My Week in Books & Quotes 6/1/20 to 6/7/20

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June 1st ★★★☆☆

A touching book about a homeless father who has to turn to prostitution to survive until he’s given shelter by, and falls in love with a kind man. Despite enjoying the book, I didn’t feel the need to continue reading the Camassia Cove series just yet.

Quote: “It’s difficult to explain, but you’re my home. I’ll do my best to never lose it.”

Road to Blissville & Curl Up and Dye

June 1st ★★★★☆

Continuing with the Road to Blissville audiobooks which are a spinoff of the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. It was a cute and funny book I thoroughly enjoyed. [m/m, romance, humor]

June 2nd ★★★★☆

Another funny book from Aimee Nicole Walker with the bonus of having a dragqueen! [m/m, romance, humor, drag]

June 3rd ★★★★☆

The best of the Road to Blissville books thus far. It had a very interesting mystery with ghosts and psychic investigations. [m/m, romance, humor, ghosts, psychic, mystery]

June 5th ★★★★★

So good I listened to the whole audiobook from beginning to end without stopping. [m/m, romance, humor]

Quote: “In his eyes, I saw my future. In his smile I rediscovered joy. In his heart, I made my home. This man turned me inside out and I would follow him anywhere.”

June 6th ★★★☆☆

This is the last of the Road to Blissville novels, at least for now. After the last two books, this one was just plain boring. Nothing exciting happened at all really. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it I just hoped for more. [m/m, romance, contemporary, humor]

June 7th ★★★☆☆

The last of the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries, Gabe and Josh go on a little vacation which was pretty boring. There were tons of unneeded details that drove me nuts. Oh, and the cover looks like Josh is naked unless you look super close and can see the top of his jeans. Ugh. It had some very funny parts and was really sweet which is why it got 3 stars. [m/m, romance, mystery, cops/detectives, humor]


June 2nd ★★★★☆

I decided to re-read the Glitterland book after one of the other books in the Spires series was recommended to me. So far, the Spires books have been completely unrelated to each other. Ash is bipolar and Alexis Hall does a spectacular job with it. Based in England, I adore Darian’s Essex accent. [m/m, romance, disorders/disabilities]

“There was little I feared more than happiness, that faithless whore who waited always between madness and emptiness. My moods, when they were not sodden with medication, cold turn upon a tarnished penny; happiness was merely something else to lose.”

“It would have been, at that moment, effortless to step onto the breath of the wind and be borne away like a falcon. But it was only mania tugging on the kite string of my consciousness. Glittering promises that were nothing but ashes. Falling, not flying.”

“I don’t know what I like anymore. I don’t know if what I think is what I think, if what I feel is what I feel, if any of it at all is me. If there is a me that isn’t just a reflection of or a response to… mental illness.”

June 2nd ★★★★☆

A short story based immediately after the end of Glitterland. [m/m, romance, disorders/disabilities]

June 3rd ★★★★☆

An interesting novella about a man with a terrible stutter whose house is threatened by a flood and an engineer from the Environment Agency working to aid the residents of his neighborhood. [m/m, romance]

6/5 ★★★★★

Not my usual story type, it kept me totally enthralled although Toby’s age did kinda creep me out as most books with a large age gap do. [m/m, romance, BDSM, erotica]

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