TS4→ Multiverse 1.11: Almost Like Old Times

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: please for all that is holy make the rain stop!

The Sands household

Is it wrong that I was more excited seeing Ragtime than the rest of the family? He was my favorite Ash Shore cat after-all.

Awe so sweet. I love this little country kitchen.

They didn’t have a dining table yet.

I kept hearing a dog singing outside. Then Dynamo came in and I realized with all the cat excitement I’d forgotten him!

Some things never change. Our resident dog lover is still the one who coddles Ragtime the most.

Is there a reason we’re all chatting in the bathroom?


Yet another household requiring the help of the little zapper.

What strangers?! And if I removed this moodlet it re-appeared within minutes. I swear most of the childhood phases from Parenthood are broken.

The boys went to school and we were back to the same dynamic we had between Aimee and Zion from day one. Her doing woodworking while he writes with lots of flirting as they work.

Sadly, it appears that none of Ragtime’s anti-fear training stuck when they crossed over.

Dangit! I really needed them to get some work done.

Actually, Zion was about to leave for work. I’m not sure why I got him a job I think I’m going to have him quit. Most of the guests were tense from the never-ending freaking thunderstorm.

Seriously Rhys?! Are you kidding me? Talk about inappropriate timing. I don’t blame her for saying no.

The whole weird proposal seemed to be forgotten. I turned on the little zapper again hoping it might fix some of their moods. I don’t think it does that though, unfortunately.

Non cat lovers sharing their love of cats perhaps?

Drew really is a cat lover.

When the boys arrived home from school everyone was still there.

Dante went right upstairs to his room to work at his art desk.

And Axel grabbed a cupcake and introduced himself to Brielle.

No Issac, I wasn’t really proposing to your sister in such a silly fashion. It was just a joke. Ha ha *cough* joke.

Everyone left and Aimee could finally get back to her woodworking. Poor Flash tripped and I noticed Dynamo scooting under the couch.

Mom took a break from woodworking to play a few games of chess with Axel. Our resident geniuses gotta stick together.

When Zion arrived home from work Axel ran out to greet him and then realized it was still storming. Dude, it never stopped!

Sweet nontheless.

You too, Dante?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

That’s better. Geeze. I feel like they don’t know how to react to this rain.

Meanwhile, Ragtime snoozes away. Flash wonders when he can get into that cat stand.

Dante got his dad’s creative side. I actually really like the fact that Aimee is so logical while Zion is so creative. One of the reasons I decided to change the way I do chemistry matches.

I noticed that Dynamo had no clothes. I figured he could go full dino!

Also, did you notice we now have a table and chairs? Aimee made them!

Such close brothers. Reminds me of Hayden and Devin. And Tanzi and Daisi too I suppose.

Dad noticed Dante was drawing. Not sure if an author is much help with art.

Then it was bedtime. I don’t think I’ve taken any pics of Axel’s room. It’s in the basement. There’s literally nothing in there so no point in hanging out. I suppose we’ll get a better handle on his personality as time goes by and can add some stuff. Plus, they were broke when I first set up this house.

Dynamo had been trying to get someone to wake up and walk him. Silly pup.

It’s that day we’ve all been waiting for!

Ohmygosh Fidget looks like a carbon copy of Ragtime! Flash is a bit of a better mix although he might just be like a Gucci with Ragtime’s fur.

Fidget had been dropping hairballs all over the place. It’s kinda annoying that they can shed as a kitten or puppy but you can’t brush them until they age up.

I just love this family. It’s a shame nobody got Aimee’s red hair.

Fidget got a sushi costume. So, we have taco Ragtime and Sushi Fidget.

Oh joy another pet to train. Is it just me or is it a lot harder to deal with cats? I mean dogs don’t scratch stuff or climb onto tables to sample human food.

Awe so sweet. The boys were off to their scout meeting.

Trying to get a little work done. The only income they really have so far is Aimee’s woodworking and she’s been mostly working on the table and chairs.

Flash got a handsome bowtie. I think it gives him a mysterious Bondish look. Flash uh… that doesn’t work without a last name. Sands, Flash Sands?

The boys got home and I was restless so they went to the community center.

Wow don’t be so overenthusiastic there, Dante.

Aimee met Ethan and they played some chess. Which is good, he needs logic for his job.

Zion chatted with Thatcher. Hmm it would be nice if they could all became friends. I really need to concentrate on friendships and family relationships more.

erhaps Axel has a bit of an artistic side as well? Too bad there isn’t an architect career or something like that.

And then, the toddlers arrived led by Stefano.

He made a beeline for the stairs and the playroom. Silly goose kept giggling to himself.

The little girl… ugh I never remember any of their names… went into the rain to play in the ball pit. Freaking rain.

Zion headed over to play dolls too. I keep forgetting he’s childish.

I was confused when I saw this little girl’s last name is Knapp. Same as Bree’s sons. Then I remembered that their dad had married that mail lady and they had a baby.

Hayden doing some major concentrating on whatever he was doing.

This cutie came in the door and just stood there like this. Like look at me you want me to marry one of your kids someday right? His parents are Kierian and Chana. I had to look, lol.

Stefano left that toy there. Guess I’ll need to buy him a new one.

He must have been outside playing basketball in the rain. I thought it was funny that both librarians had the same outfit.

Devin went inside to join his brother on the computer. Madelyn looks so annoyed. But then again practically everyone is with this rain.

Dante had gone back down to draw some more and chatted with Dion.

I put in some little zappers. For some reason I thought they cleared bad moodlets or maybe sickness. I think once the upcoming patch mayhem dies down I’m going to ask Coolspear if he can make one like that for public lots.

Calix arrived and went right to the bunny to yell at it. What is up with him? Both Parker and Jozef are so mild mannered.

Grandpa Ethan found him and told him a story or something.

This little sweetie asked Zion for a hug. Probably needed comforted after being outside in the rain. She’s the little blond boy’s cousin. Chana’s twin brother’s daughter.

They got home pretty late so all went to bed.

Cat or dog they all wake up everyone!

I don’t think Dynamo’s dino costume is making him feel brave.

Look four chairs! Hurray!

So freaking cute!

They hadn’t even played with the gaming system so I didn’t realize they had it.

Flash is afraid either of it or the TV.

Gotta stay ahead on all that brushing when there’s a hairy pet in the house. Sims lose their minds over a few hairballs.

The boys went back to scouts and Zion to work. A few lazy hours of grinding out woodwork to sell so I could get them stuff for the house.

The boys are home. Why do those uniforms make them look chubby?

The little upstairs bath was done so I started on the basement one which only has the new washer and dryer in it. All the walls and flooring are done as well as lights in all the rooms.

Let me straighten your bowtie there son. This may actually be the first time I’ve seen Ragtime interact with them. He’s such an aloof cat.

Ugh, here we go.

Oh gosh Ragtime is there anything you’re not afraid of? Oh, that’s right, his bathtub love.


Both Aimee and Zion are irresponsible. It’s fun choosing the “wrong” answers.

Our handsome family.

I really like this feature.

So funny!

I think Dynamo wasn’t too sure about being held at first. He looks like a puppet.

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