TS4→ Drifter Reboot 004.3: Our Future Artist is Born

House 004 Chapter 3

All of fall

Morning walk.  Sims are addicted to those leaf piles.  They even play in them when they’re disgusting and stinky.

She looks like she’s sneaking something into the food.

More working on the rocket.  I want to get her to 10 but at the same time it’s so boring when she’s doing this.


Another successful mission?

It was a thunderstorm.  Two of her coworkers must have gotten struck by lightning.  Another must be erratic because he was walking around nude.  Never a dull moment.

Darrin was promoted!

Alright let’s do this.  She got the promotion I was waiting for Friday but it felt too soon waiting all weekend.  I’m more nervous about this one because the lag makes her job a lot more difficult.

Ohmygosh he’s filthy!  What were they doing in that rocket mud wresting?!

She told him she’s pregnant and he started laughing.  Both Joule and Isomer are like WTF?

Awe man!  She won’t get to meet the baby!

Well that’s convenient.

More “upgrading.”

I help cook?

Cooking forgotten.

These two are at it any time I let Joule do her own thing.

Go clean.
You know you want to drink this!

Oh yea she’s pregnant.  I forgot.

The mourning sadness finally overrode her other emotions.  She needed to water a plant.  It’s the first time I’ve gotten that task done. 

Back to the insanity.

I kept moving and shrinking and unshrinking that TV.  It’s way too big but I’m weird so there ya have it.

I stuck it in family inventory for an emergency.

There was no way her other moods would overpower two sad mourning moodlets.

Back to work.

I love the invention constructor.

And yet it was a work task.

With her pregnant there’s no way she can skip meals.

She probably has half the aliens collection by now.


Oh you’re fine.

Oberon inspecting the office archway I put back there.

She wanted to take a bubble bath so I gave her a tub and made the bathroom look decent.  It’s the first room to have something other than plain white walls.

Another bassinet?  She looks happy at the thought of twins… I was not.

Someone wants to play.

More upgrading.

Another collection walk.

Originally, I had it set so that they’d work on Harvestfest but she was due to give birth that day and I figured I’d go through at least one moodlet solver at work to keep her going so there was no point.

Family incoming…

It’s Tizzy’s puppy Izzy!

The pets kinda stole my attention from everyone else.

Atom: I swear you weren’t pregnant when we got here.

Sierra:  I think I’m pregnant too.

Me: You’re welcome!

What’s this?

Awe how cool we got to see Izzy age up!

Guppy carried Morris around most of the day.  This was my favorite pic.

I laughed so hard!

Joule had sent all of the dogs outside to go potty.

Fun was had by all.  I couldn’t bear to delete any pics… as usual.  Finally, I realized Joule was due to go into labor any moment so made them all leave.

Awe!  Odd timing right after his puppy aged up!

I was so right.  It was almost immediately after they all left!

Hey!  Where are you going???

Again?  Seriously?!

Suppose we’ll just do it alone.  Another girl.  Her name is Tachisme.  Oberon was very interested in this little one.

I won’t lie… I wanted a boy.

Just standing outside casually talking when Darrin returns.

He gets focused every time and always seems so proud.  After three times I’m shocked he hasn’t gotten pregnant.  I even looked in my MCCC settings to see if I’d changed something but it’s all set to defaults!

Sims?  Try sim, singular.

Dad was off to bed.  I left her in her cradle downstairs the whole time.

Don’t worry the baby was fine.  I totally dragged her away when there was a fire.

Oh sure you have all of these chairs to choose from but you stand!

Ah, back to work chatting with some astronaut person for whatever work task.

I’m glad she finally got a uniform change.

She needed to talk to this guy but she got bugged or something and just stood there right behind him like this with a creepy smile.

She had to stay late!  I hate collection day!

Aren’t you a sweet little baby?  Yes you are!

Ah, another good parent.  I’ve gotten lucky other than in house 001.

Oh yea?  I mean, I did want a boy after-all.  Haha just kidding!  I forgot the cradle is CC and clicked it by accident when trying to click the baby.

Maybe his pregnant wife is hogging all of the food.

I bought a desk to transform on in hopes of getting a computer.

I put both items to good use.

She was such a sweet baby.

Oberon ran out to greet a very pregnant Sierra and Magoo.

These two I’m telling ya!  If I didn’t cancel it out all the time they’d do nothing else.  Thank goodness I don’t have any kind of risky pregnancy mod.

I’m thinking of changing her name.

Just a pic of the outside of the house when Joule and Oberon were leaving for the morning collection run.

Spooky day.  Unfortunately giving a tainted serum didn’t count towards the mischief spirit tradition.

She doesn’t care if daddy looks freaky she just wants that bottle!

That definitely doesn’t look like a computer!

She’s looking at him like better you than me.

Isomer has a little bit of a belly now.

Sierra looks ready to pop…

And she did!

After 4 generations Oberon finally finished learning to fetch.

Ending the fall season upgrading the rocket in the rain in her socks. Yea, I’d say she has the whole “mad scientist” thing pretty well on the way now.

Chapter 004.4

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