My Decision on Goodreads vs BookLikes

After months of comparing Goodreads to BookLikes I have decided to stick with Goodreads.  For one thing copying everything to both is a chore.  I post my reviews on my blog, then Goodreads, then BookLikes and sometimes even Amazon.  It’s a real pain.  So I stopped posting to BookLikes sometime in December.  I’m not sure when but I realized I had stopped posting there.  Also, I already have a blog so the blog format of BookLikes isn’t really needed.  I know they are still working on their site but there are things that they don’t have that I wish they did.  I don’t like the format of the groups.  I love the way the Goodreads groups are set up.

So after giving it several months trial and using both I have decided to drop BookLikes.  I don’t like how you can’t really assign the format of a book without a real pain in the butt.  I don’t like how the reviews aren’t easy to find.  Truthfully I’m just not happy with much of anything.  What I do like is how I can read people’s posts.  BUT this is very similar to Bloglovin’ on my iPad so I’ll use that and concentrate on Goodreads and blogs.  I know this post is random and not very organized but those are my thoughts and my decision.  If you have any thoughts on my decision please leave a comment.

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