MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.7: Prince of Thieves

Sam stopped me to ask about the “debt collectors.” I told her what Mr. Issac said about Huss and Tuss.

Arlo already volunteered.

The Civil Corps take things really seriously it seems.

I don’t know about your shoes but I think your horse just ran away.

You do know we aren’t in the restaurant, right?

Yep. That was me. Grannie Sophie is adorable.

I just love stopping to look at it all. I know it looks like junk but it’s my junk. My Ma would never let me do this! It was hard being an adult but living by someone else’s rules. Always being asked when I’m going to stop dreaming and grow up.

Ginger gets it. Maybe only because she’s too frail to go on adventures herself but still, she gets it. It was a lot of fun telling her about going to the old sewers in the hazardous ruins. She’s a sweet girl. I can’t imagine having to stay inside all day.

Yep. Definitely a saw. Hopefully, I’ll get the diagram in the mail tomorrow. I’m itching to build it already.

Speaking of building, with the bandit brothers and other distractions I forgot about that portable battery the mayor asked me to install in the cave. Might as well get it done and over with so I can find something interesting to do.

Health items? For an abandoned cave?

So, that’s where the battery goes…

Easy enough.

Now, to test it out. I pressed the button and heard a loud grinding noise. I turned around and a large grate opened up.

Uh, I don’t think that was supposed to happen! Looks like I’m in for an adventure after all. Time to clear the cave of some rodents!

Woah. Now that isn’t just a rodent.

What is he? Some kind of prince?

Never let it be said that I’m one to shy from a confrontation.

The prince sent his little servants to fight me and when I easily defeated them he felt the sting of my sword as well.

I finally found an exit and was almost attacked by the Civil Corps!

Did you really know it though, Remington?

I’m pretty sure I got them all but knock yourselves out.

It took me a bit to get my bearings and figure out where I was. I’ve never noticed that door by the Hazardous Ruins before.

I seem to have interrupted the family meal with my news. But, they did tell me to go tell the mayor right away.

Ginger was thrilled with the tale.

Why would I want your dirty lamp? I brushed off the dirt and sold it to Paulie. Then, I went to return anything else I’d found in the cave.

And it turned out everyone seemed to have an opinion on the news…

Seems I saved some of your students from getting in trouble. Best keep an eye on that Toby! I should know, I was just like him.

That’s me, the savior of the people. Okay, so maybe the appreciation and praise went to my head a little bit.

But, that was the best praise of all.


They jog around almost every morning but that day they all kinda piled up together in one spot.

It was technically the end of spring. A few other things happened but I decided this was a good place to stop and I’ll put them in the next chapter. Not bad for one season, eh? Even if I did kinda have to hop over things to get around the yard.

Chapter 1.8 coming soon!

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