TS3→Seasons Change 2.1: New Friends, Same Love

The Ultimate Sim Season 2 Chapter 1 (Riverview)

Here we are back at university. Awe look at Ransom back there.

I panicked for a second but no they’re still married.

What happened was they gained the attractive company trait. It’s so very rare for me to get this with the mods I have I was thrilled. They did lose the eternally faithful one oddly.

Time to start blogging. She changed the theme of her failed review blog to personal.

Uh. I think the game’s confused about how people react to a great post.

In his videos, Llandros always talks about how they lose their charisma challenges. I guess I didn’t because of the way I moved.

I’d forgotten I wanted to give them makeovers for each town. In Sunset Valley, Anaia was doing careers that I felt she needed to look a bit more professional in. This time, she’s going artistic so I thought she would look more edgy. I had a really hard time finding a haircut I liked for Ransom.

Then, they were off to the meet and greet.

Their job while there was to meet as many sims as possible. Well, at least it was Anaia’s job to do so.

She has to throw potions at like 100 people for an alchemy skill challenge so I had her make up a batch of the weight loss one. Meet Gary, he’s a witch.

Nice to see Ransom’s keeping himself entertained I suppose.

Welcome back, Bonehilda.

Anaia didn’t sleep much in university. Especially since she had the werewolf bug that makes them never get a full nights sleep.

(I fixed the werewolf sleeping bug by cheating her lycanthropy skill from level 10 to level 9.)

I remembered the wedding gift that Sam sent them and figured I might as well take advantage of it. Oh, which reminds me. This season’s goals!

Ransom went for a fine arts degree as well.

That’s how much all of the recipes and guitar songs cost at 45% off?!?

Lecture day and time to meet more sims to blog about. This is Ron McCombs.

And this is Deric Morrow. Probably the best looking random sim I’ve ever seen.

I thought he’d make a perfect fairy!

Tennille Frost… obviously a fairy as well is very pretty too.

For awhile there, the only other person in the dorm was Lonnie Killan here. He’s a witch.

Dude, you can do so much better than her.

She took a bunch of them, including Agustin Richards who we saved from that girl, out to the diner to eat.

She got home only to get abducted. I even checked the settings, the percentages were at default.

This time at university, she had to do day jobs. Or, night jobs I suppose.

Dormmate: What’s your wife doing?

Ransom: Just go with it.

Making a snowman while learning to play the guitar… no clue how he can learn that by listening to a tabcast but I’m not going to argue.

I’d assumed that getting the same degree meant they’d have classes in the same buildings but I was wrong.

Anaia was really busy but I’m sure Ransom understood. This is Adam Morrow she’s talking to.

Did you really need to change clothes to have a potion thrown at you?

He got a new haircut and was sent on his way. Thad Kitchen by the way.

Another freaking abduction! She had so many things to do I was getting so mad.

Ransom got his own easel.

Look! A rainbow!

I’m not letting a little detail like no festival grounds deny me of the Snowflake Day pic!

There we go!

A little together time.

The cat seemed confused.

She had so many skills to work on in addition to painting. Street art…

and guitar. And she listened to cooking tabcasts pretty much all the time.

This bed was a source of endless entertainment for me. People would come in, put it down, and walk out of the room.

Minutes later, Bonehilda would walk in and put it back up. It was an endless cycle.

I think Anaia is much more interested in that video game than the recipe she’s about to read.

Ransom hadn’t met many people so I took him out. You’ve seen Agustin Richards already, he was the one the ugly werewolf girl was flirting with.

Temporarily distracted by… this.

Ohmygosh guys! It’s a snow gnome!!!!!

A kiss to celebrate our good fortune?

Also fortunate is that Anaia now has high enough street art skill to request commissions and actually get paid to deface public property!

Uh, that’s just creepy.

This is Arlene Titus, werewolf.

This girl Aracelli Cronk invited Anaia to a party. I was thinking wow isn’t she pretty?

I’d switched to Ransom so he could come to the party too and when I came back she was getting an attitude.

This was the first time I’d seen this!

Oh umm… okay.

Welcome to werewolfdom. I have no idea why she was being mean. She actually has great traits.

There weren’t many people at the party. This is Pedro Jarvis. I like his blue hair.

At least Agustin was there for Ransom to hang out with.

They went out to eat at the diner. Watch out for the zombie!

The whole dorm is covered in Anaia’s artwork.

Usually, Ransom cooked but he was sleeping and the dormmates ate all the food. This is the first time Anaia ever cooked so I had to take a pic. LOL!

It was so sweet that he sat down next to her to play a game while she read.

During lecture, Ransom chatted with Ron McCombs.

And Anaia worked on yet another floor mural.

And I thought the random outfits in Sims 4 were bad.

Anaia didn’t like to pose nude but Ransom loved it. He’d do that and take extra classes… basically anything to keep him busy.

They went to the pool. I didn’t realize there’s this whole area with games and stuff there.

I told you to get something to eat then meet her, silly. Anyway, this is Lynn Moses, witch.

Anaia has to meet a bunch of people with the simfinder app. This one was just bizzare.

At least they had one class together.

Be careful you don’t fall in the fountain while snuggling your turtle.

Spring picture time.

I’d never seen this one before!

Oh please won’t you give us more lifetime happiness?

I want double points for this when I graduate.

She’d been carrying around that darned 2 degree wish since the start of Sunset Valley, using up one of her slots the whole time. I wanted to get something good out of it!

And hey, might as well get at least one protest in.

Yes! Five stars!

Oh hell yea. I’m so sick of blogging.

Gasp! They’re sitting together to eat!

Ransom harvested some garlic between finals. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me at the time he can probably buy that at the store.

Hi honey bye honey!

Now just to wait.

For a second there, I thought Lonnie killed himself with the bed. Her painting looks like Ronald Regan.

I decided to make them draw outside of the graduation hall so they didn’t miss it.

I guess I sent them too early. At least they can occupy themselves. I have no idea what the deal was with all the skeletons.

Twila’s here! I never saw Lyra arrive.

I almost missed them with their diplomas looking for her.

Time to catch a ride to Riverview and their new life!

Chapter 2.2

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