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[Generation 8 Chapter 15]
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Robinson Day + Teens Club Meeting

Sweetheart and Pixel agree that’s a lot of traditions to do in just one day!

The least they could have done was left some baked goods in reach.

Or, ya know, slipped them a tasty morsel.

But uh, you were standing right there watching!

Hello Brett, everything going good with the dogs?

I think I prefer animals to teens. Then, Elijah called asking if he could come over. Mom distracted him while Kiara calmed down.

But then Malik called asking Kali if she wanted to go to a club. So she had to be sent to the bathroom there to calm down.

Kiara and Elijah wasted no time getting to the closet to make out.

That’s better. What’s up with these two and high fives anyway?

Erm, okay.

That closet’s getting a lot of makeout action.

Or, ya know, the dance floor.

Everyone was exhausted and hungry. Time to go home. Big day tomorrow.

The Birthday

I treated this as sort of a birthday/family reunion. Every single living Robinson descendant was there. Including several erratic ones. I’m not even going to bother trying to separate those pics. I suppose we can look at it as part of the craziness of the family.

Elijah’s wondering just what kind of family he’s hoping to join.

Kali started blowing out the candles but then Brett walked in stark naked.

He got dressed but she stopped to gasp at him anyway.

I wasn’t sure if Kali would just randomly age up since she’d technically blown the candles out so Kiara went next.

I took a lot of pics here because I wanted to try and get every single family member in one.

I forgot I have a mod that leaves a few teen/adult romantic interactions.

I’d moved the partybot upstairs because it was distracting people then couldn’t find it. It was following the dog around!

Time for Elijah’s birthday.

And Malik’s. Well, that’s that. Welcome to the 9th generation. Best brace yourselves, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


I ended up moving Alisa, Perry, and Jordon in with Brett and Luke when I realized they’d aged to elder. Brett didn’t end up having a kid of his own but it looks like he’ll be helping to raise one at least.

While the girls are being moody teens and getting boyfriends, the elders are trying to get me the final legacy points. I needed a little more to get the last one in fortune and one last skill for the final point in knowledge.

I ended up using the floor “fence” and “gate” to keep the relatives in the main area since I wanted to ensure they were all in at least one picture.

Still, a few, including Flynn, weren’t so smart and decided to go swimming!

Elijah randomly disappeared. I thought he’d left the party.


Kali must be being mean while I’m not looking. Their relationship keeps bouncing up and down because she’ll be nice then mean then nice again.

She ended up getting the insensitive trait.

Both of them are sooo nice. Their first traits were given to them by the game. The 2nd and 3rd I used the legacy roller for.

I’ve been so disappointed that Trey’s family line died off I decided to give Frankie’s daughter, who nobody knew about, an also unknown family. I have no idea when I’ll introduce them into the story… or ya know, why they’d be on the wall already.

The day I was taking the photos, Elliot and Evander Morrison aged to teen. So Jordon’s actually the only child.

I left Darren’s family up on this wall because I plan to eventually give Blayze a family. Kinda nice having a vampire relative, eh? No rush against time!

When taking the photos, I put them all into a club and start a meeting then add them to the household. I can’t add them while they’re on a bike because I can’t remove the helmet myself. Macey drove me nuts riding around the yard on hers!

Chapter 9.1

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