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The Ultimate Sim Season 1 Chapter 3 (Sunset Valley)

We left off in the previous chapter with Anaia meeting Ransom Clavell in the graveyard while out gathering collectibles.

Do you mind? I swear those leaves are the bane of my existance.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge just how awesome her eyes look?

Compatible but really… what kind of relationship could they have?

She says a reluctant goodbye and rushes home.

Of course, she has to watch Nick Alto’s son Bryon that day. Nick surely won’t win the father of the year award.

A little one-on-one teaching to make the day go by faster.

And moments after he was picked up I got the notification that he’d aged to child.

Yes, I’m sure he does like me better.

A few more gifts. She can use that guitar in the next town. At first, I thought the other was an actual car but no it’s just a wall mural thingy.

*sigh* Christopher is literally the only sim in Sunset Valley she has chemistry with and she got letters from him constantly.

Our first toddler, Sandi French, aged to teen. Where does the time go?!

She went out to get some food, it is very frustrating not being able to cook, and was swarmed by guys.

Thanks to her weekend babysitting gigs, she’d leveled up… and got a new toddler sans clothing, Troy Frio.

Today, she will have children after school.

Except, 3 o’clock came and went with no children.

It was after 5 o’clock when they all showed up. I read it was important to feed them so she called them all to have some pizza. At some point, I realized they were going to after-school activities before arriving.

By the time they’d eaten, she was done for the day! It’s the first time she’s not gotten a perfect report.

She was invited to a party a few doors down by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and right away I realized these houses were horrible for parties.

She went around and introduced herself to everyone. (See what I mean about the glaring yellow kitchen?)

She introduced herself to Gunther Goth and moments later transformed into a werewolf. Oopsie, I forgot about the full moon. Gunther was just like whatever.

While he was throwing a party, his girlfriend was having his baby. Classy. I had to go for an internet-esque name for his daughter as well.

Sam joined Sandi in teendom. I guess he’ll never have hair poor kid.

Let’s see if we can figure out what this thing does.

Temporarily distracted by the zombie in a boxing outfit.

She did it!


When it’s cold outside it’s a snow storm. It looks so pretty.

New plan, and alchemy station. She really needs to get a chest for that stuff. The recipe called for one edible item or something and I was afraid it’d use one of the important things if they were in her inventory.

Freaking hell she has things to do!!

Back to it.

C’mere Johnny.

Johnny was the only kid that arrived early. Getting them to accept her throwing the potion at them is almost as difficult as anything else with them.

Ohmygosh, yes please!!! Get me away from these kids!

But first, let’s get everything out of her inventory. Never good to have a lot of things in the inventory in this game and I’m sure traveling with it all isn’t a good idea either.

The tombs are my favorite part of traveling so it’s kinda disappointing she’s not allowed to do them yet. This is solely a collection mission.

And getting some chests. We cannot forget the chests!

Much easier to collect in werewolf form. Just spam hunt solo and let her do her thing.

Well, and take care of her needs. This lady was surely scandalized.

All of her finds were added to the pile and sorted into chests. She has to keep one of each item. It took me hours.

She sent off the remaining metals to be smelted.

And cut gems but there was nobody working there. I wonder how people without mods handle things like that? I assigned a new sim to the register and had to wait for him to show up.

Shockingly, she actually had the next day off seeing-as-how Friday isn’t technically a weekend day.

A little hot cocoa to warm her up.

Some joking around with Johnny.

And snowboarding. She looks so cool.

Hell yes!

Hell no!

Up to now, her bedroom had been nothing but a bed. I love this room.

Despite having 4 bedrooms, this house has only one bathroom. At first, I thought to make small bathrooms in these little nooks in the rooms but I liked the dressers there so instead I put in all-in-one bathrooms.

I’d been keeping an eye on the graveyard. Sorry, Anaia, no sleep for you.

“There you are!”

“I’ve missed you.”

Anaia may have found a solution to their problem but she doesn’t tell him yet but decides to follow her heart.

And her hormones.

A little mausoleum woohoo never hurt anybody… right?

Since it was just Bryon I thought making a snowman might be nice. Umm… Bryon?

It popped up saying he had to be somewhere else. That somewhere was school thanks to my Nraas mod and it’s technical school add-on.

Holy moly!!

Since our student was mia she went to the consignment store with the metals in tow.

I actually took several pics of Bryon’s exploits throughout the day in which he didn’t return until the end to “trick or treat.” I was so confused.

Uh, you’re welcome?

As baffled as I was over Bryon’s actions over the day, nothing could ruin my mood after these notifications. At this point she now had over §170,000 in the bank!

Did I say nothing could ruin my mood?

Meanwhile, Troy Frio, aged to child. Nice to see they found a shirt for him. I was terrified this meant I’d have no toddlers at all come Monday.

But hey, at least we now have a fancy new upgraded bathroom.

This is what all of the children do when they arrive at the house. Ring the doorbell and drop onto the ground to do homework regardless of how bad their needs are.

Ohmygosh he’s insane! And his little outfit matches. So darned cute.

After the Bryon fiasco, the day with Mitchell was quite relaxing.

What the hell is that noise? A cat shredding the newspaper!

Xander! So hey, guess what? I’m sorta dating your ghost grandfather. (I’d be shocked too.)

Mitchell Keaton, joined Sandi and Sam in teenhood.

Shortly followed by Krisen Ursine-Frio. Poor girl isn’t going to win any beauty contests. I started to fear for Anaia’s own children as all of her daycare charges have aged up not-so-pretty.

Oh please go away. What is your obsession with us?

At least she didn’t abduct Anaia this time since she had other places to be.

*sigh* Do you have to go?

Oh thank the gods instead of 5 children today we’ll have 2 toddlers and 3 children!

Not being able to cook is so frustrating. She, once again, ordered pizza in case the kiddos were hungry. Too bad there isn’t a potion to fix all of their needs at once.

Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!! We’re free!!!

She would have had one day left. I just couldn’t do it. I really didn’t convey well in this chapter how much absolute hell this profession became once she started having after-school children. I loved it until that point, even when she had 4 toddlers and started working 6 days a week.

Johnny Landgraab aged to teen.

And L.i.z.z.y. aged to child.

We’ll always keep updated on those kids but we have other things to concentrate on now.

Like visiting the science facility with Ransom’s tombstone.

They weren’t able to bring him back to life but hey at least he won’t be in the graveyard anymore. And, she can get on a decent sleep schedule. Up to now she was going to sleep once the kids left most days.

Yikes. We have got to give you a better mode of transportation. Welcome to the craziness, Ransom!!!


Good thing I wasn’t going by scores, eh?

Seriously? I almost fainted when she got this opportunity. It was like two days after they met. I’d read you could only get it if you had a grave on your lot and wasn’t really sure if she should go for him until that point.

With his nearly daily letters, I was starting to consider Christopher.

Another parent using the force to push a stroller.

So, that’s what the Tragic Clown looks like? She never got a sad moodlet when he was around.

Chapter 1.4

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