My Month in Quotes: May 2020

While writing My Month in Books, I noticed I had quite a few highlights on Goodreads thanks to my Kindle Unlimited addiction and thought it would be fun to share some quotes! I would have a lot more I’m sure if I hadn’t listened to so many on audio this month. Click on the pics to go to my Goodreads review.

“I firmly believe a man should see you at your worst so he can appreciate when you’re at your best. That way, he’s never disappointed.”

“Sometimes, I feel like my thoughts and emotions get bottled up, and I don’t know how to understand them, so I just stuff more and more on top. I’m scared that one of these days, that bottle is going to break and I’m going to break with it.”

“I didn’t think I still felt like that. But you want to know the moment I realized it all over again? When I looked at you and felt like the fight for you was all I’ve ever known?”

“You told me it was like the fight for me is all you’ve ever known. I think about that a lot and someplace inside me, some secret place that I can only look at for a little bit at a time, I know you’re right. I know this because I’ve been fighting for you to come home. I’ve been screaming and dying and praying for you to come home.”

“And nothing about this screamed at you that this was happening way too fast?” He shakes his head and grins that Otter grin. “Nothing’s too fast if it means forever, Bear.” “But how do you know?” “I have faith,” he says simply.”

“I’d have to make sure I wrapped myself around him so that when he broke apart, the pieces wouldn’t fall too far away, and I’d be able to pick them up like I always did. Even if I had to leave pieces of myself behind.”

“I refuse to go to a college whose only claim to fame is having the world’s longest keg stand at a party thrown by the fraternity Notta Hava Fuchure.”

“So while things can be shit, you just remember that you’re alive, and if you’re alive, that means you can take another step. And if you can take another step, then you are nowhere near close to being done.”

“Royce felt Sawyer’s pulse pounding wildly beneath his thumb. Home wasn’t a place; it was a heartbeat. Royce had found the one he wanted forever.”

“Every time you touch me, I’m on top of the world because I know what kind of gift I’m receiving.”

“We connected perfectly, mind, body, and soul. Maybe we had a unique relationship, but it was ours. This was our normal, and I wouldn’t change a thing, because nothing is impossible.”

“I was drawn to follow him without question. A frightening thought occurred to me. I had no doubt, if Arden asked, I’d follow him to the ends of the earth.”

“Scotch Mints are disgusting, so if you carry them around in your pocket like most old people just know I don’t ever want one.”

“Every time we’re together, I forget to think and worry.”

“I’m scared all the time someone will judge me or laugh at me or criticize me. It’s so much pressure, sometimes I can hardly breathe.”

“A little wonderingly, he says, ‘You’re exactly who I never would have picked out for myself.’ ‘Yea, well.’ I snort. ‘Right back atcha.”

“My mom? Never, never, never, plain and simple. I could probably be into goats, sexy style, and she still wouldn’t use it against me. She’d want me to achieve whatever goat-wooing dreams I set my mind to.”

“Yes. Exploring my options sounded like a good thing to be. Isn’t that what people said when they were going job hunting? Well, I was going… sex hunting.”

“Sometimes it’s about letting go of what your mind tells you and following what your heart shows you instead. That’s how you know it will always be real.”

“Who needs normal when abnormal is the greatest thing in the world?”

“I tend to take the road less traveled just to be a pain in the ass.”

“I turned around to see Vince smiling at me. ‘What?’ He shrugged. ‘I just like it when you talk.’ ‘Oh. Um. Thanks? I like it when you… exist.”

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