TS4→ Multiverse 1.12: Forever Cat People?

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R1

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: the last of the rain!!!!

The Welch household

This sickness thing is so annoying. Who knows when it’ll be fixed? I swear sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who fills out bug reports.

Surely there must be more people who play rotationally. Nothing’s going to get fixed if nobody even bothers to click the “me too” button.

Anyway, enough whining. Look! Windows. And, cat watching them creepily through the window.

I guess he decided that if he couldn’t get their attention through the window he’d scratch the heck out of the brand new furniture.

I got there really early so I just had them get their work tasks out of the way.

Is it wrong that I think them being afraid of something is the cutest thing ever?

Finally done, they did some flirting.

Lots of flirting.

No woohoo or try for baby. I wondered if these little brats on the bed was why?

There are two bowls! Calm down!

Butterball found something else to distract him while uncle O’Malley guarded the food.

A little play time between the brothers. At first I thought they were about to fight since O’Malley had been so defensive over the freaking bowl earlier.

Ryker had the day off and just entertained himself with the cats most of the day.

Brielle got home and they picked up where they’d left off.

I looked and some of the cats were on the darned bed again. After searching I found a perfect spot behind the stairs on the second floor for a closet. The thing is, they never use it for more than making out!

And they both get completely distracted by the pets.

Butterball even slept under the covers that night!

First, O’Malley returned home with a present.

Then Oreo. Both were pet toys, lol.

Geeze that’s like the most un-romantic spot in the house.

Aaaand the cats are on the bed again.

Oh, there’s Oreo.

This time it was Ryker who went to work. Brielle spent most of the day live-streaming. They barely make any money doing that but it gives her skill so might as well.

She went outside and chatted with Butterball’s mom Precious. She actually lives with Ryker’s parents so I don’t know why she’s showing up as a stray.

I had to really think about this one. Isaac’s in the same career but Ryker’s actually more outgoing than him. I figured Ryker would be better suited to train other sims.

It was late and now he’s back to working mornings which totally sucks. Brielle seemed really annoyed with him but in the end I think she thought it was kinda hot.

What’s not hot? This outfit!

Now she’s home while he’s at work.

The cats are the only ones benefiting from this new situation.

Ryker got home and they got to spend like 3 hours together before she had to leave for work.

Well, that’s good at least.

Brielle got home around midnight and they went to bed. I’d woken one of them up to lecture Butterball so I figured I might as well wake the other. You never know they might try for a baby… or something interesting. I swear I think they’ve only woohoo’d once ever.

The only extra… more cats fighting on the stoop.

O3/P6/R2 Mini-Townie Update

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