The Newest Blog Drama

Over the last year-and-a-half, I’ve had blog issues off and on. No point in listing them all here. What’s important is the newest issue. I’ve mentioned before that this hosted WordPress site will be up for renewal in November and that I didn’t plan to renew.

The plan was simple. Take all of the posts from here and spread them across the unused blogs that I’d made over the years with links to the chapters from one main blog.

Or not so simple it turns out. The day after uploading a bunch of stuff to this site I got this message in my notifications.

And this on the dashboard. I looked through the terms of service and didn’t see anything, in particular, I’d done but it’s really long so I decided to contact them.

The response was pretty much the same thing written in red on my dashboard. No detail as to what I’d done or a way I could remedy the situation. I have several WordPress blogs with different chapters in them like my RainStorms Archives one that has my older stories, Ash Shore has those stories, Stormy Gamez has my challenges and several more recent stories… you get the point.

So, I guess I’m taking their advice. I’ll just stick with this hosted site. I’ll start moving stuff over from the others, starting with the one they suspended. It’s what I get for trying to save money I suppose. Just wanted to put out an update. Not sure if this’ll slow down publishing new chapters or not. Either way, thanks for sticking with me in this continued drama.

~Lacie aka Stormy

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