TS4→ Multiverse 1.14: Too Much Angst

Stratus Burne O3/P6/R2

It is the second rotation of the Parallel Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy warm.

I got there and Devin was having a mood swing. After doling out the wellness treats he totally broke down.

Everett got this moodlet which I’ve never seen and it seems most others haven’t either if you go by the number of likes on Twitter.

Just go upstairs and pay attention to your dog.

Or not. Hayden was not amused.


Feeling the love.

I was waiting for Drew to hurry up and tend the garden so they could get out of the house. Somehow the gardening mod is working again. I’m wondering if rain breaks it.

Look at Devin’s pathetic sad blickblock!

It seems that the LittleSam more visitors mod clashes with Coolspear’s world control mods. I’m going to have to re-zone this plaza since no kids show up with it as a cafe lot.

I’d forgotten about scouts but at least I got entertained while the boys were gone!

Ohmygosh seriously? I swear the girls aren’t like this! Maybe it’s because they’re in different households and this one has two teens.

I was trying to think of what they could do and decided on working on their aspirations for a while. Devin has Friend of the Animals.

Hayden has Curator.

Then I thought well he can increase relationship with Lil’Bit and get scout badge credit at once.

I should just give them all the gym rat trait.

The next day the boys had school. Drew and Everett were doing something… I can’t remember so it was probably boring. Pet watch! So cute.

The boys are home! C’mon son, let’s greet them! (Those smiles ohmygosh!)

Awe so sweet.

How am I supposed to concentrate on homework with such cuteness in the room?

It seems that basketball doesn’t count towards the scout badge.

It took him like two seconds to finish that project. I must have stopped them when they were almost done last rotation.

Hayden’s took a little bit longer but not much.

He’s really into the homework. I’m not even trying. He’s doing it all on his own.

I was about to take the pic and then noticed Fondue cuteness so I had to widen the shot. Hayden checking out the scout board. I had him go around and collect then donate the berries and stuff. They’re too broke to give anything valuable away.

Such spoiled pets.

As long as he doesn’t get shocked twice right? He didn’t and he got credit towards a badge.

The boys were at school again. Drew had planted some strawberries and snapdragons the day before and grafted them this day. You never know, he could get a dragon fruit. Bradyn did.

Yay! All that homework paid off.

Seriously though? Both of you?!


Eh, just do whatever. They both needed fun badly. I didn’t even make them study hard!

I totally forgot that I’d gotten him a job for his aspiration.

Sad jogging. Don’t you get any ideas there Lyric. I have enough emotional wrecks at the moment.

I guess Hayden’s going to be handy?

Butter kept getting stuck on that counter.

I ended up just moving the stove.

But he still got on it so I put a treat stash there. With that blocking his way he took over the fridge. Silly cat!


That solution actually perfectly fits his personality!

I was so disappointed when the banned randoms started showing up after I used LittleSam’s more visitors mod. I don’t know what lot trait to use now?!

Look! Tons of children but not one teen! Neither of the boys has one teen friend… or even knows another teen at that. I’ve seen both of them at the community center but I guess they just keep to themselves.

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