TS3→Seasons Change 1.2: Daycare Diva

The Ultimate Sim Season 1 Chapter 2 (Sunset Valley)

Back in Sunset Valley and time to move from our empty lot to a real house.

And here it is! Yes, it looks huge. The downstairs is just 3 garages, one of which is being turned into a daycare. I had to remove everything from the top floor so she could afford it with the money she got from selling blogs, student aid, and selling some things at the consignment store.

She had no computer so she went to the library to upload her resume. I didn’t realize until later you can do it on the phone. We had a bit of confusion caused by one of the nraas mods but finally, she got her daycare license, lord help us all.

My original goal was to leave the house as close to how it started as possible. All I did was change some coloring. Why are all of the EA houses in this game glaring yellow?

Uniform on. Toddlers have arrived.

I did my research on this career. Yes, you can potty train them and yes, they will use it autonomously.

This is Sam, obviously. It tells us what they need.

Our other toddler is Sandi.

I was giving them baths the whole time but learned later that changing their diaper on the changing station is better.

They won’t actually nap unless you have the swings. My routine was to put them in them around 4 o’clock when their moods were perfect.

The daycare profession gives little time for anything else. The parents pick them up at 7 pm and 9 pm if they’re running late. She had enough time to run over to the park and enter a contest since she was starving.

And set off a few fireworks.

I read that if you put two toddlers in the playpen they will keep each other occupied and keep their needs up. I didn’t find this to be so.

We got a promotion and with it came a new outfit and another toddler.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the father is dressed like that since his son has no shirt. The toddler is Mitchell Keaton.

She made her way back over to the stands to see if there’s any lifefruit. Luckily, she’s a werewolf and has a longer age-span.

She brought the komodo dragon from university. I really like this upstairs landing although the divide between it and the kitchen wallpaper seems strange. A lot of the decorations and furniture at this point were things she’d found in the dumpster in university.

Our roommate, Christen Zepeda, has been here for a few days and we’ve barely seen her. The nraas mod had her get a job and Anaia is so busy with the daycare and keeping her needs up there’s just not time to socialize.

She has to maintain her rebel influence through the rest of the freaking challenge. I’ve grown to really hate this megaphone.

I’d been saving up for that meditative trance sleep trait and now she has a few hours to do things before the kids arrive.

Like eat a greasy burrito from the food truck. No clue why it was in front of the house but I don’t mind. The food truck food does have a chance of making her sick but if it doesn’t it gives a nice ‘greasy goodness’ moodlet.

She tried to lure a bird home to no avail.

Sam and Sandi are now potty trained. One less thing to worry about.


Nooo! How could you do this to me, Sandi? Now I have to train a new toddler all over again!

Perhaps it will be Johnny Landgraab? Yes, I went there.

Finally, with a day off, Anaia was able to introduce herself to some of the townsfolk.

Might as well get to know Johnny now… while Nancy pukes from eating too many hotdogs.

Nothing like a snowcone in the rain… err hail that is. I reset Johnny to send him home when it started.

She wanted to swim in the ocean as well. So nice to get out of the house even if it is hailing.

And a full moon.

Time to hunt… in a bikini. I’m not judging.

Nancy surely is wondering what has happened to her town.

Sorry, Anaia. You know the rule, no sleeping in wolf form. I try to make sure she gets a nap in on full moon days if I think of it.

Time to cut the gems she found… and likely sell ones I’ll later need. No forethought when you make no money in your career.

She treated herself to a nice angelfood cake at the bistro when some of the gems sold.

The only lot I’ve added to Sunset Valley is the Stone’s Throw Greenhouse. She’d just gotten there when she had a party reminder.

Oh hey, it’s Sam!

She went around introducing herself to anyone she didn’t know.

She and Christopher Steel had chemistry but as he’s the sim Llandros married his girl to in his let’s play it just seemed strange to do so as well.

This booing thing is so strange. At least give me a notification or something of why that person has been disgraced. Sheesh.

I remembered that there’s a death flower in the graveyard. None had spawned at the greenhouse and I was getting twitchy.

Graveyards are a strange place.

I discovered that our roommate is a high level rebel. Praise be we can forsake the megaphone… for now.

Anaia won the hotdog eating contest… against children. Whatever. Free hotdogs!

This bird is taunting me.

Most adorable little kitten ever.

What are you people protesting?

Hey! Over here! Let’s actually do a productive protest!

My goal was to get increased skill building so I could train the new toddler quickly the next day.

Make that toddlers. *sigh*

Of course, she won the protest.

She finally got the alchemy station and started doing some research while waiting for the kids to arrive.

Umm… kids? Well, none showed up. I even restarted the game. She seemed to think this was a nice vacation.

I figured we’d use the time to get some hunting done.

Originally, I thought perhaps there were no toddlers and that’s why none came to the daycare. But no, Johnny aged up over the weekend.

Oh plum. Something’s wrong here. Off to the forums I go…

So, apparently, it’s a bug. I had to have her quit the profession and join again. I did cheat her back up to the level she was at because starting at level 1 again was unacceptable but she did lose some progress.

Oh thank goodness!

Johnny Landgraab and Kristen Ursine-Frio joined the crew. So much for that skill boost for potty training.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

It’s so funny because her house is located pretty much downtown. Doesn’t anyone notice the spaceship sucking up the daycare lady?

Grr! She needed sleep darnit.

With a promotion came another toddler, Bryon Alto.

I’m using an updated greenhouse lot. Oddly, almost all of the store lots aren’t in my bin anymore. I don’t want to download them again and have duplicate items so I looked for other options. Anyway, the creator added this cute area with the life fruit and a few other things all squished together.

Dangit! Get out of there with your leopard underpants before the parents arrive!

Mitchell and Kristen are now potty trained.

I remembered she has this tale interaction. Llandros loved it in his let’s play… I did not. It kept the kids busy yes, but I didn’t see how it was beneficial beyond that.

First Mitchell aged up.

Then Kristen. I had to take her into CAS and fix that underbite issue. It seems like as soon as they’re potty trained they grow up!

How did I forget about burglars?! The shower and alchemy station, gone.

She called the police.

Sorry the picture looks kinda distorted. It does make it seem more dramatic though. I was so upset with myself for forgetting the burglar alarm.

Time to cut some more gems because we’re, once again, broke.

You never know what you’ll find in the trash. I’ve found plasma bugs, which are very valuable, a few times!

She ran over and harvested the life fruit again for the last time until spring.

I find it odd how many times they use his surname.

*sigh* Why, Johnny? Why?

Malcolm? Yikes.

She was invited to a party, formalwear was the dress code, but before she got inside the people left the house! So much for that.

Where are you off to dressed like that, Nick? It’s funny, Llandros never once got these calls and from all of the forum threads I read they made it seem like it didn’t happen often. I guess they never had Nick Alto as a dad.

I tried to take him to a park but it wouldn’t let me leave the house with him. His expression is so cute.

I’d put up a fence with a gate I locked during daycare hours for several reasons. To keep the toddlers in, to keep Anaia from wandering somewhere else, and to keep the roommate out. I’d forgotten to lock it this day.

Oh please get out of here in your mismatched bathing suit before the parents come.

I actually have no clue who this girl was that picked up Bryon but she didn’t seem impressed with the nearly nude woman playing with toys.

We got to see aged-up Sandi.

And pick a pumpkin she never carved.


Yea, yea. Bring your kid over.

A quick trip into the haunted house. I really want that witch gnome.

You two look so out of place.

That face paint looks pretty neat on him. Nice mohawk.

Speaking of mohawks. That night, Anaia was collecting near the graveyard when she saw the most interesting ghost. But, that’s a story for another day.


I changed the seasons. This had 2 benefits. She had a 4-day workweek instead of 3. They’d originally had 4 until seasons came and gave them all Thursday off for the holiday. Now, they come on different days and it’s really neat actually.

The only opportunity she ever gets is one for a lobster crisis at the supermarket. It stresses her out so bad I don’t let her do it anymore.

I’d been getting alerts all along about kids skipping school but when it was one of my kids I got the notification for I decided to investigate. I have a mod that makes them use all the doors and it seems they couldn’t figure out a better way to this one. I edited the lot and added a gate which fixed the problem.

Me too. Trust me.

Wow, she’s using the force to pull the stroller.

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