TS2→ SRS (pre)Apocalypse: ↓Shaken Up↑ Part II


Tomas and Tatiana are one of those couples you probably barely knew before their matchmaking session. Although, Tatiana is part of one of my families… the easiest way to explain is that she’s related to Cosmo’s wife Raya. (The one who makes robots if you’re still confused.) They live with Tomas’ family as Tatiana’s twin brother Theodore lives in the family home with his wife.

As confusing as it is for those of us living in the future, for Tomas and Tatiana, they’d just gotten married.

Tomas’s mother Gem spent the entire day painting while her husband Dilan watched.

While Tomas and Tatiana were busy with other things.

I can’t imagine the piano plus radio music sound good together.

I believe both of them are thinking about Tomas’ horrible piano playing.

(Is it just me or is it really weird that they change into their everyday clothes the moment they give birth?)

Was it really that imperative that the dish was washed the moment your daughter was born, Tomas?

Anyway, meet Talyn Capp… sticking with the “T” theme their parents seem to have started.

“Do you think the zombies are gone yet?”

Seeing little Talyn aged up made her parents want another baby.

And, with another baby on the way, the new parents finally notice all is not right with the grandparents.


Next door, Tatiana’s twin brother Theodore, named after his cousin Theo (Raya’s father), and his wife Zoey (previously Vandermorgen) were getting settled with their newborn twins.

Penelope learning to talk with dad and Pheobe learning to walk with mom.

(I have a mod that lets them get out of the crib on their own.)

So cute! They hugged over and over.

Welcome to the world Nial Buckingham, Jr. Named after Theodore’s father.

Penelope, obviously since she kept the same hair and Pheobe.

Although, they don’t seem to get along as well as children sadly.

(I was thinking I don’t know where either of them got those noses but Phoebe’s looks a bit like her maternal great uncle Malcolm’s. See? We can usually trace the family trees to someone we know!)

I’ve never seen a child do this with a full aspiration meter.

And, it’s time to move on!


When aging up Penelope, Theodore did this weird high speed underhanded flip thing. It was creepy.

Poor guy had been taking care of the twins and just about to go to bed when Zoey went into labor! Pregnant sims’ needs sure do take a toll on their partners!

A/N- I really thought I’d be able to fit more than 2 households in a part! I probably can when I get to the houses without little ones. Sorry, there isn’t much commentary. I felt like the pictures speak for themselves.

Part III coming soon!

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