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[Generation 8 Chapter 14]
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Flynn the Actor

“Don’t mind me guys, I’m just going to be over here eating a steak.”

Actually, he couldn’t do the last part and just stood around until the workday was over. They were glowing but I couldn’t click on them. I think whatever co-star he was supposed to fight with didn’t show up.

Speaking of showing up, the woman he’d done the scenes he did finish with just randomly well… showed up. She was so eager to see him she didn’t even change out of her costume.

“Do you know what uncle Flynn’s doing in there!”

The next day, the co-star he’d been flirting with on the set of the last movie showed up too!

Uncle Flynn’s got game! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that he’s now a global superstar, eh?

Dang, Kiara, what were you doing at school?

Malik came home with Kali but just stood there.

And, with that, we’ve completed at least one branch of all the careers earning us a legacy point!

I guess Kiara’s useless for at least a few hours.

Oh dear god stop it! Your brother already almost burned down the kitchen!

Kali went in to distract him. He’s just so freaking adorable!

A little flirting.

Because hey it’s Love Day after-all.

Ugh! Teenagers!

I can’t believe they’re elders already!

Awe, that’s pretty cool they can become companions still!

Flynn decided to bring in a stray to train.

Maybe you should just sleep the rest of the day? Or better yet, go to school so you won’t be annoying me all day.

Oh thank goodness! He finally got past that part of the aspiration!

Brett! How about a playmate for Baloo?

And an adventurous stray to befriend and feel the love with.

Skylar, have a dog.

Ohmygosh both of you?!

And this is when I realized that, phases and mood-swings aside, Kali is always so happy because she enjoys being around miserable sims so much!

The Invasion

Even the paparazzi decided to barge in!

I was sitting there trying to figure out what happened and how to get all of these strays to leave when I saw Malik standing at the front door.

Are you seriously asking him about woohoo?

Aaand now she’s yelling at him. Okay, between this and the animals I’ve had enough. I gotta get away from here.

Granite Falls

A quick get-away.

With all the distractions, I almost forgot Flynn’s birthday.

You’d think it was the kids that were up late.

She yelled at someone again, at least this time she acted embarrassed.

Austin’s turn.

Egg Day hunt!

I wonder who hid all those eggs anyway?

Flynn arriving to fish in style.

Kiara, if you’re going to have an attitude go hiking!


They fished for hours and only caught two fish we didn’t have.

Back home for a fish dinner and thankfully no surprise visitors in sight.

And here I thought she was moody before!

Teens Club Meeting

Kiara couldn’t even wait for Elijah to walk in the door to talk to him.

I see Malik found the toys.

Kinda awkward wanting to flirt with a boy when his sister’s right there.

Or his brother.

Or your cousins.

Oh geeze, dad. C’mon!

I’m starting to think Gwendolyn has a crush on Noemi. Unexpected twist perhaps.

I thought maybe you two would flirt or something now that you have some alone time. Guess not. We only have a few more days until you age up so maybe you could do more than high fives next time?


Baloo seems happy with his new buddy. I was thinking they should have puppies!

Poor Blayze. Perhaps he could use a cat… or two.

Oh hell no!

I couldn’t get rid of that one fast enough. Although with two people in a row showing up at the house wanting shenanigans with him I suppose it sort of makes sense.

Only herbalism left after this!

Umm… what?

I made the mistake of moving her via manage worlds and ended up having to go back to a previous save. *sigh*

I noticed that Sweetheart’s icon was sad… and her phone was ringing. Where the heck does she keep a phone?!

This was the only recent death.

Awe, her grand-daddy died! Ya know, if I didn’t have mods this would have been really confusing. Well, more confusing.

She just kinda sunk into the ground for a few seconds. This happened in my 100 Baby goof-off save too. Weird but funny.

That’s not awkward at all.

I don’t know what’s going on but they seem to be sending two repairmen now. Perhaps because practically everything’s always broken?

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