MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.6: Debt and Dreams

Remington was surprisingly easy to beat in a duel.

Her request was that I go into the old sewage plant in the Hazardous Ruins and bring her back some venom for anti-venom.

On my way there I killed some gigantic birds with weird things on their head and decided to wear one to show my strength. Or something. Okay, maybe I’m a bit of a show-off. The sewage plant is nasty as expected and there was a chest. How?

There were these gross mutated creatures in there.

And a gigantic one blocking the exit. It was a close call getting out of there! What a rush!

I took the venom to Phyllis and she gave me some sort of anti-venom in return. Wasn’t that why I’d gone in the first place? Maybe she just needed more supplies.

Turns out the diagram the Research Center was working on for me was not a short table but a fish tank. I thought maybe I could breed some fish for Pinky the always-hungry stray cat.

And hey, it’s kinda nice to have something in the house that isn’t dug-up garbage.

The next one looks like some sort of a saw. How’d they get it to float like that?

I uh, actually didn’t ask you but okay.

It seems that grannie Sophie lost her basket. How can I resist a request from a sweet old lady?

The triplets were outside with Lucy the schoolteacher so I asked there first.

Toby the adventure kid? I’m not surprised.

Showing off for the girls. I had to hide my smirk.

Now that surprised me. From what I’ve seen, Polly is the smart silent type.

Good thing roof climbing is my specialty.

Emily stopped me on the way to return the basket to her granny. I tried to picture Emily jumping off of the walkway onto the roof to get the basket. She invited me to collect watermelons with her but not the big one she called Mr. Melon.

The watermelon was really good!

Definitely. Nice to stop for a few minutes as well. Emily and I might be nothing alike but I can see us being friends someday.

After all that, I very nearly forgot the basket!

Have I mentioned how much it annoys me having someone standing outside of my door first thing in the morning? These guys asked if this was my father’s house.

They sure don’t look like debt collectors to me. Is that a band-aid on that guy’s belly?!

After I grabbed my daily commission I stopped by the mayor’s office to see if there really is a debt collection agency.

Seriously? I now need legal pointers?! I have a really hard time believing that my Pa would have any debt. Off to Martha the baker, it is then.

My thoughts exactly.

The grumpy old man that plays cross-five in the park? I described the guys that were at my doorstep that morning.

It looks like today’s adventure involves me running around talking to everyone about my Pa’s debt.

I’m not really surprised… on both counts. I described the men to him.

The ones everyone thinks are stealing stuff?

Lovely. Well, it’s nice to know I’m not suddenly in debt at least.

I saw Arlo and decided to mention it to him. I don’t really want those guys hanging around the workshop.

That should be interesting.

This is my home, at least for now, and I hate the thought of people thinking badly of me. And, more importantly, it’d set back my savings quite a bit. Nothing is going to change my mind about following my dreams of traveling and seeking adventures.

Chapter 1.7

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