MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.5: Day of the Bright Sun

A/N- I remember when I was writing the Stardew story and Elliott’s long diatribes drove me insane because it’s so hard to judge how long the chapter should be without a proper word count. Little did I know it could get worse. They talk a lot in this game and it’s hard to cut any of it out because it usually pertains to the main storyline. I’ll try to be conscious of that. Also, I sure hope you can read the text okay! If not, I should probably shelf this idea now.

So, there’s a thief in town. Nice to have a little excitement I suppose. I sure hope they don’t steal from me! Kinda tempting since I have practically everything in my yard! Gust falling asleep during his dad’s speech cracked me up.

The thief again? How are they stealing in the restaurant unnoticed?

Mayor Gale waylaid me on my way into the Commerce Guild to talk some more about the thieves. Is he trying to reassure the newcomer?

Haunted? Sounds like an adventure! Count me in!

Oh. So, not an adventure after all? A battery installation.

Oh well, sounds easy enough. Can I go get a commission now? I want to get it done and over with so I can do something actually interesting for the rest of my day.

If I had to stand behind a desk for 10 hours a day I’d be falling asleep too. Gotta give Antoine respect especially since he’s always smiling.

Like oh, I don’t know? The relics and machinery all over my yard? It is nice he’s not giving doctorly advice for once.

I got a letter in the mail from Isaac requesting a table and chairs for his cross-five game. Poor guy looks miserable kneeling on the ground. I was instantly irritated with Higgins for refusing the simple request.

I am… really bad at that game.

The next day was Day of the Bright Sun when we celebrate Peach bringing light back into the world. Here in Portia, they have this blimp that drops presents and people run like maniacs trying to get one. I got a few but the one from Remington was the best just because of the note enclosed.

After the airship, everyone crowded around chatting. Wuwa, the Hulu brother that brought me here on the boat, said hi. He’s the easiest to remember of the brothers. Blue clothes like water and a name that sounds like water. Fittingly, he lives on the harbor.

Most of the conversation centered around the recent thefts.

And then the mayor called everyone onto the stand that’d been put up for a group photo. Even Pinky and QQ got in on the action!

I wouldn’t say I’ve made friends here yet but some of them wanted photos with me regardless.

Even the mayor’s family!

And the group I figure is most likely to become good friends eventually. Nice of them to include me.

What does Toby do with a cooking pot, I wonder? Run around with it on his head pretending to be a knight?

Alice the sweet shy girl with the flower stand? I wonder if Oaks is just making conversation or if he’s interested in her.

I saw Emily running around chasing chicks looking exhausted so I asked if I could help. Why would someone steal her bucket?

I umm… wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m nice. It’s actually hard for me to make friends. I’m there and then I zone out doing something else and they feel slighted that I got distracted assuming that I’m avoiding them or something.

More about the thieves…

And more.

Okay, enough people time for a while. I’m starting to feel suffocated. What I need is a nice adventure.

And it just so happens that the naughty-looking nurse, Phyllis, had a request right up my alley.

Chapter 1.6

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