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Generation 9 Chapter 1

A/N- Anyone who’s read my stories for a long time knows how much I dislike storytelling and struggle with dialogue. I much prefer commentary style writing. But, there are times, like this, when there’s a transition in the story that can only be done this way. There will likely only be one more chapter like this before it goes back to the regular style and we start the new thing. Because, with the birth of the first baby of the 10th generation, the Robinson legacy is officially complete.

Elijah loves being outdoors and Kiara just loves watching Elijah.

It didn’t take long before her presence distracted him.

He’d been waiting for the perfect moment and this seemed like it.

Kiara didn’t really care where they were or how he asked only that he did and they were getting married.

They went to share the news with Elijah’s family. His cousin Karl was really excited.

As was his mom Isadora, his uncle Devan…

His sister Gwendolyn, his father Levi…

And his uncle Tad.

After having a little fun in the hot tub Malik mentioned they could make it a double wedding.

Kali freaked out saying she wasn’t ready to get married yet.

The family decided to take another trip to Granite Falls to celebrate.

Malik got some advice from Rez, who is unflirty and never been married himself.

He was so excited he could hardly concentrate enough to fish with the others.

His excitement didn’t last long.

Kali was furious.

She’d just told him a few days ago she wasn’t ready.

But she promised she’d think about it.

Malik tried to be hopeful.

It was hard seeing how happy his cousin and his fiance were.

Elijah was worried about him and Kiara reminded him their wedding was soon and they could worry about Malik and her sister after it was over.

Malik told Kali he has a surprise for her.

Malik is impulsive and romantic and a bit naive. He really didn’t see anything wrong with proposing to Kali again.

But she did. She was so angry she smacked the ring right out of his hand!

She immediately felt bad but also felt justified in her actions.

Soon, everyone had heard what happened. Kiara found Malik by the fountain and decided to try to cheer him up. Nobody should be sad at a wedding!

She tried to explain how her sister is. That she’s stubborn and sometimes mean and struggles to be good.

But, she reminded him, Kali loves him and that’s what really matters. Maybe he just shouldn’t push the marriage matter again anytime soon.

Brenna, on the other hand, was furious. She reminded Kali that she’s the Robinson heir and has responsibilities. Malik might be childish but she’s the one acting like a spoiled brat.

But, this day was about Elijah and Kiara, so they all tried to act like nothing had happened.

Looks like Kynlee is taking motherhood a little hard.

Ryker seems to approve of his Gwendolyn Marx’s obvious interest in his daughter.

Of course, anywhere that Flynn goes the paparazzi aren’t far away.

Lane found Malik and decided to cheer him up.

He couldn’t really understand the hubbub about getting married and never planned to do so himself but he’d stick by his brother no matter what.

It was a beautiful wedding. Many generations of Holts have been married here. Although, it does seem almost too small when adding the Robinson clan into the mix.

While everyone else was happy, Kali was not.

Malik was, of course thrilled to hear she was pregnant.

And after taking some time to think about it, she decided her mother was right.

She loves Malik and so what’s the big deal with getting married anyway. She’ll be the heir, get her portrait on the wall, and everyone will be happy and stop pestering her.

Rand was happy about the baby and upcoming wedding.

The whole Holt family converged to chat about the baby. Even crazy aunt Nix.

Malik’s cousin Jayceon stopped in to chat for a few minutes but seemed distracted.

And then the day finally came.

And when Malik thought his fiance was about to say her vows she instead told him she couldn’t do this.

He was shocked.

And heartbroken.

Then angry. And Kali wondered what the hell she’d just done.

Brenna begged Kiara to go talk to her sister. If anyone could get through to her it would be her twin.

Kiara quickly followed her sister and asked her not to do this.

Kali was so frustrated. Why did nobody understand? “I have to go. I just need some time away. It’s all just too much too soon,” she said.

“What about Malik?” Kiara asked.
Kali’s temper was rising and through clenched teeth she asked, “what about him?”
Kiara sighed, “don’t you think this is unfair to him?”
“No, not really. He’ll be fine. Malik’s… Malik. All excitable and sweet. Trust me, he’ll wait,” Kali laughed.

“What about the family? The legacy? You’re the heir!” Kiara accused.

Kali had heard enough, “you act like I’m never coming back. Don’t worry you’ll get your heir I’m pregnant aren’t I? What more do you want from me?”

Kiara pouted, “I don’t want you to go.”
This just angered Kali even more, “you have Elijah now you don’t need me anymore. And Malik too.”
Holding back tears, Kiara asked, “why does it feel like you’re never coming back?”
Kali sighed and began walking away, “stop being so dramatic. I’ll be back.” She said as she left.

“They said she had the baby and snuck out of the hospital. This is the first time anyone’s seen her in months and now she’s gone again but with the baby this time! You were both spies or something isn’t there someone you know?” Malik begged Kali’s parents.

The stress was getting to Austin, “we’ve tried. Nobody’s seen or heard anything,” he snapped.

Trying to defuse the situation Brenna asked, “have you tried asking Elijah’s sister yet?”

Confused, Elijah laughed, “my sister? Yea right, how can she help?”

Brenna explained, “your mother told us when we met her and Malik’s father that your great-grandmother used to have some kind of ghostly detective agency.”

“Amira Marx was a ghost detective? Give me a break,” Elijah quipped.

Kiara spoke up, “it can’t hurt to ask her, Elijah.”

Malik became excited. Finally, something they could do! “That’s it! We’ll go talk to Gwendolyn right now!”

When they arrived their uncle Devan shook his head, “Gwen isn’t around here much anymore. She spends all her time at her girlfriend’s house.”

Malik told Gwendolyn and Noemi about what he’d learned of Kali and the baby.

And Elijah told her what Brenna had said.

And Gwen admitted it’s true. If he didn’t believe her he can ask Malik’s brother Lane.

When they arrived at the Holt’s house they were surprised to see Lane and Jayceon carrying twin toddlers.

Jayceon told them he’d been seeing this girl awhile back and she showed up with the boys and just left.

He told Malik he hopes it doesn’t make things harder for him with his missing daughter and admitted he felt incredibly guilty to have been given twins when his little baby cousin is missing somewhere.

Once the shock over the toddlers wore off, Malik asked his brother about Amira and he admitted there’s a diary that gets passed on to the Holt heir and he can look at it but there’s nothing that will really help in there.

But, he suggested maybe they should look at great-aunt Amira’s detective agency. There might be a phone number to someone or something else helpful there.

This tiny building had been in the family for years and nobody really knew about it.

As if going inside summoned him, Bastian showed up and Gwen told him what happened.

“You used to work here with great-grandma Amira, surely you have some sort of idea of something they can do,” she begged. And he did.

They would use the ghosts to search for her.

Malik brightened immediately. Of course the Robinson ghosts would want to help search too!

Little did they know the baby girl they thought was named Penelope Robinson was really named Poppy Holt and the search would get even more difficult and confusing with time.

Chapter 9.2 coming soon!

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