SL→ Chimera Fun Ch 3: Battles and Birthday

Note: The above time estimate is really high because there are a lot of screenshots in this chapter. Barely any text actually and a very short video of Magma aging up.

Now that both Punk and Magma are bigguns a new baby has been placed at the landing point. His name is Patrick. So cute!

There are bunnies hopping all over the place too. They aren’t Chimeras… just cute bunnies. No eating bunnies, Magma.

Other new babies… well sort of. They just weren’t here at first. Frosty, FrooFroo, and Roadie. Sadly, Roadie is a fox, they’re kinda bugged at the moment.

I was just standing there chatting in IMs when all three just aged up! I tried to take a video but it came out horribly since OBS decided to ask me if I wanted to update when I tried to open it. Grr!

Roadie the fox was later frozen at this age. What a cutie!

Punk was moved over here by his… mom?

This bear with a snake tail totally freaks me out. Very intimidating in battle though.

Speaking of battles, Magma had her first training session. Speed and cunning. In addition to battling she can pass down some of her skills to babies.

Gosh she’s so big. It’s hard to believe she’ll get bigger!

We were trying to figure out where to set up the stuff for the battle arena thingy. Enjoy this battle montage…

Cobi vs Peaches ‘n Cream

PNC wins!!!

Cobi vs Lill Red

Cobi wins!!!

Scary Snake Dude vs Timmy

Scary Snake wins!!!

Timmy vs Lioness 7

Timmy wins!!!

Lioness 6 (Magma’s mom!) vs Allie

Allie wins!!!


Allie again!!!


Green Bear vs Reaper

Green Bear wins!!!

Green bear stays on the playing field to size up his next opponent.

Lioness 7 vs Mama Rojo

Mama Rojo scars Lioness!!!

Green Bear vs Mama Rojo

Green Bear is the tournament champion!!!

Sadly, frozen chimeras like this one can no longer fight… but you don’t have to feed them anymore either so I suppose if they aren’t used for battles it doesn’t matter.

After a long break to add a little wall around the battle area we were back to it.

Mama Bear vs Purple Passion

Mama Bear wins!!!

Mama Bear vs Cheetah Phoenix

Mama Bear won!!!

Magma’s birthday time…

Look at her!!!

Next to me for size comparison.

Well hello there Tiki Bear!

And now Magma’s going to have a baby of her own… well, a stone. Whether we hatch it remains to be seen.

Monkeying Around with Kong…

Chapter 4 coming soon!

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