TS4→ Multiverse 1.9: Lil’ Sweetie Pie

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: seemingly eternal rain.

McKenzie household

Ohmygosh so gross. Both Buster and Caraway were sick. At least I can have Felicity treat them instead of giving them wellness treats.

I really do enjoy diagnosing them. It’s just that when I first enter a house and it’s like 5 am I don’t want them to suffer until I can call Felicity. Plus, I end up having to spend hours playing her examining them instead of the current family.

They have a fridge packed with food since Jasper has to cook for his work task and what does he give her? Animal crackers!

I swear Bubbles is just hilarious.

After playing grumpy Calix last household I wasn’t looking forward to another toddler but Serendipity is just so different. Such a sweetie always hugging everyone.

Seriously though? You’re shocked it’s raining?

Little cutie pie. I swear I’d thought she was closer in age to her cousin Fable. I assumed she’d age up soon but no. I even double checked the dates on the chart thinking I’d mixed something up!

They are just the sweetest family.

Look at their faces! I would be shocked if she doesn’t look just like him when she ages up.

Bubbles agrees she gives good hugs.

Caraway gliding by all the strays with his nose up in the air.

Attention for me?

See? I just want to squeeze her chubby little cheeks!

Awe a Buster smile warms the heart.

Mom’s getting a little too into the dollhouse play I think.

Was it a scary story?

Yay Jasper’s home. Sorry Buster I don’t think he noticed you greeting him.

Seems he had other things in mind.

Sweet little good morning hugs.

Breakfast for me?

Ohmygosh girl no! I know you want to chat with Caraway while you eat but that’s disgusting!

I know she didn’t need it but I was grossed out.

Telling stories to Bubbles.

Why are y’all standing in the spare bedroom?

Umm… kind of an awkward spot for that don’t you think?

Little tucks.

And a little fun. I feel like they’re never going to get pregnant again.

Seriously? You want a walk now?

So sweet. Caraway spent most of the night roaming the house thinking about the storm but as soon as Serendipity woke up he curled up and went to sleep next to her.

These two were in rare form this time around. Although, I suppose they’ve always been like this I was just distracted by all the other sims.

Hugs daddy hugs!

Jasper’s work schedule changed and he went in earlier.

Look! He got that awesome fridge! And I extended the bar some.

You’ve gotta be kidding me! He had to go back to work less than 2 hours later!

He only got 75% through his work task. I got them a computer too and painted and added flooring to all the rooms but the spare one.

First Serendipity chatting in the bathroom now you?

Hey! Leave my cat alone!

A tiny bit of flirting. Jasper was exhausted and rightfully so. He’d worked 2 shifts that day!

And then Felicity did the strangest thing. She picked up Caraway and ran outside with him!

Then stood there, in the pouring rain, chatting with Buster.

Caraway’s looking at me like “save me.”


All I saw was this cloud of dust through the wall. I was like what the heck? It was Serendipity digging through the trash bin I’d thrown into there! Also, I love this little bathroom. I guess I really didn’t need to make an extras section… that’s all there is.

1.10 Griffiths household

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