MTaP→ The Adventures of Drea 1.8: Rising in the Ranks

Well, that’s it. The thefts have been solved, I’m somewhat of a hero, and mayor Gale has decided to move forward with the plans for Dee-Dee transports. There’s just one loose end…

As promised, Tuss and Huss were at my doorstep when I woke the final day of spring.

And, Arlo arrived right on time.

They seemed quite shocked to see him.

Of course, cowards that they are, they immediately ran and Arlo gave chase. I didn’t stop to see if he caught them.

I had to go to the Commerce Guild for the weekly inspections. I really sympathize with Antoine. I couldn’t stand still all day for any amount of Gols! I’d go mad!

Little Polly spends most of her spare time in the Commerce Guild or the Research Center unlike her sisters Dolly and Molly who I usually see playing outside.

Oh, Arlo. How you disappoint me. One day telling me I could be a Civil Corps officer and a few days later cautioning me to be careful in the ruins.

A man in a panda mask arrived selling random items. I heard he owns the neat looking store up by the gate to the Hazardous Ruins but never actually opens it. I bought a cat bed for Pinky in hopes I can lure her into the house someday soon.

A/N- At this point, I’ve finally gotten through the screenshots from the period of time I was starting and restarting at various times through spring. There shouldn’t be many more inconsistencies thank goodness. As for the summer screenshots, I’d considered sorting them by topic but it seemed kinda strange so I decided to just put them mostly in order from the time they were taken.

Number two!? I really have no idea how I managed that. I didn’t get my builder’s license until halfway through spring for peat’s sake! It came with a lucky chest, 10 data discs, and a whopping 7,000 Gols!

I had to pick it all up off of the ground. I have no idea why whoever did this didn’t just steal it all? There was a note attached to the broken mailbox.

My “precious” mailbox? I had to laugh. They do know I can build a new one no problem, right? And what do they mean about the resource box? I’ve never used it!

My house is getting insanely crowded.

But, not as bad as my yard, which I use way more often. I decided to put off mentioning the mailbox and note for now.

And instead, I bought some land with the Gols I’d been rewarded with for getting 2nd place as well as what I had saved. It’ll probably take hours to rearrange things. First, I need to get today’s commission.

Seems word travels fast.

On the way to find Arlo, I brought Petra a little boat I found in the ruins.

It seemed to make her very happy she said it looked like a child’s toy. Pretty cool.

Hmm… that wouldn’t be good. I guess I’ll find out how loud they are when I make one.

Not really troubled… more like annoyed.

It crossed my mind that the mailbox vandalism was done by Higgins when he discovered I’d made 2nd place but I didn’t want to say anything.

After spending the rest of the day re-arranging the equipment in my yard, I made the first of the new Dee-Dee transports. Whether he’s behind the mailbox vandalism and threatening note or not, I feel the need to stay ahead of Higgins on this project. I guess a little not-so-friendly competition gets me focused.

Chapter 1.9 coming soon!

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