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House 004 Chapter 1

The rest of spring

Quick rundown of where she was at the start.  Traits…

Satisfaction points…

Starting level in her career…

Starting bonus.

A/N: I’m trying to adjust to this new Gutenberg editor since the switch over should be any day now.  To me, the chapter looks weird.  Let me know what you think.  I think doing the captions might have made it look odd.

We got all of the breakthroughs the first night!

And this, my friends, is the reason I’ve been trying so hard to get to this house.  It’s a custom build by CoolSpear and has a lot of CC.  It’s awesome and also causes lag hell.  At some point, I turn down my graphics settings to handle the lag but I don’t think that’ll show in this chapter’s pics.

It took forever to figure out what was missing and I still ended up missing some… which were replaced by gnomes that taunt me.

The best part about starting at a higher level due to her school performance is that she can skip most of the goofy stuff and go right to the interesting stuff.

This area is fairly close to the original layout.

Everything just looks… nicer.

The upstairs break room is much different.  I’m using his mod that adds new workers to the building.

The downside is that I don’t have a ton of extra time to gather after the tasks are done like I used to thanks to the lag.

Back home we’re greeted by  our faithful hound.

A temporary garden for extra cash.
Mom’s here!
I will soon know all!
Atom aged up!  Isomer visited too.
Such a helpful guest.
Someone cooked!
Another all-nighter.
Inside the shack.
Back to work!

Don’t look now, Joule, that guy is totally checking you out!

Drinking red hot serum.

Abort!  She introduced herself nicely and then started telling him off once the serum overpowered her focused moodlet!  

Drink your latte somewhere else!
Seriously, go away!

She stood there until her drink was empty… then left it on the floor.

Come to me my precious!
Please don’t beat me up extremely buff astronaut lady.  Just calming down.
Herbert?  What kind of name is Herbert?
Ion aged up too!  And Mom’s here… again.
I was glad Dad visited.  It’s almost his time.
“I know you’re impressed with my shack.”

Back to the grind.

Oh hey!  I saw that guy at the lab!

“Hello there.  I see you have a dog.  I have a dog as well.”

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Darrin’s father is Benny Lee.  Liberty was pregnant with him when I placed her from the gallery.  The family met him when they were out to eat and he was friends with Cricket.  If it wasn’t for the only service sims rule for house 002 I would have set them up.  I looked back in time and he must have conceived Darren immediately before aging to an elder.  I have more pics of him in the house 002 chapters.

She made quite a bit off of that garden for the few days she had it.

Sad news.

Too sad to enjoy inventing.
Work on a rocket… there are two rockets.
A little bit of time left for sad collecting.



Gotta grill her own food.
Oberon doesn’t mind.

Wrasse and Ether moved in with Blenny and they got this new dog, Pudley.  He has weird skin.

I want to play!

Another all-nighter.  It’s so handy “walking” Oberon while running around collecting.

It was one of those “moral choices” days aka torture the co-workers.

It took forever to find this lady she was supposed to talk to.  She’s an “off duty” co-worker.

Such a cool room!
View from the next level.

It’s Darrin!  That coworker was trying to get his attention.  Sorry lady, he’s already claimed… at least in my mind he is.

She had to talk to this lady again.  This is like a cantina type room.  

More digging.

It’s Friday and Love Day.  Let’s do this!

Oh joy… confetti.
Oh a rose!
Totally digging me.

Let’s take this to a more romantic spot.  The dinner wasn’t a date so there was still that tradition after-all.

Much romance.

He never ate dinner!
First kisses.
He’s so sweet!

Now that’s what I call fireworks!

It’s Guppy with Boris’s son Morris!
What’s this?!
Isomer aged up too!
Oberon saying hi to Atom and Tizzy.

I suppose it’s time to match everyone up!  The only one who hasn’t aged up is Quark.

Atom married Patricia.
Ion Married Sierra.
Ether married Kaley.
And Isomer married Keegan.

Family married off, time to get back to Joule.  And look who’s fishing next to her!

Until a dog attacked him!

Hey Guppy!  Wanna play?
This guy takes Talk Like a Pirate day way too seriously.
Mounted fish can be transformed!

Romance festival, eh?

No time like the present!

The one household that there’s no real rush to find a spouse and it’s one of the easiest ever!  But really, it was like they were meant to be.

Ion and Atom selfie.
Isomer fills Ion’s new wife Sierra in on all the family gossip.

Step away from the nigiri you crazy man!  Cheater that I am, I reset him so he’d drop it.  It was normal quality so might have been okay for him to eat but once he learns the recipe he can cook it autonomously and might kill himself or someone else!

He passes the Oberon test.  I gave up on transforming fish after this.  As you can see back there she kept getting blank photos that can’t be transformed again!

Someone wants attention… oh and the dog too.  LOL!

Back to transforming.


She seemed so proud of the little shack but she had a lot of simoleans by then and it seemed silly not to build something… more.

This thing was my first attempt.  The picture I based it on is really cool.  It’s probably possible with more building skills but I gave up on it pretty quick.

Now that’s some stylish party wear!

Chapter note:

It might not seem like it in the chapter but I spent a long time picking out spouses for all of the cousins.  Almost an entire day!

Chapter 004.2

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