Jozef getting a promotion. I was so annoyed.

OMG why?! And I’d ban them from doing it but I feel like at this point I’m banning everyone from doing practically everything and I need to stop.

I’m beginning to wonder if they all do it so they can get more baths.

It occurred to me that this washer and dryer is new. There was no room in the old house. Well, maybe the basement. So I quickly had Thatcher give it a lintless upgrade. I wish upgrades saved to rooms.

I realized that all Aryana needed was one thing for her fitness badge which would complete her scout badges. Tricia doesn’t seem too interested in walking Puddin’.

Back to the garden. Those mods aren’t working again. I really don’t know what to do about them.

Calix was being a little brat. And wasn’t interested at all in learning to say sorry after throwing a tantrum and being mean to Jozef.

I then realized that Aryana wasn’t home yet. I found her and Lentil just standing here. It seems to me that once they get to a certain hygiene level they just quit jogging completely.

I then noticed Sierra walking Puddin’. I suppose since Tricia didn’t really do a good job Puddin’ wanted another walk?


Lentil was so happy about the TV.

Nothing like having your dads sitting next to your flirting while you’re trying to watch a movie, eh?

Awe, Couscous fears the pool.

Not so for Lentil. He practically jumped on top of Jozef’s head!

Nothing like coming home from work to have not one but two dogs greet you! I’m glad their schedules never match up and Parker barely gets to work. We’d never see him otherwise.

Wait, what?

Was he dreaming about the cat? Also, I love their bedroom up here.

Walls down view to show both Zeke and Dion were there in the morning.

What the heck?

Daisi was back again.

What are y’all doing in here? Perhaps I should put a bookshelf in the waiting room. I wish the magazine rack actually had magazines in it.

That guy’s like umm… doctor? Why are you at my desk?

Aren’t you going to treat me?

Naw my workday’s almost over thought I’d get a jog in.

Seriously though, you’re not going to treat me?

Oh, look at the clock time to go, sorry kid.

Our cat lover giving some luvin’ to his meow.

More teaching of blocks. How can his movement skill be low in this big house?!

Speaking of which, I just love this house. That third-floor addition is just awesome.

Some playtime for Lentil. It occurred to me that he hasn’t had a puppy yet. That will have to wait since this is day 3.

I looked to see where Couscous was so she could get some attention too. What are you doing over here?

Jozef had just started teaching Calix dancing when Ethan butted in and checked on him.

Eh, whatever. He was tired. Lentil decided to supervise the tucking in.

Ohmygosh! Our first EVER Multiverse abduction! I wonder if the sudden contact has something to do with Bea’s abduction in StrangerVille.

Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

They don’t seem worried. I swear Aryana never gets off the computer anymore!

Hmm… I was wondering why those clothes were left there too.

Nothing like coming home from work and seeing your husband being beamed down out of a spaceship.

Jozef was dazed. And starving. He was about to eat when he went to investigate the strange lights. I guess it wasn’t too bad since they were flirting as per usual. No nooboo sadly. Which is okay I guess since my brain was about to explode over the whole thing.

Just our Calix for now. His birthday’s next rotation. Bobsey’s too.

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