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The Ultimate Sim Season 1 Chapter 8 (Sunset Valley)

When Lyra went to prom this guy Nigel became a romantic interest. She never got any wishes regarding him so I kinda forgot he existed until she got this letter in the mail.

Clicking on him in the relationship panel gave the option “buy food.” It took me a minute to realize he’s working the festival stand. No talking to him so maybe we can learn a trait another way.

Might as well bring Twila over as well since she was hungry after work.

I had a new routine for Ransom in which he went to the two consignment stores each day. Our most recent roommate arrived presumably right after giving birth looking none too happy.

I tried again to get him to use this thing to no avail. He gets dizzy almost immediately. I really wish I knew what item I’m missing that the game replaced with globes all over this lot.

It was the full moon and when clicking on the weatherstone there was the option to activate it with someone else. Checking the map, I was disheartened to see there was only one werewolf left in town.

Full moon time. C’mon buddy let’s go!

Oopsie. (hehe)

So umm… you’re not going to help then?

Uh. Okay. But, all you did was travel to the stone.

She kept getting cold so I had her come inside and dance with the sunflower between hunts to warm up.

Ohmygosh, look! The baby is now a child and there’s a new baby!

Twila wanted to go to the library and she wanted to read a book. Two birds with one stone.

She rolled a wish to kiss Aldo and when I clicked on him in the relationship panel it gave the same options as that guy Nigel had. Geeze game give me a break!

Instead of raking the leaves why don’t you call your boyfriend and ask him to move in so we can actually see him?

I was pretty burnt out on collecting so Anaia turned her focus towards getting the alchemy skill challenge done that makes them create 3 of everything each time.

After an extremely frustrating morning in which Aldo kept insisting he needed to work at the festival stand, he got a real job and had a surprise for Twila when she got out of work herself.

Hmm well, let’s see this guy.


They had three incompatible traits!

They went from romantic interest to distant friend and he thinks she’s unforgivably rude?! Dude, just leave.

Instead, Lyra tried to transfigure a rock that was in the yard. Personally, I feel like it’s a waste of time. They never seem to get anything good and drain their brainpower.

I have a much better job for you! Go collect all of the squirrels and chipmunks left behind from your darned leaf piles.

I think you should have had a heart to heart with her dad before you asked her to marry you.

The hamburger patty and steak plants have grown. This game is so freaking silly!

We had so many plasma fruit bushes planted and still no vampire gnome!

But, we do now have a witch gnome!

Welcome to the family!

Looks like we’re going to have another addition to the family.

Aldo was a bit too occupied to notice.

While her sister was finding a witch in the haunted house, Lyra got a very interesting letter.

Charlie was just getting out of work so I had her rush over there and talk to him. Lyra was always getting wishes to give presents to him but nothing beyond that.

First kiss.

Second kiss. Her needs were terrible so we left it at that for the night.

Twila was finally able to announce the pregnancy to Aldo.

And then he ran out of the room!

You’ve got to be kidding me!

I was absolutely furious. He looks confused. So was I. If he got pregnant what would the baby’s relationship with Lyra be? Because, of course, it was her freaking mother! I’ll save you from the suspense, he didn’t get pregnant thank goodness.

Speaking of Lyra, I decided to decorate the walls above the kitchen with her many paintings. But, it still didn’t look right.

So much better! Why did I wait so long to remodel the kitchen? They were freaking rich!

Anaia made her way to the science center for the last time to sell whatever insects she had left.


Lyra went to Charlie’s house in the morning to invite him to move in with them. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to explore this house more, it looks really cool.

Charlie brought a dog with him.

Might as well get to know each other guys.

Our final Sunset Valley picture.

It’s just crazy seeing how things changed over time, isn’t it?

While the family was participating in the apple bobbing constest…

Some random dog attacked theirs! I expected there to be an option to scold or something but there wasn’t.

(I’m sorry but I can’t remember what the dog’s name is.)

Good thing you have a brave wife. Oh, wait a minute!

I think we forgot a step.

There we go!

Uh, Charlie? Do I even want to ask?

I bought everyone their own vehicle and put Anaia’s and Ransom’s into “storage.” She looks so ridiculous driving that thing!

Suddenly, it went from feeling like it would be forever before they left to feeling like time was rushing forward.

Maybe because so many things were happening at once. Like Charlie trying to romance Lyra.

And Twila going into labor.

Charlie proposed.

And they exchanged private vows.

Twila had a girl named Sunny.

And walked off with her in the stroller just like Anaia did when she was born.

I guess you two have to hide in the bathroom to get some alone time.

Daddy finally gets to hold his girl.

They got a temporary photo booth to get some shots for Anaia and Ransom to take with them.

The hedgehog died and the house flew into absolute chaos with everyone running to mourn him repeatedly.

It comes in handy having an aunt who doesn’t sleep.

Mom worked her final day in the business career.

The girls both got various wedding presents which I placed all over the house including a fish tank from Anaia and a fish sculpture from Ransom.

Sunny was aged up a day early.

It looked almost like they were posing there. Speaking of posing.

I sent them all out to get a family photo.

I wanted something different than the festival ones.

And then, it was time for mom and dad to say goodbye. Don’t worry, we’ll see them again someday. It’s sad leaving them all behind like this but the alternative was to keep them with me and let them age and die then resurrect them at the final town. I found this a much better option as I don’t think my heart could handle the alternative.


Anaia finally caught that bird that had eluded her this whole time. Sadly, it was lost somehow on the trip to Riverview.

Before they left, Ransom sold all his fish under the fisherman career and then all of the produce under the gardener career. He did save at least one of each to re-plant, of course.

Let’s check in on all the kids before we go…

Sam Sekemonto and Sandi French married each other and had one kid.

Mitchell Keaton married and had three kids.

Kristen Ursine-Frio married and had two kids one of which is dating Alexander Goth.

Bryon Alto is still single.

So is now-vampire Johnny Landgraab.

And Troy Frio whom I never realized is the half-brother of Kristen.

And lastly, despite dating half the town, L.i.z.z.y. Jolina-Sw0rd is single with no children.

Off We Go!

Travel to the new town.

Select change hometown.

Yes, indeed I’d like to change it.

All of the stuff made it fine… except the bird, of course.

And Anaia is now a human again. See ya at university!

Chapter 2.1

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