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The Ultimate Sim Season 1 Chapter 4 (Sunset Valley)

Ransom’s dreaming thought bubble says it all.

You just had to ruin the moment didn’t you? It looks like she’s threatening the lizard with the fish.

Ransom moved in just in time for Love Day ending Anaia’s streak of single photo booth pics.

She is really bad at egg hunting.

Go dance with your boyfriend.

Let’s see what the love tester thingy says…

Awe so sweet!

Haha not as sweet I suppose.

I figured I best get them home for some alone time. Oh hey, Christen, my ghost boyfriend moved in.

I made them go in the bed so I could see if the woohooium really does make hearts. It does!

They sat there chatting on the bed for awhile afterwards.

While sitting, it had a ‘tell a ghost story’ option. That’s not what I expected. Goofball.

Now that is a much manlier ride!

They both wanted to skate together and, truthfully, I was curious what it would look like. Well, he slowly floated around and then he kinda got stuck out there and I had to reset him.

Agnes Crumplebottom. Surely not mother of the year there.

All weekend I waited for Anaia to get notification she needed to babysit. I suppose Bryon Alto aging to teen saved her. Why am I not surprised he looks like that?

There was a live show at the diner so they went there for breakfast then watched.

Nobody seemed very impressed.

You want a show? I’ll give you a show!

Haha! I made Agnes Crumplebottom pee herself and the magician faint.

Just getting ahead of the full moon is all. No harm done, right? Ransom, obliviously fished while Anaia hunted.

Gasp! A colt!

Wait, what?

You crazy werewolf! You’re supposed to be searching for collectibles!

There we go.

It was still cold and there’s also zombies to contend with so plantable rugs were placed in one of the garages. Now, normally I don’t let sims use the tabcasts outside of university, it feels too cheaty to me, but seeing as how Ransom was a grandfather and had no skills whatsoever I didn’t feel guilty. Oddly, they can read while listening to one. Why he chose to do it in there is a mystery.

He grabbed a few recipe books while they were in town.

And so begins their weird habit of eating seperately.

Yanked back for the roommate’s birthday. Nothing like having to stop mid-pee to become a mature adult, eh?

After Ransom went to bed, Anaia got the gems cut from her recent hunt including two spire cut tiberium!

We will soon be rich!

Last day of the spring festival and tomorrow Anaia can officially quit the daycare profession. I am absolutely shocked she didn’t have to babysit over the weekend.

It started raining. Hurry up and get off the darned rink. Geeze, the ghost is moving faster than you!

Okay well, she quickly caught up. He’s sooooooooo slow.

A little backstage fun on a rainy day.

And then, he brought her to where it all began.

(I’m sorry there are so many pics. I loved them all too much to choose between them.)

I know it’s a really weird place to get engaged but it’s fitting for them, I think.

Gasp! And who is this I spy in the backyard? Our first gnome!

Ransom made Anaia’s favorite food, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, attracting our little friend.

Oh heck yea! Who needs money trees when you can grow tiberium?

Oh trust me, nothing has ever been more okay. I decided to do the two-week career between the daycare profession and the business career. It seemed a more logical transition.

When exiting the bookstore, she heard some music.

Ransom’s reaction to it was hilarious.

I’d planned for them to leave for China that morning but the concert delayed them a bit. It was sort of a wedding and honeymoon all in one trip.

Being married doesn’t change the sitting apart while eating thing I see.

Back to the base camp for some celebrating.

And then it’s time to do their own thing come morning. Note to self: don’t transform with Ransom in the room.

Ransom did some fishing while Anaia hunted.

You just gotta laugh.

Umm… do you mind? He kept trying to get Anaia to dance with him. Weirdo.

Traveling in werewolf form is a big no-no so she used the collection helper the last day. So many things and no time to find them.

She just screamed into the megaphone when it was obvious she wouldn’t get to the next thing in time.

Did you seriously go into your roommate’s bathroom to puke… holding your breakfast plate? Gross!

While Anaia went for her first day working at the bookstore, Ransom did some more fishing.

She went to the diner afterwards and discovered she was pregnant.

I umm hope he doesn’t regret moving in.

Apparently, these sprinklers do nothing for the plants. Sims logic I suppose.

A transfiguration display was purchased.

For one sole purpose. Hello Mr. Gnome.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Run Ransom run!

The big question now is… can a ghost get alien pregnant?

Ransom needed a lot of lifetime happiness points and with the baby on the way and one of his skills (cooking?) nearly maxxed double points from fulfilling those wishes sure would come in handy.

Okay so maybe the performance park wasn’t the best place.

This lady just sat and quietly read her book through it all.

Hey, it’s Sam! I really didn’t think she’d win.

Moments later, she went into labor! I thought she still had another day!

As per usual, when the naming window popped up I stared at it dumbfounded because I, yet again, hadn’t thought of a name. Finally, I decided to give the kids names after the neighborhood they were born in. Welcome Twila… like twilight aka sunset.

They walked home from the hospital. It looks like she’s waving at him.

Oh hey, it’s Xander! Nice to meet you. I’m your grandfather by the way.

Arriving home after a quick chat with Xander, Ransom gets to hold his daughter.

And rock with her.

Did you just gain like 20 pounds?

Let’s ignore the fatness. We have more important things to think about.

Okay, I cannot ignore the fatness. Are you really admiring yourself in the mirror?

Back to ignoring it.

Because we’ve finally caught the deathfish!

This game is so weird.

No special animations.

And now poof… he’s no longer fat! Welcome to the craziness, Lyra. (Named after a constellation.)

Deathfish caught, we have one more thing to learn.

That baby monitor comes in handy with a roommate. She’d get there before anyone else when they cried.

Going by the screenshots, it seems like I completely forgot about Anaia. She was probably hunting for collectibles or something. Meet your erm, step-daughter?

Someone’s proud of himself. And rightly so!

I wonder if she had any idea what her husband was up to all this time? She surely can’t complain.

And neither can I. First of all, the ghost noise was so loud in my headphones it was driving me nuts. Secondly, he moved sooo slow. Thirdly, he floated hunched over like an old man. Really though, I’d always planned to ressurect him. Now, to make him a young adult again.


To show just how much time had gone by since she moved to Sunset Valley, her first daycare toddlers aged to young adults.

And, to my delight, started dating!

They even sent wedding gifts.

With a little push from me, Mortimer and Bella got together as well.

And had twin boys. Charlie was one of their sons in my first rotation when Sims 4 came out.

Anaia maxed the werewolf skill… or whatever you want to call it.

Allowing her to find an insane number of items while hunting.

Speaking of insane, the tiberium sold.

She also made quite a bit “donating” insects to the science facility.

Ransom is now a great-grandfather.

That is just so weird.

Speaking of weird, I had the strangest problem.

Who are you?!

We had the option to dismiss her.

But were still set for only one roommate. Every single day she showed up and every single day I dismissed her. I will say I figured it out but I’ll wait for another chapter to explain it.

I had to teleport them to the little place they got married at. I’m pretty sure I broke that lot editing it. Oopsie.

Creepily, I discovered Ransom had no shadow.

That was Anaia’s bookstore outfit. I was too lazy to change it and it was entertaining in a weird way.

Chapter 1.5

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