TS4→ Stratus Burne: Mini-Townie Update + Surprise Elopement

O3/P6/R2 Second Rotation Update

A/N: Normally, I only do updates when starting a new phase but since I had a few kids I didn’t age up last time because I felt they weren’t old enough I figured I’d do a little one this time.

Liam and Tiana’s older son Johan aged to teen. Remember the kid that kept following Jozef around the hospital?

He’s so cute!

Jeremy and Jade’s son Nash also aged to teen as well as Jeremy to elder.

I just can’t get over how adorable he is!

Aaron and Casey’s daughter Jami aged to a child. Remember her from the community center? The one I couldn’t figure out why she had the same last name as Bree’s boys.

So adorable. You’ll actually see more of her in the next chapter!

Jasper’s mom and dad and Alijah and Haven’s dads aged to elders.

At first I was like ugh is this the best screenshot I’m going to get?

They are so sweet. They have a full friendship and romance bar. Jasper’s parents have no romance at all. She’s unflirty though so I guess that’s why.

Then, they all stopped to take selfies.

And I thought you know what, that’s a great idea so I had them take some and saved them to a room to put on the kid’s walls.


I also had to get 20 freaking profile pics from the played households and a bunch of the other pics for family trees. While at the Flint-Hall household, I clicked on Sierra to do her selfie and it said elope immediately with Tricia!

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Can you believe I almost missed another wedding?! I’d planned to take that mod out and do actual weddings now but it occurred to me how depressing it would be for the Ash Shore sims not having all of their family there.

Chapter 1.13 Young household

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