TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.2: Mad Scientist Already?

House 004 Chapter 2

All of summer

I guess since he slept through the whole wedding he didn’t remember them getting married.

Joule was up all night transforming.  Poor Oberon was shocked by the fire!

Poor Darrin was woken up by it.  Not the best way to celebrate the honeymoon.

Well that’s a bit dramatic don’t you think?

Ah, see?  Isomer was awake.

Got an invite to the flea market.  They didn’t stay long.

We met Isomer’s new husband Keegan.

Dad Ismail seems to approve.

Darrin seems to fit in already.

This is Ether’s wife Kaley.  She was at the romance festival but I never got a pic of her face.

Such nice cousins!

Look!  A house!  And it looks like… a house.

When I saw Hakuri I controlled Darrin momentarily to grab the leadership of the in-laws club from him.  They ended up talking for hours.

She transformed something into a dig pile!

Oberon’s adjusted.

She gets some of the weirdest things!  Like this huge outdoor light.

I’m somehow extremely entertained by them eating on those bar stools.

Heat wave wear.

I hate collection day.

Back to work.  I hate the “fish for 20 minutes” task.  It always takes way longer than that to fulfill.

She looks so serious.

I swear to you I don’t remember adding CC alien skin.  I’m not a huge fan of it but it’s too late now.

Back home.  They’re adorable.

Mom visited again.

Where are you going?

Oh!  Ion just ignores him and walks by into the house.

I was trying to get a good pic.  The trees look cool at least.

Everyone acts like nothing happened.

Welcome back!

At least he had fun.

Time for Joule to have fun!

See?  Fun.  Poor Darrin back there sleeping while this is happening.

Still taking Oberon on a collection run each morning.

Oh great now she’s going to be flirty.

You can flirt with the robot.


I suppose Blenny feels the need to supervise since she’s so handy herself.

Let’s have some fun!

Might as well have him help her build it.

Quark aged up too.  That’s the last of the cousins.

She married Alexander.  It was between him and another guy who I felt looked too much like Isomer’s Keegan.  The thought that he looks so much like Quark didn’t occur to me.

Back to work.  Umm… sort of.  Well, she constantly gets tasks to talk to co-workers or ask for crystals or metals and this is where most of them are.

And back home.  Don’t they look cozy on their new bar stools?

Yes, Blenny was there again.

As was Wrasse.

Look honey, a giant wheel thing!

They were both sick.

I put in stairs and Oberon immediately had to inspect.  They’ve moved a few times.

Maybe some healthy green tea.

Oh look… spots.

Another early morning collection walk.

Yesss!  Come to me!

I almost lost my mind.  She had to clone a harvestable and then a serum.  Both of them kept coming up wrong.  It took ages!

Apparently, fixing that one toilet makes her qualified for this.  Please don’t die.

See?  They aren’t always in the break room.

I was reminded of the alien nodes when it popped up as a daily task.

Our little family.  Darrin still has stripes.

She might as well live there.  Not that I mind her visiting every day.

The rocket’s done!

I have a serious addiction.

I’m sure Darrin is relieved I moved the bed upstairs.

More morning collecting.

A little banter before work.

And, obviously, more work.

Heck yea!

It was night on the town and when she got home Darrin’s needs were so bad he would have passed out as soon as they got there so she just picked most of the older generation to join her.

Looks like Alexander and Quark are taking advantage of the free meal as well.  They look like Ken and Barbie or something.

It was a nice meal.  Even if the waitress was freaked out to see a mother and daughter hug.

Of course, I had to keep the giant sculpture thingy.  Having Darrin stay home was a mistake.  He slept the whole time and was awake all night.

Another morning collection run.  Guess that person back there is on their way to work?

I had to shrink the sculpture thing to fit it there.

A bit of afternoon fishing.

They both had breakthroughs!

Poor guy.

Cool!  We don’t even have to pay for the snail this time!  It went into the room that’s full of all of the other stuff I don’t know what to do with that I’m keeping.


Yikes, bad idea!  Umm… Darrin?

Ah, there we go.  The sprinklers take forever to turn on! 

Like our chairs?  And look there’s a TV now!


He’s just raking in the cash!

Soon.  I just have to make sure the timing is right with her job.

I just thought Patricia looked cute standing there with Tizzy.  If you look in the background you’ll notice…

This!  I didn’t have enough money but I wanted to see the front the way it will be.  I’ve actually changed it a bit since then.

The aliens are everywhere now.  I still have to move one in and I’m not looking forward to it.  Last time through I hated the one that moved in with them.

Chapter 004.3

Chapter notes:

Just looking at the screenshots I can tell that at least some of them are from after I had to turn down the graphics settings because of the lag at the lab.  I’ll just have to deal with it I suppose.

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