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The plan was to only have sims who didn’t already have kids try for baby but the thing is Abbie had been wanting another baby since Julius was born. You may remember I had that mix up with the alien abduction mod that made it so that he could no longer father children after Oswin was born so Abbie went crazy trying to get abducted in hope of an alien pregnancy of her own. Anyway, with the mod settings fixed, Caius was happy to oblige.

Oswin was a little curious about where he comes from. He’s actually the half-brother of Xanthos and Xabrina!

A nice family lunch.

And Julius tells mom how excited he is to be married himself someday. Mom thinks he needs to slow down.

Baby bump!

I guess it’s not all that important that he slow down. He is a teen now. He rolled family/knowledge.

Mom must be thinking why did she do this when she has a teen and another soon-to-be teen in the household.

Don’t you think you spend a little too much time up here, Oswin?

Dad burnt dinner.

But, mom was up in the middle of the night to grab some more.

Probably not the best idea.

Caius! Personal space dude!

After spending most of the night roaming the house she was just about to go to bed when she went into labor!

Everyone was very excited about the new addition, Vincentio.

And, while I watched these two, assuming Abbie had gone to bed I heard the jingle…

Y’all gotta be kidding me!!!

You did this to yourself, Abbie!

I know it’s far-fetched but I’d like to think he’s asking about the “cure” spread over Roasted and Stirred.

Julius sharing his concerns over Oswin’s computer obsession.

I actually played this family quite a lot while trying to get Abbie abducted by aliens. I have to say they’re one of my favorites.

Yes, he’s adorable but really did you have to go and try for another one?

Don’t act surprised. You know what you did.

Dad was finally off to work… I’d been messing with times and stuff… kinda hard to explain. Anyway, I was basically repeating his days off.

That outfit was so weird I had to see what his job is.

Hmm… where’s Oswin?

Uh, how long has he been jumping on Julius’ bed?

Long enough that he was about to pass out!

No, you can’t go outside and play ball. No kids outside, remember?

Double birthday!

Oswin rolled popularity/family.

Julius: I want to get married as soon as possible!

Abbie: I’m too young for you to get married!

Abbie: I’m about to have another baby for cripes sake!

And then she slept most of the day away.

Oswin, who’d also gone back to bed after his birthday celebration was woken up to care for Vincentio. Diaper change…

And bottle.

So nice having teens in the house.

Mom was finally feeling well enough to do some toddler training.

And, after work, dad decided to trim the hedge.

Probably a bad idea.

Abbie was just coming downstairs in the morning when she went into labor.

Say what now??? There aren’t any twins in either of their families though!!

Julius was right there but she didn’t hand the first baby over to him.

Caius finally clued in on the excitement.

A boy and a girl. Rome and Jules… obviously after his parents.

Gosh, y’all got your hands full there. No more woohoo… ever!

Again, it’s good we have 2 teens happy to help out.

Although, running towards the fire with a baby wasn’t the best move.

Food’s food get over it.

And more Zanni…

Time for Caius’ little brother Antonio’s turn.

And his new wife Noelle.

Who, it turns out, is kind of a jerk.

Well, so’s the dog actually.

I’ve never really warmed up to Antonio. Then again, he hates one of “my” sims Neesha so I’m probably just holding a grudge.

He needed creativity for work and all he really wanted was to get more skill points.

It was weird (and boring) playing a two-person household.

Yikes, don’t pass out!

That is an umm… interesting work outfit.

What the heck are you doing?

Wash the dog!

(With my apocalypse restriction mods still in place the dog baths are the only baths available to purchase!)

They are so boring and work opposite shifts so they rarely see each other.

Well, I guess they make time.

(I’m a bad person. After Caius had so many kids I decided that unless Antonio or Noelle rolled the want for a baby they wouldn’t try.)

Messing with the dog too? It’s so odd both she and Antonio have nice points and yet both are kinda mean. Just goes to show personality isn’t everything.

One or both of them had the day off and they did a lot of dancing.

Time for another bath.

They were both at work and I was watching the dog during a thunderstorm and a tree was hit by lightning and caught fire!

No! Dang, you! I was high speeding. I didn’t even know they were awake until I heard the jingle. *sigh*

She was actually the dance hobby person.

They danced a lot. This was actually really cute.

And I felt bad but really I didn’t think they’d have kids! She was outside the entire time!

I should have kept her home from work since her belly should have popped soon.

The house was left in good hands. Err… paws.

No mischief will be done here!

Yea, didn’t see that coming did you? Like, 6 hours or more late.

They’re killing me with the sweetness.

More dancing.

Pop number two.

This sucks.

I think she agrees but for different reasons.

Again, I say, this sucks. And makes things very complicated for my plans.


When Julius was on the computer he was chatting with Leander.

Who just happens to be his cousin. Abbie’s brother Felix’s son.

And also two days younger than now-toddler Vincentio. Awkward!

I decided to re-name them all Zanni. Despite my attempts, I can’t get past my dislike for the Larson name thanks to Meadow.

Part IV coming soon!

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