What is SRS Apocalypse?

After writing this I got to thinking. It’s crazy how I beat myself up all the time for shelving projects and yet when I realized there were a total of 95 chapters so far in this and, in my mind, there’s no way anyone would want to take that much time to catch up I can’t see any point in continuing to write it. As much as I say I’m only writing on the blog for me for some reason I had it in my head people would want to read the apocalypse story once it starts. I’d even had an idea for a challenge to do after the apocalypse! Which is completely insane. Can you imagine someone actually taking like 10 hours to read up to that point? My one 5 minute chapter might span several households and events but people would much rather watch a 25-minute video of like a day and I know that. I’m paying for this blog because it’s something I enjoy but it’s also disheartening that I’ve lost almost every reader since I quit playing Sims 4. I’ll publish this anyway because I put a lot of work into it.

Whenever someone asks about the apocalypse “story” that I’ve been working on I have a really hard time explaining it. Since it’s not just a new story. Not new sims. It’s a continuation of the Trailer Park Challenge or T-Park 2.0 story.

But, even then, I have a hard time explaining where they live. So, I’m going to quote the creator of the neighborhood, Sleepycat here:

The shaken Veronaville, Bluewater Village and Riverblossom Hills families live in the base hood, Shaken. The roasted Strangetown families live in the desert downtown, Roasted. The stirred Pleasantview, Desiderata Valley and Belladonna Cove families live in the lush downtown, Stirred.

Now, as far as I know, and I could be wrong here, I didn’t get the version she put out. But hey I could be completely wrong and she intended for half of the women to be pregnant… even grandmothers. Maybe that was part of shaking things up? The main way that things are different is last names. It took me a long time to figure out that the families always took the woman’s last name instead of the man’s. In other cases, sims married completely different people but still had children with the same names. Oh, and their hair colors were different. Usually, the opposite of what they were. Let’s take Romeo and Juliett for example:

You know Romeo Monty and Juliett Capp. I know Romeo Zanni and Juliett Scott. I thought it might be fun to pop into Veronaville to see what they look like with my default replacement CC.

Since I’ve never played them they’re still teens but you get the idea. Things are kinda swapped around. And it’s fun. I love looking through family trees of the sims from Shaken, Roasted, and Stirred. And gee, the funniest part about it is that I shook things up even more by marrying sims from all three!

So you see, when people ask about the neighborhood I can’t give a really quick answer. It’s complicated and I’m sure there are things I still haven’t figured out yet! I love it and the sims. Which, I know makes it complicated for anyone wanting to read about it. Or, nearly impossible? Looking at my spreadsheets it looks like I currently have 204 sims in the conjoined Roasted and Stirred Apocalypse. That isn’t counting zombies. And somewhere around 50 in Shaken. So, with 250+ sims in who knows how many households… yea.

And hey, it didn’t start out like this. I didn’t start messing with the neighbors until somewhere near the end of the first T-Park generation. And that was pure insanity. So many pregnant women! As far as I can tell, there must be a mod that allows unplayed sims to get pregnant on community lots. The only way I can do it personally is to take control of the other sim… but I didn’t even know that was possible until very recently. There are mods for practically anything I swear. Anyway, that’s beside the point. What was frustrating is now entertaining.

After all of the work I’ve put into it, I feel like the neighborhood is really “mine” now. Or, I suppose you could say I destroyed what Sleepycat probably put a ton of work into. I fear someday I’ll have to export sims and start new somewhere if I destroy it much more. But, before that, we have an apocalypse to deal with! I thought the easiest way to do this is to list everything and you can choose if you want, where to start… or not as it were.

T-Park 2.0

I’d already done the Trailer Park Challenge in Belladonna Cove but I’m pretty sure I corrupted that save so I wrapped up the story and moved on to this new one several months later. Our founder was Drew Newsome who was a foster kid in the predecessor. I was going to say that all kinds of crazy things happen in the first generation but who am I kidding? Crazy things happened the entire time! Mostly, it starts with Drew completing the 20 loves lifetime want and then adopting 8 kids.

The second generation follows with Drew’s adopted son Mason who gets abducted several times and in addition to getting pregnant a few times, also gets turned into a plantsim and a warlock. He and his long-time fiance have one child of their own in addition to the 3 alien kids and 1 plantbaby.

In our third and final generation, Mason and Pearl’s daughter Nixie is supposedly the heir.

But since her plantsim brother stayed there as well and probably did more than her in the storyline it was almost like dual-heirs. Now, there are two very different starting points for this generation.

You might be looking at the chapter titles and saying but they are only 3 apart. But they aren’t. After the first 3 chapters in the third generation, I started dabbling big-time with all of the neighbors and began the grapevine chapters. Like “I heard it through the grapevine.” There are 11 grapevines between them. Again, if you want to know who is who go for the first. If you’re just wanting to get to where the apocalypse idea starts, go for the second. I will note here that the grapevines continue within chapters after that regardless. I mean, I guess you could skip that part of the chapters as well.

In the third generation, we had way too many ghost dogs, a zombie dad, regular and alien kids, another plantbaby, a warlock, a witches curse… and more.

  • If you’d like to skip the T-Park chapters altogether there’s the intro to the “pre” apocalypse chapters: TS2→ SRS (pre)Apocalypse Intro: All is Revealed (I will warn you, this would be confusing without reading at least part of the 3rd generation as it is continuing it.)

My honest opinion? If you don’t want to read it all read the third generation at the very least. But really, I feel like the first and second generations were pretty darned crazy without any of the apocalypse stuff! But, I know that’s a lot to read. Regardless, here are the chapter indexes as well…

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