TS4→ Multiverse 1.13: Notorious!

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the first rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heatwave. <—not rain!!

The Young household

No comment.

I had to get them a computer to purchase the wellness treats and while I was in buy mode I upgraded Lyric’s room. She’s going to age to child today!

The thought of spending the entire day grinding out those last two levels was too much. I was really looking forward to her birthday!

Michelle started baking the cake. Get inside you two!

It was also Michelle’s birthday. While she was blowing out her candles, Lyric was off to splash in the freaking toilet some more.

Ohmygosh I love her! What a cutie!

She has to assure Snoozer that it’s still her.

I also got them a swing set. Which may have been a mistake because they’re all running out to use it constantly.

She leashed up Snoozer so they could go to the little community area and meet some kids.

First was Dion. So nice to have an outgoing kid after so many loners!

Although, I think she’s content with just Snoozer.

This kid is Rez. The red-headed boy that just aged to teen is his older brother.

These ash piles are EVERYWHERE! From the lightning strikes, I assume.

Then, she met Dante. And look, he got his late child makeover.

Meanwhile, these two were painting away.

Ugh, both Michelle and Christian are dog lovers and they just won’t leave the stray dogs alone.

A very toothy Snoozer smile.

Finally, she became inspired and was able to work on the two drawings while inspired for her aspiration.

You’re going to be a great artist like your parents of course. Well, Christian, that remains to be seen!


Double awe!

I swear to you I don’t remember ever seeing these pjs before!

A rose before work.

Christian was off to work and Lyric to school. Michelle just pumped out paintings like a machine. I started just dragging them to the wall.


A walk to celebrate.

Christian had the option to tell a crowd pleasing story. I forgot to look and see if she got a moodlet from it but she did seem impressed.

This time there were some girls at the playground. She met Daisi first but right after they met Daisi left.

Then she met Fable. Another one of those loners I mentioned. She looks so much like Rowen it’s kinda scary.

I swear I’ve never seen this painting!

Or this. It’s flirty, obviously.

Fable wandered off so I sent Lyric to collect frogs for her nature badge. I considered putting her in drama club but there doesn’t seem to be any benefit from it or the acting skill.

And then I noticed Fable was in the house!

Awe so cute!

Look a stray husky! My mom and step-dad had one named Layla… which is probably why that’s one of my all-time favorite names. I’m strongly considering adopting her.

But, for whatever reason, I really like this being a one dog house. I decided to wait and think about where else I could put her.

Sharing the love!

Snoozer… snoozing.

All of that painting paid off.

I sent them to the little plaza first but then it occurred to me that no children will show up to a cafe lot! I’m so disappointed. Guess I’ll have to get more mods.

I’m so relieved that, despite her toddler toilet splashing obsession, Lyric isn’t a slob like her mom.

My kids are having this new odd issue with the journals. They constantly want to write in them but then after a few sim minutes, they stop.

Wait, what? Notorious for what exactly? Splashing in the toilet?

You’d think that given the chance to do something else she would. But no, as soon as they got there (after she’d dug in the trash) she went to paint.

What a dainty little cup.

Stefano and Phoebe!

Awe so sweet! Dang, I should have dragged that toy back into his inventory.

So cute!

After scouts, Fable invited her over.

Which may have been a bad idea.

Yep, bad idea. Roman was the only other one home and he was in the basement on the computer. Time to go.

I’m so confused! She’s the little girl I just aged up to a child! I even looked to see what Lyric’s reputation is. Regardless, I find it absolutely hilarious.

And I thought, you know what, if you can’t beat them join them! I decided to embrace the weirdness and make them a club.

Fable went straight to the fridge. It’s a good thing that gluttons don’t really annoy me.

One of the club activities is console gaming. I’d totally forgotten about that mod I’d added ages ago that has a bunch of new activities. I was so confused at first.

Both girls seem shocked by whatever Lyric’s asking her dad for.

I just want to squeeze Snoozer!

They are so cute!

I was shocked to see one of the dogs using this CC doghouse. I guess I’ll get more now that I know they will.

From the sly look on her face, I think Jami is trying to get on her friend’s parents’ good side.

Wow, a bit over-dramatic there.

The excitement drew the other’s attention. Lyric didn’t mind in the end she got the GG moodlet.

Then, I realized it was super late so the club gathering ended and Lyric went to bed.

Is it wrong that I never changed the Ash Shore sims back to being able to try for a baby when I moved them? I’m just happy the way it is.

I think one child is perfect for them.

I have to say after just one play-through, Lyric is becoming a favorite. I’m so relieved she isn’t a toddler anymore.


From selling all of those paintings.

Believe it or not, despite me making such a big deal over Munchin’s size, I was still confused to see him walking that big dog in the background.

I was more prepared with Casen.

I saw these two flirting outside of the kitchen.

Wow, Max. Personal space?

Lightning must have struck Cole and Haven’s house! Good thing I can drag it down.

I was like what the heck is she doing? It’s so weird how this happens.

I saw Bree just standing there. She looks relieved to be away from the chaos of twin babies and a child.

Chapter 1.14 Crow household

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