TS4→ Fractured Legacy 9.2: Marx & Gould

Generation 9 Chapter 1

A/N- As far as the story goes, the events in the three parts in this chapter happened simultaneously over several years. In sim-time it was just over one week in each. I’ll have more details on everything in the next chapter.

Part 1- Kali & Poppy

“Can you watch her for a few more hours this time?”

“They’re making me work overtime again. I swear I’ll pay you extra.”

“Why do I get the feeling your mama’s not really going to work, Poppy?”

“I’m sorry, Kiara. We didn’t know you were all looking for her. She was here nearly daily for awhile there and then stopped completely. It’s been a year at least since I’ve seen her. I will say that she was struggling with something, she was completely obsessed like she was trying to punish herself.”

“You can’t keep doing this, Kali. What are you running from?”

“There’s a specter. It’s chasing me! I swear, I’m not making it up!”

“A specter? I’ve seen nothing.”

“I swear, it’s there,” Kali cried.

“I can’t come back here. Can you watch her? They’ll find her and take her.”

“Please! I’ve got to get away from here!”

“You just want me to take your daughter?”

“Yes, please, they’ll find her,” Kali begged.

She tried to ask Kali who would find Poppy. Why were they chasing her. What kind of trouble was she in. But, Kali was too far gone. She screamed and ran into the elevator.

What Kali meant but was unable to articulate in her fear was can you look after her until her family finds her. But, Renee thought they were in some kind of trouble and someone was going after the daughter next. She decided to take her to the last place anyone would think to look for her.

Part 2- The Marx Household

As time went by with no word about Kali, Malik became despondent. But, time marches on.

With so much sadness and death in the family already and more to come soon, Pixel was given a bit more time.

Flynn knew he had little time left. With so much going on he’d almost forgotten to place his star. Then, he saw the actress he had a short fling with several years back.

So much sadness. So much loss. Both Elijah and Malik lost their own parents as well.

But, Kiara had good news to share.

Welcome to the craziness, Maverick Marx.

Part 3- Poppy

“I’m sorry sweetie, you were a blessing to me late in life but my time is up.”

“You can’t stay here when I’m gone.”

“Remember what I taught you. I grew up on these streets. It’s not so bad.”

“What’s my other name? They asked me when I went for school.”

“Well dear, I don’t quite know. When your mama said it I thought it sounded like hold. I didn’t think to ask her about it again.”

“Hold? Maybe it’s like Gold. Maybe I’m really rich and my family will find me and I’ll live like a princess!”

“Gould is a fine name. Let me sign that school form. And don’t go wasting your life dreaming girl. Whoever was lookin’ for your mama wasn’t any nice rich family. You make your own fortune. Don’t count on anybody to do it for you.”

“You be careful. Don’t draw attention to yourself. If there really was a specter chasing your mama it’s not to be messed with.”

And so, Penelope Robinson’s new life began… as Poppy Gould.

Chapter 9.3

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